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Excel Links – Dashboards book delayed edition

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Quick update about Dashboards for Excel book:

Dashboards for Excel - advanced Excel, analysis, reporting & automation book from Jordan Goldmeier and Purnachandra DuggiralaAs you may know, my first print book – Dashboards for Excel (co-authored with Jordan Goldmeier) is supposed to release today – 15th September, 2015. But unfortunately, there is some delay with the printing process, so the book is not available yet. Our publisher, Apress, tells us that it can take two more weeks.

Thanks to all of you who pre-ordered this book. I am sorry for this unexpected delay. Just few more weeks and you will be reading it. 🙂

Time for another round of Excel links

7 ways sum your numbers

Debra at Contextures explains how to sum numbers in Excel, not just in one way, but in 7 seven different ways. Watch the video to learn more. While at it, also listen to the AweSUM podcast, which is coincidentally my 7th podcast episode.

Old wine with new bottle tag – Excel 2016 name changes

Chris Webb tells us about the new branding changes in Excel 2016. While we all admire Microsoft for making Excel and constantly improving it, sometimes their enthusiasm to revamp things can be annoying. How else can you explain the decision to rename Power Query as “Get & Transform Data”? Anyhow, read Chirs’s page to learn more about what several things in earlier versions of Excel are called in Excel 2016

Search text files in a folder using VBA

Ever wanted to search a folder full of text files (customer notes, invoices etc.) for a particular piece of text? Dick shares a nifty piece of VBA code to do just that. Read the comments on the page too for extra code ideas.

Use mouse to edit chart data

Do you know that you can use mouse to change chart data source? Check out Doug’s illustrative tutorial to learn how to edit chart data using mouse alone.

Reimagining league tables

Have you ever looked at sporting league tables and wondered if they can be improved? Kaiser did and he shares a few alternatives. One of them is a variation of win-loss chart.

So that is all for now. Enjoy the links and come back for more tomorrow 🙂


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3 Responses to “Excel Links – Dashboards book delayed edition”

  1. Chandoo, thanks for mentioning my article, and I hope that Apress gets your Dashboard book on the shelves soon!

  2. Khurram says:

    Hi Chandoo,

    Hope you're doing fine. I am already subscribe with your newsletter but I didn't receive this ebook.

    Can it be sent on my mail please?


  3. sina khajezadeh says:

    Hi there
    I just found your tutorials are somehow beneficial for my career. I just need to read your book, dashboards for excel. would you please send me the download link or tell me how to get the file?

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