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How long have you been using Excel? [poll]



This week’s poll is dead simple. Just tell me since how many years you are using Excel.

How long have you been using Excel?I will go first: I have first started using Excel in year 2003 to keep track of my MBA entrance exam preparation. It helped me a lot in recording practice test scores, listing all the mistakes I made and eventually I was able to score very well in one of the toughest exams in India.

So my Excel age is 8 years.

What about you? How long have you been using Excel?

Just post your Excel age in comments. Go!

Check out previous polls.

PS: I am planning to visualize the results in a chart. So please respond.


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454 Responses to “How long have you been using Excel? [poll]”

  1. iamrhd says:

    I'm using excel since 2003 ..so it's 8 yrs now .... 🙂

  2. Jeffie says:

    My Excel is 5 years 🙂

  3. Glen Feechan says:

    I have just turned a teenager in Excel years! I started using Excel at the beginning of 1998, having used Lotus-123 before that.

    There are some interesting reminiscences from some who were using spreadsheets well before that, in the comments of a blog post I did a couple of weeks ago:

    How long have you been using Excel?

  4. Manoj Kumar says:

    Hi Chandoo,

    I'm using excel since 2007...so it's 4 yrs

  5. Chris Baker says:

    About 17 years, and I'm only 23!
    The first things I remembered doing are making lists of action figures I had, designing a travel Monopoly set and making birthday lists!

  6. David says:

    I remember being wowed by Informix Wingz when it came out in 1989 — so I must have been using Excel for some years before that!

  7. Stefan says:

    i am using this great program since 1993 - for this , i might be 18 years old....

  8. Yard says:

    I have been using Excel since 1998 when I started my first job. So I'm nearly a teenager!

    Two things strike me:

    1. I've been using Excel for 4 years longer than Chandoo, yet he's an awesome MVP already and I haven't received my letter from Microsoft yet....damned postal service.

    2. Chandoo, why do you choose to extract data from the comments rather than set up a dedicated poll?

  9. Busymanjohn says:

    Been using Excel for around 8-9 years now and used Lotus 1-2-3 before that. Really started getting into Excel and learning how much of a powerful tool it is for the last 4-5 years, so a bit of catching up to do, but I am making my own Interactive Dashboards now ( thanks to Chandoo, Excel User, ClearlyandSimply and a few others who are absolutely awsome ) .... more and more of my expertise with excel is being recognised within my company and will be having discussions with the Education dept. about me spreading my knowledge within the company teaching others on how to utilise Excel to their own benefit. My own personal view is that spreadsheets should be interactive and not just static reports, so I always look to have the user of my spreadsheets interact with them and not just print them off and lying on their desks.

  10. 1994 for my university dissertation.
    Quattro Pro for a couple of years before that. I loved Quattro Pro and remember not wanting to switch to Excel.

    This poll makes me feel old.

  11. ThomasL says:

    been using excel for 6 year but first met it 15 years ago. but the first 5 of the 6 years was at a babyslevel while i am with help of chandoo started to walk, talk and am ready for excel school 🙂

  12. Hui... says:

    23 Years, 1988

  13. Dizet Sma says:

    When my company moved from Paradox / Lotus 123 / Word II to the 'new fangled' Microsoft Windows set of Access / Excel / Word for Windows I got the job of cadre trainer. That must have been about 1993 so that makes me - eek! - 18 in Excel Years.

  14. rajatha says:

    Looks like i am the youngest :)... 4 years

  15. Khushnood Viccaji says:

    I'm just a bit younger than Andy (in Excel), but older "overall" 😉

    Been using Excel since 1995 (ver 5.x); Quattro Pro for two years before that, and Lotus 1-2-3 for three years before that...

    I was hooked onto Excel when I saw a colleague showing off PivotTables in Excel.
    I had done a *lot* of programming in QPro as well as 1-2-3, and dreaded the idea of learning a third programming language (VBA).
    But it was all well worth the effort !

  16. Eamon says:

    June 1995 - 15 years ago - nearly 16.

  17. Charley says:

    Been using it since 1997, so about 14 years now.

  18. Raj says:

    i've been using excel since 6 years.

  19. pibfer says:

    Hi guys!
    My Excel age is.... 15! A teenagerxcel!

  20. Nigel Grace says:

    I first used Excel at university in 1994. 17 years for me.

  21. Ganesh says:

    Hi Chandoo..

    I am using the excel from yr 2000.

  22. Stephen says:

    I think it was about 1989

  23. Sweta says:

    I am the youngest I guess.. have been using regularly excel for last 3 years when I started my MBA...before that I "knew" of excel and had done some basic stuff on it during school (MS excel '99)

  24. Alan says:

    1.5 - I'm still a baby.

  25. Paul says:

    I am another Lotus 123 user who was forced to move to Excel in 1990 and I never made the move back. Key of the door 21.

  26. run0430 says:

    2002 til now......9 years

  27. Alvino says:

    I started to use since 1996 but merely on +-/* and simple chores. Started to really learn since Jan 09. Anyway, based on usage, I'm 15 already .... ouch!

  28. Since April 1991 (Excel 3.0), so I'm nearly 20...

  29. Jon Peltier says:

    I used Excel on my Mac at work for about 10 minutes in 1991 or 1992. Upgraded to a PC in 1993, used 1-2-3 for a day or two, hated it. Someone in my Office had the Excel disks, installed it, didn't like it, and switched back to 1-2-3, go figure. So I installed it and it's been all downhill from there.
    So I've been a steady user of Excel for 18 years.

  30. David T says:

    Short answer: 11 years.

    Long answer: First started in high school physics (mid-1990s), but didn't really get into Excel until an internship in college (2000). Then started using it every day in consulting job after college. Way to make me feel inferior about my Excel knowledge, Chandoo! I was fine deferring to you when I thought you'd be at this since Lotus 1-2-3 like all the MVPs. Also, why parse through comments for the data? (my thoughts echo Yard's (#8) comment above)

  31. OmarF says:

    Since 1998, so 13 years.

    I did a few years prior to that in Quattro Pro and Lotus 123. I still use some of the keyboard skills I learned back then to get around. The END then ARROW key stuff still works, as does the slash key to jump to menu mode.

    Thank goodness for multiple sheets per workbook though.

  32. Reyov says:

    I've been using Excel since 1993, so 18 years.

