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Ends tonight – Save up to $50 on your favorite Excel courses [holiday sale]

Closes tonight – Save up to $100 on your favorite Excel courses [holiday sale]

How to Get Unique Items using Excel

3 Steps to Create cool dashboards in excel

Howto: Excel Based Mutual Fund Portfolio Tracker

Find out whether you need a house or not in 60 seconds

Excel Charting Hacks #1

Do you know that Excel cant …

Is Monopoly Fair?

Say NO to Default Charts Forever!

Start Early

The Art of Excel Charting

How to: sharing trip expenses using excel

Custom Cell Formatting in Excel – Few Tips & Tricks

Conditional Formatting in Excel – 5 Tips to make you a Rockstar

3 excel keyboard shortcuts that can save a lot of time for you

Track / share your goals using Google Spreadsheet Gadgets

73 Free Designer Quality Excel Chart Templates – Grab now and become a charting superman

Change cell formats with find-replace in excel

Powerpoint Cartoons #3 – Auto fill

How to get more colors in excel chart – simple trick

Generate organization charts in excel – howto?

Create Cool Tag Clouds in Excel using VBA

on vlookup()

Create in-cell pie charts in Excel

Creating in-cell bar charts / histograms in excel

Gantt in 60 seconds – churn out an excel project plan in no time

How to add a range of cells in excel – concat()

Improve productivity by opening same excel sheet in 2 windows – quick tip

Learn Excel IF Formula – 5 Tricks you Didnt know

Formatting numbers in excel – few tips

Quickly display unique items in an excel list using advanced filters

Get Stock Quotes in Excel

Hot Thermometer Charts in Excel – here is a cool way to do them

Skip weekends while autofilling dates in excel

Excel Paste Special Tricks & How to

How to count words in a cell using excel functions

Partition Charts in Excel – alternative to pie charts [visualization hack]

Partition Charts – Continuation – [More visualization fun]

Use Google docs to track your bucks – [spreadsheet forms idea]

Incell Bar charts – Revisited

Bingo / Housie Ticket Generator in Excel

Improve your in-cell charts with colors and negative values

Excel Bullet Graphs

Excel Links – to iPhone or not to iPhone edition

Changing Sort Orientation in Excel – Sorting across columns instead of rows

Extract URLs from an excel spreadsheet cell using UDFs

Shuffle a list of numbers / items in excel spreadsheet

11 very useful excel keyboard shortcuts you may not know

Excel Links of the week

Want to Feed RSS to your Excel Sheet? Read this!

Excel can be Exciting – 15 fun things you can do with your spreadsheet in less than 5 seconds

Conditionally play sounds when a cell value changes

Excel links of the week : ‘what can excite you most’ [Aug 4]

Doing the NY times Olympic medals by country year visualization in excel

Dashboarding Fun – Display Smileys in your excel dashboards

Use min-max charts to show the spread of data – Charting Best Practice

Excel Links of Week – Who is Obama edition? [Aug 12]

The Olympic Medals by Country Chart – Improved now

Beyond If and Sum, 15 really useful excel formulas for everyone

Simulating Dice throws – the correct way to do it in excel

Plot your data around the clock [Excel charting idea]

Polar clock using donut chart [Excel Visualization fun]

Excel Links of the week – What do you dream about? [Aug 19]

It is show time baby! – better designer clocks to display time in your spreadsheets

Creating KPI Dashboards in Microsoft Excel [Part 1 of 6]

Display symbols in excel chart axis

Quickly process text using split() spreadsheet function in google docs

Excel links of the week – weekend without wire [Aug 26]

Creating KPI Dashboards in Microsoft Excel [Part 2 or 6] – Adding One Click Sort

Aligning charts, objects on spreadsheet [excel layout tip]

Initials from Names using Excel Formulas

6 charts you will see in hell

KPI Dashboards – Highlight KPIs Based on Percentile [Part 3 or 6]

Microcharting in Excel – 7 Alternatives Reviewed

Splitting text in excel using formulas

Excel links of the week [Sep 8]

Hack together a Gauge Chart in Excel without sweat

Excel KPI Dashboards – Adding Micro Charts [Part 4 of 6]

Tracking your stock portfolio using Google Docs

Power Outage & 99 Excel Tips to keep you Busy

Web Page Monitor using Google Docs

Calculating Paydays in a calendar year using Excel

Visualization Challenge – How to show market share changes?

