Excel School Registration Opens on Monday (8th Feb, 2010)



Excel School - Online Excel Training Program

I have very exciting news for you. Finally, the excel school program is ready for your consideration. We are opening registration on 8th of Feb.

(if you don’t know what Excel school is… it is a 12 week online excel training program, conducted by me. You can find full details, get a free lesson here.)

Some details & key dates about the program area,

  • The price will be $97 if you pay one time
  • or $37 x 3 if you make three monthly payments (total: $111)
  • Registration opens on 8th Feb, 2010 (Monday) and closes on 17th Feb, 2010 (Wednesday EOD)
  • Classes start on 22nd Feb, Monday.
  • Classes go on until 23rd May, Sunday.
  • You get complimentary access to all the content, downloads until 14th June, 2010
  • The following topics will be covered.
    Excel School Topics
  • I have made a small PDF explaining contents, benefits, teaching methodology and pricing. you can download it here.
  • You need not be online at any specific time to learn the lessons.
  • However, you may want to log-in every week so that you can ask questions, keep up with the pace.
  • We use Excel 2007 (but excel 2003 alternatives will be explained wherever possible)

Come back on Monday and you should see a nice sales page and few “buy me now…” buttons for you to make the payment and get on in.

Download the “Overview of Excel School Program” file
[mirror] to know more about detailed contents and teaching methodology. You can also watch a video about this.

Make sure you sign up for the excel school email updates
so that I can email you when the registration is ready.


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6 Responses to “Excel School Registration Opens on Monday (8th Feb, 2010)”

  1. Victor says:

    I'm IN!

  2. Fakhar says:

    Dear Chandoo,
    Today I wanted to register for excel online course and was amazed and disappointed to see that this course is not for millions of Pakistanis who are your big fans and wanted to benefit from your knowledge and I failed to recover my password despite repeated efforts.

    So please do not deprive us simply because we belong to a particular nationality as in your success our prayers also have a small,small,small contribution.

    Thanks in advance
    One of your big fans

  3. Mehul says:

    Hi, I Agree with Sairam i too wants to pay in INR if you have any account in India give me the amoun in INR and your bank detail i will transfer the amount tomorrow morning. as i cant wait for another batch hence request you to kindly suggest on the same.

  4. Fakhar says:

    Thanks a lot for such a quick response my dear Chandoo and you have really won my heart.

    I'm working in Algeria and currently on one month leave in Pakistan and now my colleagues in Algeria also know about PHD and I was thinking to ask one of them to make the payment for the excel school on my behalf as paypal has option for all the countries in the world except Pakistan. So please advise how can I make the payment and register for this online course though I'm already late as I wanted to be the first in the world to register for this course but due to this paypal error.

    Would really appreciate your help on this issue as well as I can't wait to be part of the PHD excel school.
    Thanks again
    Best regards

  5. Fakhar says:

    Dear Chandoo,

    I'm anxiously waiting for some positive response on our emails on the subject as I've still not received any log-in details or anything on how can I be part of this course unless this apparently small payment problem at the end of paypall is resolved.

    Thanks and kind regards

  6. Fakhar says:

    Hi Chandoo,

    Thanks a lot for taking your time out from a very tight schedule and regarding paypal let them go to hell (only word you can think of in such a sitaution) but I want to do this excel course and please advise any alternative to make it possible and don't say it's impossible for Chandoo and millions of other Pakistanis who might be interested in this course but stupidity of paypal.

    Thanks and regards

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