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Excel Links of the week [After a long time edition]

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It has been a really long time since we have an excel links post here. That doesnt mean I am not reading anything exciting. It is just that I have gotten busy being a dad. But now that I am in to a saner schedule, we are bringing back the excel links.

Here is a list of really interesting excel articles to start your week. Go check!

Use Microsoft Chart Adviser to make Better Charts

The howtogeek reviews the chart adviser tool from MS office labs and shows us how to make better charts using this. The chart adviser looks at your data and recommends charts best fit for visualizing it. It takes the guess work out of the chart making process and can be useful (especially if you are a newbie). The tool is similar to Bonavista Chart tamer, but not so much awesome. You can download the chart adviser from office labs here.

Make table of contents with just dragging

Debra teaches us the easiest way to make table of contents in a large excel sheet. Just use the mouse. Curious? Head over to contextures to learn the trick.

Understand the PowerPivot for Excel 2010

Straight from the MS Excel Team Blog, this article explains the power pivot features of Excel 2010. (For the curious, the powerpivot was Project Gemini) Using power pivot it is easy to analyze complex data (with probably millions of rows) and prepare dashboards for the boss.

Learn Excel OFFSET Function Interactively

The Financial Modeler gives us an interactive excel workbook using which you can learn the excel offset formula. I recommend checking this out if you have doubts about offset formula.

Cascade Chart Utlity for Excel

John Peltier releases yet another awesome charting utility – an Excel add-in to make cascade charts. Cascade charts are great way to show one series vertically (e.g., revenue) against a cumulative series horizontally (e.g., market segment size). As usual, PHD proudly recommends this tool.
PS: I am using affiliate code to recommend this awesome product.

That is all folks. Stay tuned for another beautiful week of excel and charting (well, it is not so beautiful in Copenhagen, unless you call gray skies and crappy weather beautiful, but I hope it is blue skies where you live).


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