You are NOT spider man, so why do you use radar charts?

Weekly Excel Links – Moved to Seattle Edition

SQL Queries from Excel

Sorting a list of items in random order in excel – using formulas

Handling spelling mistakes while searching your data using excel

Excel Links of the Week [Sep 29]

Clean up Incorrectly Formatted Phone Numbers using Excel

Simple Todo List application using Excel – Download and become productive

The Best of Pointy Haired Dilbert : September 2008

Display decimals only when the number is less than 1 [Excel number formatting tip]

Deal or No Deal – Download and Play the Popular TV Game Show in Excel

Major Updates to Google Docs Spreadsheets App – Menus, Named Ranges, Toolbar

Excel Links of the Week [Oct 06]

Replace Radar Charts with Tables to Make Comparison Easy

KPI Dashboards – Compare 2 Decision Parameters [Part 5 of 6]

Excel Links of the Week – The Mt. Rainier edition

More than 3 Conditional Formats in Excel

15 MS Excel Tips to Make you a Productivity Guru

The New Poor – Internet Penetration Rates by Country

Use Enter to Paste Copied Values in Excel [Quick Tip]

Excel Links of the Week – Birthday Edition

Sports Dashboards in Excel – A Tutorial

Reader Poll: Should the axis for bar charts always start at zero?

Sorting Text in Excel using Formulas

Sports Statistics Dashboard in Excel – Few More Alternatives

Excel Links of the Week – What the heck happened to photographic fridays edition

How to NOT spend $ 150,000 and still dress up your charts

Adding Box Plots to Show Data Distribution in Dashboards [Part 6 of 6]

Introducing Spreadcheats – Become Supergood with Excel in 30 days

Best of Pointy Haired Dilbert – Oct 2008

Excel Links of the Week [Nov 3]

Relative vs. Absolute References in Formulas [spreadcheats]

Select & Show One Chart from Many

Extracting Unique, Duplicate and Missing Items using Formulas [spreadcheats]

Excel Links of the Week – All Downloads at One Place Edition

Excel Formula for Finding Repeated Words in a Cell

Eight ways to exploit COUNTIF() … and sumif() too [spreadcheats]

How to present changes in Market Share using Charts?

Is your (chart’s) underwear showing?

Seperating digits from a number [excel formulas]

Excel Links of the Week – Do you want to run 10k with me edition

Make your VBA macros work anywhere: Enable Relative References

What would you like to ask Charley Kyd of Exceluser.com in an interview?

Generating Random Phone Numbers

Introducing Excel Formula Helper

Excel Links of the Week – PHD’s new tag line [Nov 24]

Advanced Data Validation Techniques in Excel [spreadcheats]

Prevent users from scrolling away on your dashboards [dirty little trick]

Say thanks with an excel tip

Excel Links of the Week [Dec 1]

Best of Pointy Haired Dilbert – Nov 2008

What is camera tool and how to use it? [spreadcheats]

Free Excel Calendar Template for year 2009 (and all years up to 9999)

Brick Charts in Excel – an Alternative to Gridlines

Interview with Charley Kyd on Everyday Excel

Excel Links of the Week [Dec 15]

Formula Debugging in Excel – Tip [spreadcheats]

2009 Calendar Template in Excel – Now with week starting on Monday

Custom Views in Excel – Save filter and header settings for quick reference

Creating Excel Art from Images [spreadsheet fun]

Use Alt+Enter to get multiple lines in a cell [spreadcheats]

Excel Links of the week – the Christmas edition

Excel 2007 Review – 10 things that WOWed me

Selecting all the cells in a series – keyboard and mouse shortcuts [spreadcheats]

Happy New Year to all PHD Readers

Excel Basics – What are Combination Charts and How to Make One?