  33. David Smith says:

    I am 12 years old

  34. Damon Edmondson says:

    Started in 1991 for a year, then off to use "wingz" and Lotus 1-2-3 until 1997, then back to excel...and ever since. So I'd say since 1997 plus 1, or 15 years.

  35. Luke M says:

    Started using in 1998 as a substitute for a graphing calculator. (13 years)

  36. Niefer says:

    Since 1993, Excel 4.0.

  37. Michelle says:

    My Excel age is about 16 years.

    I began using simple functions in high school (approx. 1995) as a student aid in the front office. Surprisingly, I didn't get much experience throughout college but I've definitely made up for in the workplace! I'm self-taught (thank goodness for wonderful sites like this one!) and probably the resident "expert" on Excel in my workplace, which consists of about 30 employees.

  38. Jay says:

    Been using it since 1990. It is now 20 years and counting...

  39. Jon says:

    I started using it in college for personal finance tracking. ~2003. I really got into it at my last job in 2009.

  40. Paul M says:

    I have using Excel since 1995 when my employer upgraded from Microsoft Multiplan. I have been doing spreadsheets since 1982. Started with the grandpa of spreadsheets Visicalc. Have also used Starcalc (CP/M based program), Quattro, Lotus 123 in addition to a host of all in one programs.

  41. Mehul Jain says:

    I have been using excel since 1996, that makes my excel age 15.

  42. Seth says:

    I started using Excel in 1999 when I started college.

  43. Patricia says:

    Started using Excel when I moved to Indiana to work for Thomson and that was in 1992 so about 18 years! Eek. Now I feel old.
    Back then Lotus was king and no one I knew wanted to use Excel. Who would have thought back then that Excel would be the leader today.... and we won't even mention Multiplan or Quattro Pro!

  44. Stef@n says:

    Start in 1993/1994
    after using Lotus 123 😉

  45. Jennifer says:

    1994, I think, so 17 years. Though back then I was just a temp entering data in cells to update spreadsheets someone else had created. It was about five years before I started moving beyond very basic formulas and such and becoming more of a power user.

  46. Alberto says:

    I was born in 1976. In 1988 i was 12 and my father bought a Mac Plus with 256kb RAM and a external HD 20MB. It was running MsExcel 2.0 for Mac... I went to my first excel course that year. I was the youngest.

    I never gave thanks enough to my father for that.

  47. Sachin says:

    I first started using Excel in the mid-1990s for calculating changes in stock prices and then for some project management. B-School (2006-2010) brought more excel awesomeness and now I practically live in it. So I guess it's been about 15 years!

    But I've learned more in the last 3 months from Chandoo than I did in the previous years combined.

  48. Shairal says:

    1993 ... so I'm 18 in Excel years. Did a couple years of teething on Lotus123 before Excel got hot.

  49. Eli says:

    I took an Excel class in college... 13 years ago.

  50. DavidN says:

    A few have me beat, but not by much... Excel user since 1990.

  51. Kim says:

    Since trading in my DOS-only machine for a computer that had Excel 5.0 on it (and 14.4K dial-up internet!) in 1995 - that would make almost 16 years. Wow, I hate questions that make me feel old.

  52. Prasanna venkatesh.P.R says:

    i am using excel since 1995....... 15 years

  53. Joe Carsto says:

    I started using spreadsheets with Visicalc back in 1979 (32 years ago!) I've been using Excel since version 2 in 1987, so almost 24 years.

  54. Venus says:

    14-15 years ago. Started with Lotus, moved to Quattro which I loved, and then to Excel, which I love more!

  55. Dave in Portland says:

    First used it in college in 1990 (I think, things are getting fuzzy that far back) - so 21 years!

  56. Eric says:

    I used Excel on a Mac in 1988-89 (22 years!). It has been part of my life ever since, although I did alternate between Excel and Lotus for several years.

  57. Fab says:

    16 years and still feeling like a beginner... 🙁

  58. Janice says:

    13 years

  59. Noah says:

    9 years

  60. Parin Thacker says:

    since 2004, so 7 years

  61. Curt says:

    Since 1998. Before that it was lotus and quattro.

  62. Kay says:

    1988 or 89 - I am getting old! Still use it constantly.

  63. dave says:

    I sat in the very first class taught at BYU when Lotus was in Beta in 1983(?). Then went on to Symphony and have been in Excel ever since it came out. Even so, I want to thank you for all of your suggestions and helps! It has been invaluable!

  64. Marie Martinez says:

    I've been working in Excel since I was in college....1990..so 21 years! wow, back then Excel for Microsoft was a black screen with green characters, NO "Undo button"...soooo scary to think about now. Then my first job out of school we used the Microsoft Excel in accounting, but sales (don't know why) had a Mac with Excel and it looked Windows eventually did. Oh and I, too, worked with Lotus123 and Quattro before Excel.

  65. Sachin says:

    Though I learned it in 2001 (10 years) started actual use in 2005 (6 years)

  66. Ryan Mass says:

    16 years

  67. Robert McAnally says:

    Excel = since Office 95 (so roughly early '96); used Lotus 1-2-3 since '92 (we dumped it for Excel at my work for Office 95). Love Excel much more than Lotus, and especially love 2010.

  68. BruceW says:

    Since 1995 when I start my articles

  69. Tanya B says:

    I've been using Excel since 1995 - so 16 years.

  70. Ian Humphreys says:

    Since 1997, when I moved into my first managerial role. I used it mainly for really basic functionality to start off with, but I have been exploring (and loving) the more complex side of formulas for the last 4 years, and am now thinking of looking at VBA. So that's 14 years.

  71. Ducheznee says:

    I just turned 15. I remember it well. I was thrust into Excel in January 1996 at the age of 20 while serving as the financial secretary for Mormon missionaries in Brazil. I hadn't even used Windows prior to that (strictly Macs up to that point). I've been making things way more complicated than they need to be ever since.

  72. John Nelson says:

    I've been using Excel since 1998, so I'm turning 13 years old.

  73. Hip says:

    I feel like a baby. I'm only 2 years old.

  74. Bill says:

    I have been using Excel for ten years now. Still learning too!

  75. Jose Carranza says:

    Ive been using excel since 10th grade, so that means I've been using this business weapon for 11 years now!!!

