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Excel Hero Academy – Recommended Online Excel Training Program



Quick Summary: Recently I have had the opportunity to test Daniel Ferry’s Excel Hero Academy online training program. In this post I am going tell why it is a good program to learn Excel.

Plus you can get it for $50 OFF if you use the discount code chandoo.

Many of you have asked me whether I can offer similar instruction like Excel School on VBA, Dashboards and other Advanced areas of Excel.

Due to my twins, on going excel school batches, busy blog and other commitments I never got enough time to conceptualize and prepare such a course.

Plus, my VBA skills are not that strong. So I stayed away from the idea of launching an advanced training program, even though many of you have been asking for it.

But I have a good news for you.

Daniel Ferry, who runs ExcelHero blog has been sharing various advanced excel techniques like creative formula writing, interactive charts & macros. I have been reading his blog since he started writing and learned several important tricks from him.

So, naturally I got excited when he told me he is launching an advanced excel training program, aptly named as “Excel Hero Academy“.

PS: Excel Hero Academy registrations close on Sunday Midnight. That is November 7th. If you wish to join, you must do it before that.

What is Excel Hero Academy?

Excel Hero Academy is an online Excel training program that can take you to next level of Excel. The program has 12 modules, taking us thru formulas, charting, dashboards,VBA,database techniques, excel optimization and much more.

Who should join this program?

This is great training program of those of you with intermediate level of excel skills and itching to go next level where you can develop your own excel applications and do magic.

How it works?

The program works from an innovative excel workbook. That is right. When you join the program, you will download an excel workbook application. This file will help you watch latest lessons, see live examples and learn interactively. The file itself speaks for Daniel’s genius.


How much is the program?

The Excel Hero Academy is priced at $347 per student.

Daniel has been kind enough to give a special discount of $50 for Chandoo.org readers. Use the discount code “chandoo” (without quotes) during check out to just pay $297 for the program.

You get 12 weeks of lessons & 24 weeks of online access. You can download both example files & videos for later viewing purpose.

What do I think about this program?

This program is truly an excel hero academy. I have been helping Daniel beta test the program and I love what I see so far. Also, I have finished watching module 1 – lessons on named formulas and already learned a few tricks that could improve my productivity.

I have already paid and joined the program myself.

I recommend this program to anyone aspiring to learn advanced excel and craft beautiful, functional excel applications & workbooks. This is a great way to improve your career skills and go to next step in Excel.

Click here to learn more about Excel Hero Academy & Join.

Any questions about Excel Hero Academy?

If you have any questions about EHA, please leave a comment. Since I am student in this program, I can tell you answers from my experience or direct them to Daniel for further help.


I receive small commission when you join Excel Hero Academy using the above link. But I am 100% sure that what Daniel or I make out of this sale is much smaller than what you will derive from this program. It is that awesome. Go ahead and sign-up already!

Thank you for your attention & Happy learning.

PS: VLOOKUP week resumes on Friday (and continues in to next week as well)

PPS: Remember, Daniel’s program is closing on this Sunday. Only 4 more days. So sign-up already!


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8 Responses to “Excel Hero Academy – Recommended Online Excel Training Program”

  1. Tom says:

    Chandoo - I'm glad you pointed folks to Excel Hero Academy. I think between the two of you, you've got a solid educational path for those of us wishing to master Excel. I too am an Excel Hero Academy student and I've been fully impressed with Daniels efforts and teaching technique. Some of you reading this may be able to convince your boss to pay for this training (as I did). It will surely pay for itself in productivity enhancements if you use Excel regularly (which I'm guessing you do if you are at this site!). C'mon aboard!

  2. dan l says:

    I'm hoping that he offers this again sometime in the future - perhaps with a little more lead time so that I can expense it out.....

  3. bill says:

    i am delighted to see this cross fertilization between blogs. everyone wins. thank you!

  4. Cecilia says:

    Chandoo, I am pretty sure that the Excel Hero Academy is great. I saw Daniel's work many times and is admirable. However I sent him three e-mails (one resend two more times) asking a few questions about the Academy and never got an answer.... so I didn't sign-up.... Too sad.

  5. Chandoo says:

    @Tom & Bill: I am so happy you liked it.

    @Dan: Daniel has this open for last 10 days I believe. I was lazy to point this out to our readers. But I am sure he will re-open the academy sometime early next year.

    @Cecilia: I am sorry to hear that. May be your emails were blocked by faulty spam filters or something. If you want, you can ask the questions here so that I can answer them (based on my knowledge) or ask Daniel to respond.

  6. Daniel Ferry says:

    Hello, Cecillia.
    What would you like to know? I just double checked my email's and while I do not know your last name, I have not received any emails from a Cecillia since July of this year and that was about something else entirely!
    Are you sure that you sent them to the correct email address? I can be reached at:
    We would love to have you in the inaugural class. Please contact me with your questions.
    Kind regards,
    Daniel Ferry
    Excel Hero Academy

  7. Cecilia says:

    Thanks Daniel and Chandoo. Daniel, I was using the same address you sent me. Anyway, just sent it again, may be this time doesn't go to Spam folder!

  8. Arman says:

    Hi Daniel,

    I would like to ask if you are accepting late enrollment? I want to register in your class however, i still need the approval of my immediate supervisor. The company will be shouldering all the expenses. Thanks!


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