Weekly Excel Links – Issues with Hosting of PHD

Automatically insert timestamps in excel sheet using formulas

Sales Funnel Charts in Excel – Tutorial

Excel Links of the Week [Jan 12]

What are the formulas you wish Excel had ?

Why No One Likes Your Pie Charts (And What to Do About It)

Visualizing Search Terms on Travel Sites – Excel Dashboard

[Reader Poll] Stacked, Seperated or Mirrored ?

How to Hide Worksheet Tabs in Excel Workbook

Excel Links of the Week – Minor Changes to PHD edition

100 Excel Tips & Resources

Colors in Chart Labels [Quick Tip]

[Weekend Poll] How do you Sex up your Charts?

PHD Excel Formula Helper – Now an E-Book

Best of PHD – Jan 2009

One more method to find unique values in excel and you can call me a dork

Employee Satisfaction Surveys using MS Excel

Write Your Own Twitter Client using Microsoft Excel

Review of PTS Clustered Stack Chart

Weekly Links – Even More Downloads Edition

Make a Dynamic Chart using Data Filters

Excel Colors Somehow Getting Changed ?

“Too Many Worksheets” Driving You Nuts? Read This!

Market Segmentation Charts using Conditional Formatting

Welcome Robert & ClearlyAndSimply.com to Blogging

Weekly Excel Links – After a Long Time Edition

5 Areas where Mouse Kicks Keyboard’s Butt

Japanese Candlestick Chart – Excel Tutorial

Open Thread For First Time Commenters – What do you like in Excel?

RSS Icon using Donut Charts – Because it is Weekend

Excel Links of the Week – Free E-Book Edition

How to use Excel Chart Templates and Save Time

Us vs. Them – Compare Sales Performance using Charts & Form Controls

Excel Conditional Formatting Basics

New Improved Version of Excel Formula Help

Highlight Top 10 Values using Excel Conditional Formatting

Visualization Challenge – Budget vs. Actual Performance

Skip Blank doesnt skip blank cells ?!?

Excel Links of The Week – Malmo Edition

Using Array Formulas in Excel – Find if a list has duplicate items

Interview with John Walkenbach on Excel and Banjo Charts…

Search a Spreadsheet Full of Data using Conditional Formatting

Using Credit Card Numbers in Excel

There is an Easter Egg in this Post

Excel Formula Errors – Understand and Debug Them

and the Winner is…

Hide a Workbook from Nosy Colleagues [quick tip]

Excel Links of the Week – What is really happening Edition

Calculate Moving Average

Analyzing Search Keywords using Excel : Array Formulas in Real Life

Use Mouse to Edit Formula Ranges [quick tip]

Announcing “Your Week” @ PHD

Excel Tips Submitted by You [Part 1]

Excel Tips Submitted by You [Part 2]

Excel Tips Submitted by You [Part 3]

Excel Tips Submitted by You [Part 4]

Share Your Excel Tips for Your Week – Open Thread

Create a Dynamic Chart in Excel in 2 Minutes [spreadcheats]

Signup for Microsoft Excel 2010 Technical Preview [Office 2010]

Excel Links – Dilbert is Recession-proof Edition

Do you know these Excel 2007 Productivity Secrets (Hint: Coffee is not one of them)

Hide Formula Errors While Printing [Quick tip]

Array formula to check if a number is prime [just for fun]

Statistical Distributions in Excel [spreadcheats]

Tweetboard Implementations – Download and make your twitter style dashboard today

How to Hide a Cell’s Contents in Excel? [Quick Tip]

Excel Formula 1 – Really Fast way to learn Excel Formulas

Networkingdays() an improved version of networkdays formula

Incell Dot Plots in Microsoft Excel

Do you know these Double-click Tricks in Excel?

Gantt Charts – Project Management Using Excel [Part 1 of 6]

Excel Links – Bacon bits are good edition

Team To Do Lists – Project Tracking Tools using Excel [Part 2 of 6]

Create a number sequence for each change in a column in excel [Quick Tip]

How to Round and Sort Data using Excel Formulas?