  76. Kevin says:

    Since 1988 so 23 years Started on a Mac Plus with 256kb RAM and no HD; OS and Excel was loaded from 3-1/2 inch floppies I was running MsExcel 2.0 for Mac. 23 years later I am using a Quad Core PC running Office 2010, Quite the evolution 🙂

  77. Brian Armacost says:

    Been using Excel for about 10 years now but the first 8 was for very basic uses. It's only been in the last 2 years that I've really had to start learning and flexing Excel's muscles, and Chandoo has helped tremendously with that. Still a long way to go though. So I'll say a born-again Excel user of 2 years.

  78. Ashes says:

    I first started using excel back in High school, so at least 10 years ago; but I only recently became a daily user of excel due to a job change. So I would say that I have been a proficent excel user for 1 year now.

  79. Dave says:

    Off and on for the last 14 years - but the last 6 years has been more intense. So, I guess I'm 6 years.

  80. Venkat Chavakula says:

    I'm a ERP functional Analyst and using Excel since 2003 onwards (7+ years) and earlier between 1999 till 2003 just basics at a very minimal level.

  81. Bill Carlson says:

    Since inception, which I believe was in late 1987. Not sure I want to calculate how long this has been.....

  82. I can remember using Lotus 1-2-3. So I guess I've been using Excel for about 20 years!

  83. Ninad Pradhan says:

    since 1995

  84. Sandra says:

    I have been using Excel since 1993, so that would make put excel age at 18 years.

  85. Brent says:

    since version 3

  86. Barry says:

    Excel Age about 15 years.

  87. Sonya Dickerson says:

    I am 9 excel years old!

  88. Randy says:

    1995, I think, so 16 years, Started using for expense reports.

  89. Ivan says:

    I first used Excel 16 years ago in 1995.

  90. don says:

    Everyday for the last 5 years.

  91. Ken Warthen says:

    I wrote my first application in Excel 4.0 in 1994, almost 17 years ago.

  92. Barbara says:

    I am now an excel adult, I have used it since about 1993, so am 18.
    Before that from about 1983 I used visicalc, Lotus 1-2-3, supercalc & quattro pro. But I still can learn so much from people like Chandoo, and have not yet mastered macros, although I did write some in Lotus 1-2-3, but I was a lot younger then.

  93. Stan says:

    Excel age is 24 years - and I still find so much new stuff on your site! Awesome

  94. Bob says:

    One office machine had Lotus123 in 1993, I was enamored. I've been smoking on Excel since an MBA scenario modeling class opened my eyes in 2008.

  95. Phil Gilliam says:

    I switched over from Lotus 1-2-3 in 1988, so my Excel age is 23

  96. cALi says:

    Unconscious of Excel Power Excel User: 9 years
    Converted to Chandoo's Excel Excellence Cult: 2 years

  97. Robin Schmid says:

    I started to really see the potential of the program in 2003, when integrating Excel into a 2nd grade classroom. Excel isn't just a numbers program, many uses for all age levels, including SWD. Charting and graphing is a staple in an elementary classroom and who does that better than Excel. Now as a trainer my use is in a support role for Higher Education. So, my Excel age is 8 + years!

  98. mikev says:

    Excel age is 4 years.

    First used excel junior year of college when I was treasurer for my fraternity.

  99. Shorusan says:

    Intro to excel in college for finance coursework in 1996. Regularly in 1998 at my finance job. Switched to excel 2007 in 2009 and upgraded to Excel 2010 last October 2010.

  100. Bubble says:

    20 years!

  101. tibtill says:

    Since '97 so... 14 yo... I am quite old... I never made this calculation.

  102. Frank McCraw says:

    18 years, I think:

    Visicalc (1983)
    Lotus 1984
    Symphony 1985-1993
    Quattro / Pro late 80s-mid 90s
    Excel - 1994 or so - Just after Lotus came out with "Improv" the Excel version that had Pivot Tables came out and I jumped into Excel with both feet - the Pivot Tables were a game changer and a game ender for Lotus which was bought out by IBM within a couple of years after that. The corporate spreadsheet market was ceded to Microsoft.

  103. saurabh says:

    I am 5 years old

  104. Ritesh says:

    Dear Chandoo,

    I first used Excel in 2000, during Industrial Training while doing Engg. It makes it 11 yrs.

  105. Woody says:

    since 1987 (thus my excel age is 24) ... before that in reverse order were SuperCalc, QuattroPro, Lotus123

  106. Leah says:

    I have been using Excel since 1997.... 14 years. Before that I was a die-hard Lotus 123 fan starting in (gulp!) 1985 with Lotus release 1! I even tinkered with Supercalc and Appleworks before that. So, with spreadsheets it's been at least 26 years! I attribute my career success to my Excel and spreadsheet skills... but you can never stop learning new things. That's why I love this site! Thanks!

  107. Nicki says:

    Graduated from Quattro Pro in 1998... so wow... 13 years

  108. Haresh L says:

    3 years... Might be the youngest user. Using since 2008 but realised its importance and capabilities once I joined my MBA in 2009. A long way to go.

  109. Sagreen says:

    Since 1993 (18 years - wow!...)
    Started briefly with Quatro Pro, but engineering school had PC lab with Excel for free, so really converted over.

  110. rkagi says:

    10 years

  111. Lu Clark says:

    19 years (wow, now I feel old)

  112. Nei Freitas says:

    I’m using excel since 1996… My excel 15 yrs... 🙂 + 3 years of Lotus 123

  113. Larry B says:

    Started around 1996

  114. Phil says:

    Hey Chandoo. Great question! 😉 I was introduced to Spreadsheets during my 3 Year Education from 91 to 94. At that Time Lotus was King but I have been introduced to Excel shortly After that so I assume that I'm an Excel Teen. But really Started using it intensely since 2000 or so.

  115. Daniel Ferry says:

    Since 1987 on the PC, so 24 years continuously.

    But I tried it on the Mac in 1985 when it first came out, so that would be 26 years.

  116. Rob says:

    It's 15 years for me. If you include all spreadsheets, it's more like 22.

  117. Jes says:

    Very rough guess, but I'm gonna say since 1993, when I used Excel to organize text-based data for my church's ministry program. What is that, 18 years now? Wow.

  118. NWatson says:

    Started using Lotus 1-2-3 and Quatro Pro in 1991, while I was in college. I acutally had classes which used one of those two programs extensively. For one, we had to write a fairly extensive Macro. When I first came to my present job I was using Lotus 1-2-3, and switched to Excel in or around 2000 or so. I've been using some spreadsheet software of some type for 20 years.

  119. Jitendra says:

    I am 6 years old in terms of excel usage.

