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Excel Links of the Week – now even more downloads edition

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Welcome to another edition of excel links.

During the last week, I have revised excel downloads page on PHD and now it contains over 75 excel templates, tutorial downloads. I am not sure if you dig the new format of the page though. So go take a look at it and let me know what you think.

Moving on to the excel links,

This ink-blot chart breaks some rules, but succeeds

Breaking rules is fun. Junkcharts shows this very well designed chart and tells why despite breaking a few rules (values in alphabetical order instead of descending order, mirror imaged area fills leading to difficult comparison of growth) the chart succeeds in connecting with audience. I totally agree with “break few rules” point, you should experiment often to add variety and poke curiosity. After all, normal is boring.

Understand color to make better charts

Color plays a vital role in designing beautiful, inspiring charts. While the article on Smashing Magazine leans towards web design, most of these principles apply to chart design as well. So go ahead and pick up vital color skills and awesome-ify your next chart.

Solve word puzzles with Excel

Andrewe shows us how to solve word puzzles using excel. Games excite me and Excel doubly so. The combination is too tempting to pass.

Use dot plots instead of pies to compare categories

My friend Jon is deeply worried about 2 pie charts and he tells us that using Dot Plots can be a cure. I don’t disagree with him either. Read his post to avoid messing up your pie charts.

A new version of Bible, in excel

John Walkenbach is not content with excel bible. So went ahead and actually built small Excel app to read verses of bible. Download and play with it. (and if you are in to God, enjoy a verse or two)

Browse more excel links or Send me one.


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  1. Hi Chandoo,

    Glad you like the word search game. My son likes it too 🙂

    Actually it's a good way to get kids to retain vocabulary and spelling(?). Perhaps adults can use it too learning a foreign language etc. Think I might make a Japanese version as well, just need a small adjustment to the code and font.

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