Project Management: Show Milestones in a Timeline [Part 3 of 6]

Make an Impressive Product Catalog [spreadsheets for small business]

Generating invoice numbers using excel [reader questions]

Build a Retirement Calculator using Excel (learn how to use Goal Seek as a bonus)

Twitter Formula Contest – We are 5000 strong now

The funnest way to learn excel formulas

Excel Time Sheets and Resource Management [Project Management using Excel – Part 4 of 6]

Count the number of unique values in a range [Quick Tip]

Member of month, Excel links and Cooked HDD

Use ROWS() and COLUMNS() formulas to generate numbers in a sequence [quick tip]

50 Best Cities for Finding a Job [Incell Dashboard using Excel]

29 Excel Formula Tips for all Occasions [and proof that PHD readers truly rock]

Get cell comments using Excel Formula

Pin Frequently Used Documents to File Menu to Save Time

Issue Trackers & Risk Management using Excel [Project Management using Excel – Part 5 of 6]

How to get tick marks in Excel? [custom cell formatting]

Excel Check Boxes, Even Simpler Way

Master Excel 2007 Ribbon with this Free Learning Guide

7 ideas Excel can pick-up from iWork Numbers

Calculate Elapsed Time in Excel [Quick Tips]

Twins, Clones and Duplicates – 6 Excel Shortcuts from an Excited Dad

5 Things you probably dont know about this site

Recipe for a Donut Bar Chart

Use Cell Styles to Make your Spreadsheet Models User-friendly [Quick Tip]

What buttons you have in the excel quick access bar ? [weekend poll]

Project Management Dashboard / Project Status Report using Excel [Part 6 of 6]

Baby Feeding Chart using Excel

10 Tips to Make Better and Boss-proof Excel Spreadsheets

Product Recommendation – Excel Lookup Toolbox

Excel Links of the week [After a long time edition]

What is Excel SUMPRODUCT formula and how to use it?

Top X chart – Show Top X values of a chart Interactively

Excel Links of the Week [Excel Dashboards Edition]

Grouping Dates in Pivot Tables

Transpose Excel Rows and Columns [Quick Tip + Video]

Download Excel 2010 Beta today [Office 2010 Updates]

Reverse a List using Formulas [Using Excel INDEX() Formula]

10 Supercool UI Improvements in Excel 2010

Findout Thanksgiving Day’s Date for Any Year [Excel Formulas]

Excel Links – Learn Excel Online Edition

Dilbert on Excel, Spreadsheets and Cell C23

Christmas Gift List – Set your budget and track gifts using Excel

Use CTRL+F1 to collapse ribbon [super-mini-quick-tip]

2010 Calendar – Excel Template [Downloads]

How to Print Excel Comments

How to Find Dates of Public Holidays using Excel

Best of Pointy Haired Dilbert – 2009

Conditionally Formatting Dates in Excel [Part 1 of 2]

Highlighting Repeat Customers using Conditional Formatting [Part 2 of 2]

Excel Links – What are your plans for 2010 Edition

Extract usernames from E-mail IDs [using LEFT and FIND formulas in Excel]

Interactive Mortgage Calculator to know how much you can borrow (with Excel)

Excel School Online Training – More Details

Delete Blank Rows in Excel [Quick Tip]

Pivot Table Tricks to Make You a Star

Excel Links of the Week – now even more downloads edition

Data Validation using an Unsorted column with Duplicate Entries as a Source List

Excel Keyboard Shortcuts – Open Thread

P&L Reporting using Excel [Part 1 of 6 on Excel & Accounting]

Excel School Registration Opens on Monday (8th Feb, 2010)

Excel School is Open for Admissions

What is Excel SUBTOTAL formula and 5 reasons why you should use it

Preparing Profit / Loss Pivot Reports [Part 2 of 6]

Group Project Activities to Make Readable Gantt Charts

Excel Links – Winner Takes it all Edition

Save a ton of time by using Mouse scroll-wheel to Navigate Excel Ribbon

Excel School Last Call, Closing in Few Hours – Join Now!