  120. Navneet Saxena says:

    I learned about it a little in 1999, but actually started using it 2002; so 9 yrs

  121. Dean Bye says:

    Hi Chandoo!

    I've been using Excel for five years

  122. JT says:

    I have vague memories of learning "Excel" in high school in 1993 - we were using Microsoft Works, with its simple spreadsheet and early version of Word. My dad installed Office 95 when it came out, and I started using Excel then to make simple lists of songs on my cassette tapes. So depending on how you count, I'm 17 or 14-ish.

  123. mzsampa says:

    I started using Excel in 1995, so 16 years.

  124. Rick McQueen says:

    8 years for Excel, 20 years for Lotus, 4 years for Viscalc before that~!

  125. Rod Reed says:

    I have been using Excel since it was first released ---? 1985
    Lotus 123 before that since it was first released----???
    Multiplan before that and
    VisiCalc before that.

    I probably should get a life.

  126. john says:

    I have been using Excel since 1993 -- doing large-scale stochastic model and using Excel for results -- almost no longer a wild teenager!!

  127. Roger Fisher says:

    Used Lotus 1-2-3 until 1990, and Excel ever since. I guess that would be about 21 years. Damn!

  128. Josh L says:

    6 years

    My current job is so heavily inundated with Excel that in the first few weeks I was having dreams of Excel spreadsheets almost every night.... rows and columns, rows and columns..... has this ever happened to anyone else??

  129. Haseen I Alam says:

    I used every major version of Excel since the first version on the Mac in 1985. 26+ years. I used Lotus 1-2-3 prior to that... 🙂


  130. RandomSight says:

    i built a payroll template in Excel version 2.05 shortly after Windows came out with it 1987. So that makes it 24 years for me.

  131. Chris Mishler says:

    I started with Lotus 123, before Excel was around, so I started using Excel a couple years after it arrived on the business scene. I'm sorry I don't know exactly when that was, but I would guess at least 12 years.

  132. Mike T says:

    After Visicalc, Supercalc, Lotus 1-2-3 and many other programs which names I don't remember, I started to use Excel around 1987 or so, which means my Excel age is approx 24. Ouch!

  133. PSL says:

    2 1/2 years I suppose. Started using Excel when I started working, which would be in August 2008.

  134. PG says:

    I think 1985 but it might have been 1986. I wanted Excel chiefly to make charts, and it resembledMS Chart for Mac quite a lot. Presumably it came on a 128 K disk on which you had the Mac OS and were supposed to save data.

  135. Victor Andrade says:

    My first application is the making of chart of SPC in Excel in my first job in Quality Area.
    Mi excel knowledge is since Excel 95 started in 1996
    so 14 years

  136. Ryan says:

    Since 2001. Almost 10 years

  137. Shirl says:

    I'm 5 excel years old!

  138. kathym says:

    Been using and supporting Excel since the 97 version!

  139. sheshadri says:

    My excel age is 7 years

  140. Joel U says:

    I started in 1988 on the Mac as a way of helping my brother catalog his baseball card collection. I started using Excel on Windows in 1991. So, I guess it has been 23 years now. I've also been using a lot of other spreadsheet programs during that time, depending on the applications.

  141. Dhaval says:

    I am using MS Excel since my Diploma early experiments, that was I guess since 2000. So its almost 11 years.. 🙂

  142. sheshadri says:

    my excel age is 7 yrs

  143. ElsiePOA says:

    I started usin Excel in 1989 so that's 22 years

  144. Gert Bothma says:

    I switched over from Lotus 1-2-3 in 1999, so my Excel age is 12

  145. Steve says:

    I took an Intermediate Excel 7.0 class on 10/7/1998. I was using it prior to the class but wanted more technical information.
    Based on the date of my certificate, 4510 days. 12.3 years.

  146. Mike says:

    I've been using Excel since 1995, which would make it 16 years. Prior to that, I used Borland's Quattro.

  147. OHDookie says:

    Like Daniel Ferry, tried it on a Mac to help a musician/business owner 'set up his books" back in 1985. Hated it since as a Lotus 1-2-3 user, the cross-over just didn't seem to make sense.

    Then full immersion in 1987 via a PC purchase with Windows software. Have been a "very good user' for a long - in Corporate America, consulting, and personal applications.

    So, gray beard here of 24-26 years. And been a PHD/Chandoo subscriber for about 1 1/2 years.

    Chandoo, his colleagues, and everyone here have shown and taught some superb, creative applications. I greatly appreciated the well-explained techniques and "cool" programs from all of you! Bravo! (Just used one this morning.)

  148. Chris says:

    1998; 13 years

  149. E Clark says:

    I started using Excel at the beginning of 1998, having used Lotus-123 before that, thus. I have been using Excel 13 yrs.

  150. Wilfried says:

    8 years, started with a course in college where we had to decipher formulas from a powerpoint presentation in front of all our classmates as a test!

  151. Was using Supercalc in 1982 and moved to Excel in 1987,so, 24 years or so. and I'm still learning from the likes of young whippersnappers like Chandoo 🙂

  152. Mark says:

    Since 1995...or 16 years...whew!

  153. Unai says:

    I am 12 years oXLd

  154. Ramesh says:

    I have been using excel almost 10 yrs.

  155. Maggie says:

    Since 1987 when it became available for the pc.

  156. Sagreen says:

    I can remember when Windows was REALLY clunky - the improvements wish list is still there, but Windows and Office have become MUCH better - even SQL Server is getting a lot better. Looking back at the earlier days, it's like a time-warp to where we are now. Cloud computing?!? We were lucky to have a 10Base-2 coax cable connected to our PC so we can use a server in the next room. Internet?!?!... Never would have thought...

  157. Rich says:

    1991, 20 yrs

  158. Javier says:

    I've been using it since 1998 when I started my first job. So I've been using it for 13 years.

  159. Fred says:

    Learnt a long time ago back in college. didn't get much chance or heavy or serious use until 1996. On and off counting only years of serious usage would be 15.

  160. Michael says:

    I'm 13 this year.

  161. markn says:

    since 2005. 6 years now. i have never expected my Excel skills to excel so fast over the period. and it has taken my career very far. who needs college when u have excel? lol.

  162. Dhinakaran says:

    i started using the Excel extensively during my first job for control valve sizing calculations in the year 2008. After joining Masters, I am now fond of using this appln for solving all my tech calculations in the assignments and data analysis of my experimental details. When it comes to automating the repeatative jobs, I love using VBA in excel. Recently I explored this (2010) and rewarding more benefits to me...!

