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Dynamic Array Functions in Excel

Thanks for attending this live event. If you want to watch the reply or missed the session, watch it from above (or on YouTube here).


In the video, I covered:

Example Data & Completed Workbook

Please download the files from this session using below links.

👉 Sample data

💥 Complete file with all examples

Additional resources to learn Dynamic Array functions

Use below links & course to learn DA functions in Excel

👉 Dynamic Array formulas in Excel – Complete guide

💻 Excel School online training program by Chandoo

Introducing advanced Excel & dashboards training from Chandoo

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12 Responses to “Dynamic Arrays Live Masterclass – Replay”

  1. Kunal Jain says:

    What time is it on Friday? where is the button to see the time in my timezone?

  2. Pat says:

    Please let me know what time the webinar will start UK time. Thank you.

  3. Stephen POWELL says:

    Hello Chandoo,

    Please help me understand if the 11:00 (AM?) YouTube session on Friday is your local time in New Zealand or is it 11:00 AM in another time zone? If it's your local time then that would make it 18 hours earlier at 5pm on Thursday Toronto time for me (which works nicely!!).


  4. Will says:

    should be 11am EST

  5. VIKAS JAIN says:

    9.30 PM INDIA??

  6. Curt says:

    I noticed 'Currency' as one of the Data Types. Can you tell me how to add that? I only have Stocks & Geo and currency is more useful for me. I checked the excel website and they didn't present currency as an option.

  7. Warren Hall says:

    A simple way to manage headers and formatting for the new extraction page is; copy the headers to the second page on row one, column B, then, copy the data line two on the data page, mark the COLUMNS from start to end of the header on the extraction page, then paste-format which will correct all columns to the desired format. Very fast and easy.

  8. Phil Forman says:

    Have just watched the recorded session, thanks Purna for a very clear rundown on dynamic arrays, I can see lots of users for the knowledge

  9. Victoria Rice says:

    Excellent video!! I learned a ton. Thank you!

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