Comprehensive List of Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

Adding Calculated Fields to Pivot Table P&L [part 3 of 6]

Writing “Either Or” formula in Excel [Formula Howtos]

Exploring Profit & Loss Reports [Part 4 of 6]

31 Excel Tutorials – Learn and Be Awesome in Excel

Excel Links – Back to India Edition

Making a Dynamic Dashboard in Excel [Part 1 of 4]

Super Timesaver Tip – Add “Select Objects” to Quick Access Toolbar

How to Convert Text to Dates [Data Cleanup]

Quarterly & Half-Yearly Profit Loss Reports [Part 5 of 6]

What do you use Excel for? [Weekend Poll]

How to Check whether a Table is Filtered or not using Formulas

Making a Dynamic Dashboard in Excel [Part 2 of 4]

How to Visualize Survey Results using Incell Panel Charts [case study]

There are Easter Eggs in this Post!!!

Automatic Rolling Months in Excel [Formulas]

Use CTRL+Click to speed up your formula entry [Quick Tips]

Updates on Excel School [and 3 free lessons]

Budget vs. Actual Profit Loss Report using Pivot Tables

SUMIF works in 2D too [quick tip]

Find Quarterly Totals from Monthly Data [SUMPRODUCT Formula]

Quarterly totals when you have multi-year data [SUMPRODUCT again]

Excel Links – Project Management Edition

How to Get “Either-Or” Condition in Data Validation?

Data Tables & Monte Carlo Simulations in Excel – A Comprehensive Guide

How to become really awesome in Excel? [Reader Questions]

Exclude Hidden Rows from Totals [How to?]

What is new in Microsoft Excel 2010? [Office 2010 Week]

New Features in Excel 2010 Conditional Formatting

Attend Free Excel Training Session by Me on May 25th

An Excel Hero indeed [blog recommendation]

Use CTRL+Back Space to jump to active cell [Shortcut]

Check if two ranges of dates overlap [Excel Formulas]

Get Stock Quotes using Excel Macros [and a Crash Course in VBA]

Average of Top 5 Values [and some homework]

Football Betting Sheet Template

6 things you should know about Excel School

FIFA Worldcup Excel Spreadsheets [Roundup]

Join Excel School Today

Become a Comparison Ninja – Compare 2 Lists in Excel and Highlight Matches

Excel School Closing in a Few Hours – Join Now!

Use Excel For Rapid UI Prototypes [Awesome uses of Excel]

Excel Links – Change in Posting Schedule Edition

Do You Want to Learn Excel Financial Modeling?

Find-out Days Overlaped [Excel Formula Homework]

Gantt Box Chart Tutorial & Template – Download and Try today

Introduction to Financial Modeling using Excel [Part 1 of 6]

7 Links and One Question for You

Announcing Reader Awesomeness Week – Submit your Tips, Stories, Workbooks and Ideas

How Francis Landed on Chandoo.org, Become Awesome and Made a Superb Dashboard, all in ONE Weekend

12 Rules for Making Better Spreadsheets

9 Excel Tips & Downloads Submitted by Our Readers [Reader Awesomeness Week]

Take your Excel Baby Steps with 89 Minutes of FREE Online Training

What is the most unusual thing you have used Excel for? [Quick Poll]

Jump to Any Cell / Worksheet using Name Box [Quick Tip]

How do you make charts when you have lots of small values but few extremely large values? [Debate]

Building Inputs & Assumptions Sheets – Excel Financial Modeling [Part 3 of 6]

Excel Everest – Recommended Excel Training Program

How many hours did Johnny work? [Excel Homework]

Modeling & Building Cash-flow Projections for Project Valuation [Part 4,5 of 6]

Share an excel link and win $14.85 gift card from Amazon

How to Paste Numbers Only [quick tip]

10 things you should know about Excel School

How to Calculate Working Hours Between 2 Dates [Solution]

Excel School is Open – Join Today

A round-up on Circular References

Putting it all together – Final Project Evaluation Model [Part 6 of 6]

Remove duplicates & sort a list using Pivot Tables

Show Zebra Lines when Value Changes [Excel Conditional Formatting Homework]