    So my excel age is 2 years.

  163. Viswanath says:

    Used Excel moderately since 1996 ~15 years and have been a heavy user for the past 4 years. It is amazing as the more you learn, you realize that there is EVEN more out there! thank you for providing some wonderful insights...Viswanath

  164. Ajaya says:

    I've been using excel since 2006 🙂

  165. juan says:

    I'm 51 years old but a newbie at Excel or any program, I'm starting to use Excel now because I have decided to go back to school in Management and I have to learn the latest business programs out there. This is the way I found out about your web site Chandoo, by a threaded discussion in class and I think it is amazing, in a weeks' time I have learned so much.
    Thanks, Juan Carrasquillo

  166. Donna Nichols says:

    I am 14years old in Excel years.

  167. Trebat says:

    About 20 years now. I used Lotus 1-2-3 before that and VisiCalc before that so I have been exposed to spreadsheets for about 30 years. (Yes--I am older than dirt!)

  168. Dan says:

    I am 16 excel years old... started using excel 4 in 1995
    before that lotus notes from about 1990 and a stint with quattro pro before excel!
    I am nearly 37!

    my excel masterpiece came in 1998 when I designed a bowling league template so I could be the commissioner if needed. I look back at that document still, and realize what a hack I was compared to today!

  169. I started with MS excel in 1989
    but before that was using Lotus 123 from 1987.

  170. Gerald Strever says:

    I have been using Excel since 1990 - 21 Years!

  171. Amol Pandey says:

    Started in Jan 2008
    3 years

  172. Srdjan says:

    It's about 15 years, but thanks to you I have realized that it would be better to start from the beginning 🙂

  173. Maria says:

    Since 1998

  174. Heather Cain says:

    Since it came out - but it was called Lotus 123

  175. Carlos Rodrigues says:

    I've been using Excel since MS Office 4.0, 1994.

    So, it is been 17 years.

  176. Bob R says:

    Since 1990, before that Lotus 123, and before that Visicalc (since 1983).

  177. Arshad Nadamal says:

    I am using it since 1996 i.e. 15 years.
    Initially it was only for tables and few charts.
    But started using more intensively about 4 years back and nowadays use lot of formulae and pivot tables.

  178. Dick says:

    Started in '86 with Framework (Ashton Tate), Symphony, Lotus 1-2-3, and then somewhere in '92 Excel, so I'm still a teenager 19 🙂

  179. Vijit says:

    8 years but very moderate use and that too of very basic functions

  180. KATRINA says:

    10 Years

  181. Beckie White says:

    Since 1994 - 17 years(ish!)

  182. Lee Jackson says:

    I've been using Excel since 1990. So, nearly 21 years.

  183. Basava says:


    I am using excel since 2009

    2 years

  184. Cliff B says:

    I started with Visicalc in about 1983 (on a Kaypro luggable with the OS on a floppy, no HD)- so about 28 years on spreadsheets. One of my first applications was to simulate a valuation model that ran on a Mainframe - I used the Divide and Conquer technique. We were able to run WhatIf questions and challenge the other side in Court. My client won a $3million settlement and I charged $2000 for 2 days work. So it's not what functions you can use, it's what you can do with it in the real world that counts.

  185. Ben says:

    First introduced to Excel 95 during High School in 1995 - 16 years ago

  186. Ravi Kiran says:

    I learnt Excel long time back. But got serious when I started excel for accounting my personal expenses in 2003. I am a steady user from then on.

    My excel age is 8 years.

  187. Daniel Atlan says:

    21 years old

  188. Michael Pierce says:

    I've been using Excel since 1990, I think, about 21 years and I used Lotus about 2 or 3 years before that. Now I feel old...

  189. Simran says:

    Hey Chandoo,
    I started using Excel sometime from1999-2000, so it has been 11-12 years, I started using it to make graphs for my experimental data and results, tabulating them, calculations.

    I am much older in terms of Excel age compared to many others and you too, but in terms of knowledge, I am still in playschool.

  190. Jae says:

    The first time I had ever heard of a spreadsheet was Lotus 123 ... that was back in the early 90's ... so I would have to say that I started using Excel around '94 ... not extensively, but for keeping track of things like how far and how long I had run ... and other exercises ...

  191. Natalia says:

    I am a 12 excel-year-old and turned quite good in it as it is ESSENTIAL for my work. Near awesome but I wish my VBA was good.
    Could you recommend good VBA sites btw?

    Have a wonderful weekend all!

  192. Eric Kaplan says:

    After Lotus from 1983, I guess I started Excek in maybe 1988 so that's 22 years.

  193. je^^2f says:

    Probably started using Excel about 1993 and then more or less every day since about 1995 when I took on job of treasuer for a local society, I retuired from that task 5 years ago but still use Excel for all sorts of projects including art: and I am still learning new tricks - thanks Chandoo.
    Before Excel I had been using Minitab and SPSSX on a university mainframe.
    So my Excel age is about 18.

  194. Randy says:

    22 years...first on a Mac at work, then on Windows when few had it. It came with a runtime version of Windows 286 just to be able to use Excel!

  195. Mark says:

    Actually a bit difficult to remember.

    The first spreadsheet program that I used was Multiplan in 1981. I used Lotus 1-2-3 in the early 1990's. I think I started using Excel around 1995.

  196. Tom O'hare says:

    Now I feel really old! The first time I used used Excel was 1988 on an Apple Mac.
    Macro4 was wonderful, later on I think excel 5 had Macro4 and VBA.

  197. Glen says:

    I gradually migrated from Lotus 123 and QuattroPro from at least 1992. That makes my Excel age about .... a grandfather of 19 (at least)

  198. Beth says:

    I have been using Excel since 1995 but didn't really enjoy it till about three years ago. Now I just love it. So I would be 16.

  199. Sam says:

    Hi Chandoo,

    Been using since year 2004, so its 7+ yrs!
    but doing great now with daily tips from Chandoo's!

  200. Penny says:

    Since 1994 - so 17 years. I took the Microsoft exam 052 Developing Applications with Microsoft® Excel 5.0 Using Visual Basic® for Applications in May 1995.

  201. Jim says:

    Quatro Pro 1991-1994. Excel 1994 to present (16 yrs).

  202. Jeff says:

    I started using spreadsheets @ 8 years ago, but most of my usage has been on OpenOffice and now LibreOffice, with a begrudging use of Excel.

