Happy New Year to all PHD Readers

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Happy New Year to all my readers. I am sure 2008 has been many things to many people, but I am hoping it has been an year of productivity and happiness for you. Here is to wishing a great, no, fantastic 2009 for you and your family.

If you were busy through out 2008 and couldn’t really catch up on all the fun excel and charting ideas posted and discussed at PHD, here is your last chance to browse them. 2009 will be a fresh year. I am kidding, all the articles will be available in 2009 and beyond as well. But just go ahead and read them anyways.

Here is 10 posts from 2008 that are must read

15-excel-tips Excel can be Exciting – 15 fun things you can do with excel
excel-gantt Become a Conditional Formatting Rockstar – Learn 5 cool Excel tips
excel-chart-templates Make beautiful charts – use these gorgeous templates
ulgy-charts 6 Charts you will see in hell
charting-trick Select & Show one chart from many – Excel Charting Trick
kpi-charts Excel KPI Dashboards – 4 Post Tutorial and Free Downloads
excel-formulas 15 Microsoft Excel Formulas everyone should know
micro-charts-excel Micro-charting in Excel – Alternatives Reviewed
mf-portfolio Tracking your Mutual Funds and Stocks using Excel – Download included
paste-special Master Excel’s Paste Special – Learn these cool tips

Here is a list of top referrers to the site:

Life Hacker
Jon Peltier @ PTS Blog
Spreadsheet Page
Digital Inspiration
XL Cubed Blog
Daily dose of Excel

I am so thankful to all my readers and commenters who supported PHD and helped me learn so many things.

Special thanks to Robert and Vishy who contributed to this blog through guest articles.

Once again, wish you all a very happy 2009 🙂


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Thank you and see you around.

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4 Responses to “Happy New Year to all PHD Readers”

  1. meher says:

    Happy new year to you too ra!!

    Have Fun

  2. AlexJ says:

    So '08 was interesting (in the old Chinese curse kind of way). But of the positives, I "discovered" some great new sites like PHD. I really enjoy the span of the topics here, and the connection to other great sites and blogs that are connected.
    Great job Chandoo - looking forward to lots more in '09.
    HapiNuYr !

  3. JP says:

    You must really like Jon, you have his blog linked twice in your list of top referrers 🙂

  4. Chandoo says:

    @Meher: thanks and I wish you a very happy new year...

    @AlexJ, thank you so much. I am very happy you liked this site. 🙂 Let us hope 2009 will continue to be great for PHD and its readers.

    @JP: Dang, I cant believe I have done that. He already gets a ton of link juice from me. May be I should invoice him for this. 😀 Cleaned the link btw...

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