Bad News & VLOOKUP Contest

Finding 2nd Largest Item in a List that meets a Criteria [Excel Array Formulas]

Are you a Solver Virgin? Watch this tutorial video …,

Learn an Excel Feature: Picture Links (or Camera Snapshots)

Excel Links – Happy Birthday Edition

What is the last visible cell in your excel window? [Poll]

Celebrating the Lookup Formulas – VLOOKUP Week @ Chandoo.org

VLOOKUP formula in excel with examples

Making VLOOKUP formulas go wild [VLOOKUP Week]

Mix VLOOKUP with Data Validation for some magic! [VLOOKUP Week]

How to Lookup Values to Left?

How to Look up Based on Multiple Conditions

6 Tips for Writing Better VLOOKUPs

Excel Hero Academy – Recommended Online Excel Training Program

A Technique for Analysing Large Tables of Data

3 Lookup Formula Challenges + 2 Jokes + 1 Link [VLOOKUP Week]

Extract Values from Several Columns [VLOOKUP Quick Tip]

Using Lookup Formulas with Excel Tables [Video]

How to write 2 Way Lookup Formulas in Excel?

Getting the 2nd matching value from a list using VLOOKUP formula

90% of you can see up to cell M26 & other findings [visualization]

Formatting Multiple Worksheets? Use Group Sheets option to Speed up [Quick Tip]

VLOOKUP Formula Cheat-sheet – FREE Download

Splitting a number into integer and decimal portions

Homework – When does Thanksgiving Day occur on same date again?

Excel Animation without Macros!

The Selection Pane

Make a Christmas Card, and you can Win a $50 Gift Card

Merge Cells without Losing Data [Quick Tip]

Mutant Cell Modeling Problem [Homework]

Excel Links – Next Dashboard Contest Edition

6 Christmas Cards in Excel – Download and Spread Joy

2011 Calendar – Excel Template [Downloads]

Use Filter By Selected Cell’s Value to save time [Quick Tips]

Excel Links – What are your plans for 2011?

Do you want to Learn Excel? Consider Joining Excel School

Join Excel School & Become Awesome in Excel

Excel Links – My First International Excel Workshop Edition

220 Excel Tips, Tutorials, Templates & Resources for You [Celebrating 20k RSS Members]

Are You Trendy ?

Are You Trendy? (Part 2)

Are You Trendy ? (Part 3)

Holiday Request Form in Excel [Awesome Ways our Readers are using Excel]

How do Business Analysts use Excel [Guest Post from a Rock-star BA]

My trip to Maldives…, [travelogue + bonus Excel tip]

Make Awesome Data Entry Forms by using Conditional Formatting + Data Validation

Introduction to Project Finance Modeling in Excel

Simple Excel Formula to Calculate All-time High, Trailing 12 Month High Values [Quick Tip]

How long have you been using Excel? [poll]

Modeling Interest During Construction (IDC) – Excel Project Finance

3+1 Ways to Learn Advanced Excel

Quickly Remove Data Validation Rules using Paste Special

Excel Challenge #1 – Make Nuts without Going Nuts

IFERROR Excel Formula – What is it, syntax, examples and howto

Learning Dashboards? – Go thru these 33 Recommended Resources

Form Controls – Adding Interactivity to Your Worksheets

Excel Links – Congratulations Team India Edition

How to make a 5 Star Chart (Similar to Amazon)

80% Discount on PUP & PowerPivot Contest – Hurry up!

Dummy Data – How to use the Random Functions

Using Solver to Assign Items to Buckets

Use Copy & Paste to Preserve References to Tables [Quick Tip]

Mod() function in excel to Implement Escalation Frequency [Financial Modeling Tutorials]

Advanced Sumproduct Queries

10 Excel Formula Myths – Busted!

Comparing Lists of Values in Excel using Array Formulas

Analyse Data like a Super Hero

Automating Repetitive Tasks

Excel Links – Updates on Singapore Workshop Edition

Sales Analysis Charts in Excel – 78 Alternatives

Last Chance to Join our Singapore Excel Bootcamp [also, our training calendar for rest of the year]

NPV() function to calculate Present Value

Create Dynamic Hyperlinks in Excel [Video]

Interactive Dashboard in Excel using Hyperlinks

Shift Calendar Template – FREE Download

10 Excel Keyboard Shortcuts I can’t live without!

Check if a Word or Phrase is Palindrome using Excel Formulas [Weekend Fun]

5 Announcements for You [Quick Read]

Join Excel Formula Crash Course & Master Excel Formulas

Selective Chart Axis Formating

Custom Chart Axis Formating – Part 2.