  203. John Halm says:

    I started with 123, then Quattro Pro. All togther around 16 years

  204. Bill says:

    I remember, and used the very first version, not that I can easily remember that far back. As Excel has just had its 25th birthday, I guess that makes me 25.

  205. Jim says:

    1991-1994 QuatroPro
    1994-pressent (17 yrs)

  206. Khurrum Iqbal says:

    I used Lotus 1-2-3 in the early 1990?s. I think I started using Excel around 1997.

  207. Rick Teale says:

    I've been using Microsoft spreadsheet software since Multiplan. I guess my Excel age would only be 24 years, since V2. Also used Lotus 123 and Quotro Pro.

  208. Richard Kinzer says:

    started with an Excel 97 One Step at a Time book. That makes me 14. Funny though. I stayed a a baby for the first several years and then took a growth spurt over the last 6 yrs when I started teaching it. Better now than I've ever been. but I could be better.

  209. Dean says:

    In mid-1988 at university so my excel age, 22 (going on 23), is only one less than Excel's excel age. I used it at university in my hydrology subject during a civil engineering degree to track stormwater through an urban system. Prior to that I had used Lotus 123 and I remember being a bit freaked out by the graphical interface. I went back to using Lotus once I started work (that's what the company had) and came back to Excel some years later. I'm now a maths teacher and use it all the time in my teaching, administration and for data analysis for my school.

  210. Modeste says:

    Hi Chandoo,
    As far i remember, the first time i use a spreadsheet was october 1986 with visicalc.
    then i use Multiplan and Framework with Fred language(Ashon Tate)
    i don't remember EXCEL 3 but i'm sure of EXCEL 4 in 1992
    though it' s 12 years I professonnally use EXCEL

    I'm now retired but i often continue to use EXCEL
    i.e. almost 19 years Excel as my good companion !!!

  211. Maik says:

    15 years, 1996

  212. Matt says:

    I have been using Excel for 8 yrs now

  213. Paul says:

    Hi Chandoo

    I am a teenager 17 years when windows95 launched...... Before that DOS

  214. Larry says:

    I guess I'm around 20 with Excel. Started with visicalc on the old Atari home computer, but moved into Excel sometime before '92. That's when I was too cheap to buy Quicken, so I wrote my own checkbook program with account, categories and budgets in Excel. I learned array formulas during that project and kept at them for at least 5 years before I learned that sumif even existed!

    Great website. I've recommended to several other excel geeks.

  215. Angie says:

    19 years

  216. pavan says:

    since 2004

  217. David B says:

    I first using a "Spreadsheet" on a radio shack TRS 80 in 1978 and then when I got a PC I used Lotus then MS Excel in the late 1980s . Been learning ever since.

  218. Mike C says:

    Started with Visicalc back in 1981 or 1982. Then various versions of 123. Then a thing called SmartWare. Then Excel in 1996. So that would be about 14 years for Excel.

  219. V S VENKATRAMAN says:

    I have been using excel since 1998..

  220. John says:

    17 years. I was working at Atlantic Richfield in Brisbane and we were forced to change from Lotus123 and one of those mainframe spreadsheet programmes might have been Visicalc. I thought at the time who would bother with macros anymore as it does everything that you used to write or record macros for in 123.

  221. Russ says:

    5 Years for me!

  222. Keith says:

    I started way back in 1980 using MS Multiplan, then progressed to Lotus 123 before switching to Excel. Must have been about 1990, about 20 years, far too long for me to remember!

  223. Venkat Narayanan says:

    Right from 1997 when Excel 97 was introduced..... so it means for 14 years.

  224. AlexJ says:

    Since '93 - 18 years

  225. Terry says:

    I being using excel for 25 years, lotus 123 before that, am still learning new tricks in excel all the time.

  226. Brad says:

    I'm about 6 months old. I'm almost 40, and if I could go back in time I would have minored in Excel. All the data in the world isn't worth a damn if you can't organize it, extract useful information from it, and most importantly present it effectively.

    Excel has to be one of the most powerful tools availablel

  227. aynat says:

    ~ 3 years

  228. Pramod says:

    I am using Excel since 2003, so 8 years!

  229. Richard says:

    I am using excel since September 2000 but just this January 2011 I knew that excel can do many possibilities and am thankful with Chandoo for providing tips. It is almost 11 years am using excel.

  230. Danae says:

    Since 1998.

  231. Saurabh says:

    Hi Chandoo,
    My excel age is 12 years.

    Maybe you want to see how many people read your news letters and come back to take part in the survey 🙂

    All the best and keep sharing more information.


  232. Mohammed Jaweed says:

    I am using Excel since 2000, so I am 10 years old

  233. Murugesan says:

    I am using Excel since 1994. Well, I started first with Lotus 123 then moved to Excel. Don't remember when switched over from Lotus123.

  234. Rajdeep says:

    since 2004 = 7 years.

    @ "Yard : Chandoo, why do you choose to extract data from the comments rather than set up a dedicated poll?"

    I am hoping he will come up with some thing for auto scanning of these comments and extracting the values 😀

  235. sandeep says:

    5 years

  236. siddhartha says:

    From oct - 2006
    so it is 4 year 4 month old

  237. Shoueb says:

    I am 7 excel years old.

  238. ashok says:

    8 years

  239. Jdogzilla says:

    Since 1994 ... how cow, thats almost 17yrs now!!! I remember for many years my professors bashing Microsoft and Excel stating that Microsoft did not invent spreadsheets and is hence not an innovative company. However, they forgot the whole marketing angle. In Excel's case, it doesn't matter who invented spreadsheets, its the one who markets and innovates over it and thereby dominates the market that eventually wins. IMHO, Excel is KING!!!

  240. Subbaraman says:

    I started off with Lotus 1-2-3 and have been using Excel since its v3.1 days; do not remember the year. Could it be 1995-96?

  241. Satish Umadi says:

    I am using excel for last 5 years.

  242. Mehul Kapadia says:

    8 years

  243. Manoj says:

    I am using excel since last 15 years

  244. Réal says:

    Excel for about 6 or 7 years.. knew enough yo get around, learning more in-depth for my job! Before that uses Lotus 123 and Quatro Pro both for DOS 🙂

  245. Haji Amanullah says:

    I was using Lotus 123 and then migrated to EXCEL. I think it was EXCEL-3 when I started.
    But so far I have not used its full funtionality.

