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Ever wanted to show your workbook to someone and felt that you had less screen real estate? This tip will help you get more out of your workbook.


So how to get 50% more space for your workbooks?

Simple, just follow these steps.

  1. Go to View ribbon
  2. Uncheck “Formula Bar” and “Headings”. This will hide both formula bar and column / row headings from screen.


  3. Now press CTRL+F1. This will toggle ribbon to outline view.
  4. Bingo, you suddenly have 50% more space to show your spreadsheets.

Want even more space? Go Full Screen

In Excel 2010 or prior, activate Full Screen mode from View ribbon.

In Excel 2013 or above, use Auto hide ribbon option to mimic full screen behavior.


So there you go, enjoy expanded excel estate.

How do you display workbooks to colleagues?

I use above technique in all my videos / online classes to showcase the workbooks.

What about you? How do you display your workbooks in a meeting / presentation? Share your tips in the comment section.

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5 Responses to “Show more of your workbook on screens [quick tip]”

  1. Bda75 says:

    In 2013 you can also add to the QAT the hidden command "Toggle Full Screen View".

  2. Chris Newman says:

    Instead of using the shortcut CTRL+F1, I prefer just to double-click one of the tab names (ie double-click the "Home" text on the Home tab) to enable the Ribbon Outline view. To return to the normal Ribbon state, just double-click your mouse again!

  3. liu says:

    press Ctrl+Shift+F1, you will get a full screen

  4. efand says:

    Instead of Ctrl + F1, I use Ctrl + Shift + F1 (Excel 2016)

  5. Jay says:

    Alt W E sequence for full screen
    ESC to get back

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