Excel School Prices Going up from 29th August, Join Now to save!

My Top 10 Tips for Mastering VBA & Excel Macros [Part 5 of 5 – VBA Crash Course]

Excel Training Recommender – Interactive Excel Tool for you

Refresh All Pivot Tables at once [Quick Tip]

Sum of Values Between 2 Dates [Excel Formulas]

Filter values where Fruit=Banana OR Sales>70. In Other Words, How to use Advanced Filters?

Excel Links – After a long time edition

Compare 2 Lists Visually and Highlight Matches

Using an Array Formula to Find and Count the Maximum Text Occurrences in a Range

A Technique to Quickly Develop Custom Number Formats

Calculate Payment Schedule [Homework]

Formula Forensics No. 003 – Lukes Reward

Christmas Gift Shopping List Template – Set budget, track your gifts using Excel

Maintenance Work Complete

What is one area of Excel you want to learn more? [Survey]

Introduction to Spreadsheet Risk Management

Formula Forensics No. 005 – Zebras and Checker-Boards

Learn Any Area of Excel using these 80 Links

Join Excel School & Become Awesome in Excel Today!

Formula Forensics. No 007 – Sumproduct

2012 Calendar – Excel Template [Downloads]

Free Picture Calendar Template – Download and make a personalized calendar today!

How Companies Can Manage Spreadsheet Risk [Part 2 of 4]

Quick Update about VBA Classes & Discount Expiry!

Finding Friday the 13th using Excel (and learning cool formulas along way)

Six Quick Updates

Excel’s Auditing Functions [Spreadsheet Risk Management – Part 3 of 4]

Excel Links – Live from Bangkok Edition

Comparing 2 Lists with a Twist

Using external software packages to manage your spreadsheet risk [Part 4 of 4]

How would you customize Excel after installing? [poll]

Learn Statistics & Probability using MS Excel

Reporting Scenarios using Offset

Designing a Customer Service Dashboard in Excel [Part 1 of 4]

14 ways to check if an year is leap year, using Excel [just for fun]

Data and Calculations for our Customer Service Dashboard [Part 2 of 4]

Excel Speedup & Optimization Tips by Experts [Speedy Spreadsheet Week]

75 Excel Speeding up Tips Shared by YOU! [Speedy Spreadsheet Week]

Comprehensive Guide to VLOOKUP & Other Lookup Formulas

Creating Customer Service Dashboard in Excel [Part 3 of 4]

Send mails using Excel VBA and Outlook

Excel Links – Live from Sydney Edition

VBA Move data from one sheet to multiple sheets

Please Enroll in our Excel & Dashboards Masterclass – Melbourne

Highlight Employees by Performance Rating – Conditional Formatting Challenge

Do you work on Excel? How much salary you make? [Surveys]

Check if a list has duplicate numbers [Quick tip]

How to make a Spoke Chart

Find the last date of an activity

How do you explain Excel to a small kid? [poll]

Welcome to Chandoo.org – A short introduction to our site

Making your dashboards interactive [Dashboard Essentials]

Growing a Money Mustache using Excel [for fun]

Excel Links – Going to Togo Edition

OFFSET formula – Explained

Introducing Excel School + Excel Hero Academy Bundle

18.2 Tips on Rounding numbers using Excel Formulas

Excel Formatting Tips – Gangnam Style [open thread]

Please help me design our new product: Vitamin XL

Excel Links – Lets meet in Chennai this Sunday edition

2013 Calendar – Excel Template [Downloads]

Best of Chandoo.org – 2012

3 upcoming courses to Make you awesome [Announcements]