  246. Andrew Martin says:

    I began using in 1990. Version 1 for Dos.
    Geez I am old!
    21 years and getting better every day.

  247. ghanshyam says:

    i am 6 year old

  248. Nick says:

    I would think 21 years - i started using it at University in 1990.

  249. Drazen says:

    Since 1994 I think...my first use was for a printed list because of cells and borders it has, it was easier to use than Word 🙂 after that I realised formulas and so on...the most useful application MS have ever made.

  250. neeraj shiva says:

    I am 9 years old in using excel.

  251. raghu says:

    i am using exces since 2002 , 8 years

  252. Nataraj says:

    Hello Chandoooooo,

    My excel age is 13....but still i consider my self as amateur...

  253. Anand Kumar says:

    I started using Excel in 2003 for data entry of Market Research forms. So I would be 7 and half years old. Still a toddler... 🙂

  254. Abderrahim says:

    i am using exces since 2001

  255. Arman says:

    I'm using EXCEL for 5 years now!

  256. murti says:

    started using it in 1998 - after seeing the stuff being given out by chandoo, feel that i have a long way to go...

  257. Cary Bush says:

    I have been using Excel since around 1993 when the company moved over from Lotus 123 although poorly

  258. Diederik says:

    Hi Chandoo,

    oct 1993, so over 17 years now and never a dull moment 😉

  259. V says:

    almost 11 years

  260. anupam das says:

    From mid-2004, so its almost 6years....

    Feeling blessed to launch at this gr8 blog of chandoo......

  261. Kryonic says:

    aw crumbs, about 1988 too... had to teach myself - I'm not a good student... but I've learned a lot over the years and really appreciate what you have done to help people - I often refer people to your site.

  262. DavidO says:

    Excel age c15 years after c8 years using Lotus 123. Application: Accounting in Manufacturing Industry. Keep up the good work Chandoo :)!

  263. Ankit Sharma says:

    I've been using excel since 2008...
    So just 2 years Oldie.... 🙂

  264. Radha says:

    Heloo All,
    Here's my answer...
    Ive been using excel since 4 years

  265. teylyn says:

    I've started with Multiplan in the mid 80s, then a bit of Lotus 123, then Excel 2, Excel 3 and Excel 4 from ca. 1989 for a few years. Used to be pretty good at XLM macros. Career shifts omitted Excel for quite a while and I missed the shift to VBA. Then a family/maternity break from all things computer for a few years. Re-discovered Excel as a business tool ca. 2007.

    So, off and on, I've been working with Excel and its predecessors for a quarter of a century. Scary.

  266. Sabeesh says:


    I have been using EXCEL since 2006. so it's 5 years now.

  267. I first used Excel in 2000 when I was 14 yrs old; used it off and on. Only since 2 years I have been using it like hell. 🙂 And since 2 years I am your regular visitor too 🙂

  268. Raj Jobanputra says:

    Hello sir!

    Well I am using Excel since 2005.

  269. Prometheus says:

    Started with SuperCalc (anyone remember that?) in '89, followed by a few years with Lotus 123. First started using Excel around '94, so I suppose I'm 16 - after a very long gestation!

  270. Kalyan says:

    I have been using excel for 2 years now

  271. sam says:

    Since 1995...with Excel 95. So that 16 years...

  272. macthom says:

    Since 1993... 18 years. I guess I'm legal!

  273. Ankur says:

    5 years.......

  274. Manikandan says:

    I have been using excel for about 6 yrs now

  275. Mick says:

    11 years

  276. Richard says:

    25 years. Moved on from Multiplan on the Mac to Excel on the Mac Plus. Most business people were using Lotus 123 and WordPerfect on PCs and wondered why Macs used Excel, Word and a mouse with a GUI interface, small floppies and a hard drive!

  277. ChrisL says:

    I've been an occasional user since about 1994, but I reckon I've learned more in the last year than in the previous 16. Thanks Chandoo!

  278. sabrina says:

    My Excel age is 4 Years

  279. John says:

    21 years. Used it during Uni days till now.

  280. Jose Lourenco says:


    I have been using Excel since the mid 90's. Before Exel, I used Lotus 123 (since 1985), Quatro and Quatro Pro (early 90's).
    Keep up your GREAT WORK!"
    Jose Lourenco (Portugal)

  281. Pillai says:

    My Excel age is 23 yrs. A bit of Lotus 123 too. Then off and on with Excel. Do read alot from excel tips web pages and practice on samples and example provided including macros.

  282. Suju says:

    About 5 yrs now

  283. karthik says:

    I've been using Excel since 2006.
    Keep up your Fabulous Work, XLDude !!

  284. Guru says:

    2 years old

  285. Stalin says:

    Hi Dr.
    I'm Using excel since 1995 son my Excel age is 16 years old..!!
    from 1 to 10 my skill in Excel its 5...

  286. DAI says:

    > 20 yrs

  287. Indrajit says:

    I played around with Lotus 123 and then Excel but actually started using it at work since 1998, so I guess my Excel age would be 12 years.

  288. dan l says:

    5 years.

  289. Anup Agarwal says:

    4.5 years

  290. Deepak Krishnan says:

    5 years mostly on the financial functions but the last few months thanks to Chandoo moving up the ladder 🙂

  291. Rino Lattanzio says:

    I have been using Excel since 1998. 13 years. Before that I was exposed to spreadsheets with Lotus 123, and the granddaddy of them all VisiCalc.

  292. Push says:

    I am of your Excel Age..8 years old !!

  293. Lynda says:

    Since I started my current job 14 years ago, although the first 2 years it was very little and the 5 years after that were spent just entering data into spreadsheets, at a rate that left very little time or energy for learning anything else... (If only I knew then what I know now!)

  294. nagabhushanam says:

    since 1999. I am 13 excel yrs old

  295. DPD says:

    First started with Quatro Pro in 94. Very basic uses during college and teaching. Started using Excel as an analyst in 2004, and live in it now. So, I guess I'm 7 Excel years old, and 17 spreadsheet years old.

  296. Daron Lowell says:

    13 years, since Office 97. Wow!

  297. Les says:

    Been 13+ year, now... as many others, went from Lotus (I do miss the simple macros that were available...:-)
    "USED" to think I was a "7.5-8" in Excel...before I started following your blog-site... now, know I'm only a 4-5'er...:-) but LOVE your site and your easy manner... will be taking your School as soon as money is available...