Top 10 Formulas for Aspiring Analysts

What is Power Pivot – an Introduction [video]

Designing a dashboard to track Employee vacations [case study]

Work with several Excel files everyday? – Save them as a workspace [Quick tip]

10 things that wowed me in Excel 2013

How well do you know your LOOKUPs? – Quiz Answers & Discussion

What is your favorite feature of Excel? [poll]

How to create interactive calendar to highlight events & appointments [Tutorial]

Learn Top 10 Excel Features

Excel Links – from USA edition

A quick Excel tip while on bike…

Introduction to Structural References

5 Keyboard shortcuts for writing better formulas

What do you use Tables for? [poll]

Excel Links for you – Busy busy edition

7 reasons why you should use INDEX() formula in Excel

What are best Excel interview questions? [survey]

PowerPivot – the ULTIMATE anti-bloat feature

I am writing a book [and its coming soon]

The VLOOKUP book is ready, pick up your copy today & Become Awesome

What areas of Excel scare you most? [survey]

Best of Chandoo.org – 2013

Free 2014 Calendar, daily planner templates [download]

Top 10 things I learned using Excel for a decade

Bar chart with lower & upper bounds [tutorial]

Big trouble in little spreadsheet

Right-click from the keyboard, not the mouse.

What is your favorite Excel book? [open thread]

Quick and easy Gantt chart using Excel [templates]

What should we call our Podcast?

Robust Dynamic (Cascading) Dropdowns Without VBA

Handle Volatile Functions like they are dynamite

Chandoo.org Podcast: Launching on March 6th

Excel links – What is your next Excel book edition?

You can move formula help box with your mouse!!! [quick tip]

Free Invoice Template using Excel – Download

Modeling tiles in a room using Excel Conditional Formatting

CP007: aweSUM() – Overview of SUM functions in Excel

What is your passion? [weekend poll]

Excel Links – Delay in State migration visualization results edition

I struggle doing __________ with Excel. Fill in the blanks…,

CP010: Averages are Mean – 8 Techniques for making your analysis above average

Matching transactions using formulas [Accounting]

Top 10 things we struggle to do in Excel & awesome remedies for them

Here is a simple solution to your forgetful, leaky brian – “Just put it in a spreadsheet”

CHOOSE() me, an introduction to Excel CHOOSE function

Ask me your Excel questions & You could win an eBook

What is the average speed of this road trip? [homework]

Teach me (and rest of our community) something this Teachers’ Day

3D Max Formula for Excel

Please help me design our new course – “50 ways to analyze your data”

CP020: Top 10 time saving strategies for business analysts

ABC Inventory Analysis using Excel

Back after a while & 3 announcements

The ultimate VLOOKUP trick – Multi-condition Lookup

CP024: Customize Excel to boost your productivity

Ready to use Excel Dashboard Templates – Official Trailer

Looking up when data won’t play nice – few more alternatives

Open & Save files faster in Excel 2013 [quick tip]

Export iPhone contacts to Excel using this free template

Excel Links – 2014 Holiday Sale Edition

Excel to the Next Level by Mastering Multiple Occurrences

Best of Chandoo.org – 2014

Free 2015 Calendar, daily planner templates [download]

8 Reasons you must get better at Excel in 2015

How can I help you become awesome this year?

3 Course Meal of Excel Awesomeness for You

2 Must watch Excel webinars for you

Share your favorite Excel tip & you could win Beats Headphones [Podcast Anniversary Celebrations]

Formatting shortcuts for keyboard junkies

Excel Links – PASS BA 2015 Edition

How to insert a blank column in pivot table?

Use Paste Special to multiply (or add, divide etc.) a range with a variable [quick tip]

Introduction to Slicers – What are they, how to use them, tips, advanced techniques & interactive reports using Excel Slicers

15 Quick & powerful ways to analyze business data

What is the coolest thing you made with Excel? [weekend poll]

Are you an analyst? Use these 25 shortcuts & tricks to boost your productivity

How to find out if a text contains question? [Excel formulas]

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