  298. Chuck Miller says:

    Been using Excel since 1990 (21 yrs). Started using macros in 1995 first at work then at home to take care of all our finances (including check balancing, income tax, and retirement investments). As much as I know, am in awe of you MVPs.

  299. Sunoj says:

    4 excel years young

  300. Patty says:

    17 years. Used Lotus and Visicalc before that. Remember using WYSIWYG to view formatting before printing. Experimenting with Business Objects-WebI but too many limitations to give up Excel graphing.

  301. Donnie says:

    Since around 1996... actually I started with Lotus 123( old school right?)... so that would make me 15 excel years old.

  302. Charles Urban says:

    I remember multiplan, supercalc and visicalc in 1982. Then Lotus 123 and SMART. If I remember correctly, I went to Excel in 1998 when I started using my first Windows based computer. So, almost 23 years.

  303. Saurabh says:

    9 years

  304. Heike says:

    Have been using Excel since 2000, so 10 years and a bit.

  305. Richard L says:

    Multiplan way back when (1980ish?).
    Then briefly with Visicalc.
    Then the breakthrough with Supercalc on an Osborne 1! Very challenging to see very many columns/rows on that 6" (or was it 4"?) garish green screen. (1980?)
    Migrated with Supercalc from CPM to CPM86 to DOS to Windows.
    Avoided Lotus 123, but finally succumbed to the extraordinary formatting capabilities of Excel in around 1990.
    So, long way around to 21 excel years (but 31 spreadsheet years)

  306. exceladdict says:

    hi,,, i had 10 years of excel work experience.I had been fiddling around with it more from excel 2000...

  307. C Lomax says:

    ~18 - 19 years, from Excel 4. Looking back have learned and endured a lot and realize there is a lot more to learn.

  308. Kamlesh Gandhi says:

    As I remember, I have been using it since 1995 or 1997, when it was first introduced.
    Before that I was using Lotus, but I have never looked back ever since.

  309. Mark says:

    I moved from a highly customized Apple //e to a DOS machine in 1993. I had limited experience with spreadsheets and had to learn Excel when I changed jobs where our production scheduling was tracked and predicted in Excel.

    Once I became familiar with it, I started to play around with vba and struggled at first, but after finding John Walkenbach's wonderful book 'Power Programming with VBA' I was off and running. What was once four simple old style macros turned in to an entire application and over 4,000 lines of code used to run virtually every aspect of our business from Excel.

    I find many interesting and useful ideas and tips here at chandoo.org. Thanks for the great work.

  310. Lou says:

    Since 2000.

    Prior to that, Lotus 123.

  311. Sully says:

    Been using Excel for over 10 years.

    However, I have only been awesome for the last two years 🙂

    Thanks Chandoo!

  312. ben says:

    1995 in college. I remember when Office 97 came out, they expanded the amount of menu bars so much that there was hardly any screen real-estate left over for the excel grid!! Towards the end of my engineering college education in 2000, i'd become a power user with graphing and some macros. Excel 2000 was my favorite upgrade because they really cleaned up and fixed many things. 2007 brought another set of needed fixes and updates!
    My knowledge expanded in my engineering and then financial careers to this day. ...and yet i've never been able to find effective uses for pivot tables that index-match combos can't do better.

  313. Istiyak says:

    hi Chandoo ,,,

    Closely 3 years old

    but very intrested since 1 years...
    many regards

  314. Oscar says:

    16 years. Never got interested in advanced formulas until friends created an excel sheet connected to Solidworks. That inspired me to create an excel blog.

  315. Nathan says:

    Since 1996, just about 15 years so far. Became really well-versed with functions other than SUM only by 1999.

  316. Neil says:

    Using Excel since 1998 - the first time I'd learned to switch on the computer as well 🙂 13 years young this year!

  317. Bengt says:

    Using Excel superficially since 1995, but using it for almost everything since 2006. So I wold say I am 5 years old.

  318. sriganesh says:

    using Excel from mid 1999, used Lotus-123 before that.

  319. Debashis Sinha says:

    7 Years

  320. Rimas says:

    I'm using Excel since 1994 - so it's 17 years now

  321. Steven says:

    Lotus 123 from 1996 = I am 14 years old

  322. Vinod Narayanan says:

    My Excel is 7 years

  323. Havel says:

    Using it since 2005... I guess that should be 6 years completed and running on 7.

  324. Amit says:

    I am using Excel since 2006.

  325. Penny says:

    My excel age is 5 years

  326. JONeYe says:

    I have been using excel for about 10 years now, both on mac and windows. Im a true mac fan but windows beats the mac hands down as the active X controls open up deeper functions.

  327. Christian says:

    My Excel Life

    Todays' Date Commencement
    14/02/2011 minus 1/07/2002 equals 3150 Days
    or 8.62 Years

  328. Ramesh Madamshetty says:

    I started with Lotus123, after LotusSmartSuit, after MsOffice93, after MsOffice97, after MsOffice2000, after Msoffice2003, after MsOffice2007 and now using MsOffice2010. And also using StarOffice8. I am working in a Public Sector General Insurance Company. I am feeling proud because in my office I am the one amongst excel familiars, even though I know little than others (Other than my office). I started using excel (either Lotus 123 nor MsOffice..) from 1993 onwards. So my age in excel is 18 years.

  329. Andrew Pearce says:

    Started in January 2005, so 6 years.

  330. Terry says:

    1996 - 15 years

  331. Pravin says:

    My Excel age is 4months

  332. Shreeram Giri says:

    Since 2006...

  333. 13 years old. Started using Excel seriously way back in 1998. Before that I used to use Lotus 1-2-3 for spreadsheets. All I can say is that it has been an AMAZING journey till now!!

  334. Roji Philip says:

    I've been using Excel since 1999. So my excel age is 12. Have used Lotus123 before that.

  335. Deepak Kumar says:

    I’ve been using Excel since 2000 – 11 years.

  336. Furqan says:

    I met excel for the first time in 1989 when I graduated from Lotus123.

  337. Arun says:

    Hmmmm... I fell in love with excel in December, 2006... so I am 4 years 3 months old.

  338. Rohit1409 says:

    For me 2001, A Decade Old Now 🙂

    Cheers !!!

  339. Vinod says:

    4 yrs, 2006

  340. Iniyan says:

    8 years.....holy cow!!.. but i still remain as a beginner...pathetic ..:(

  341. Fiona says:

    lets see; started with Lotus 1992, then Quattro Pro then Excel - so that makes me 19 years old 🙂

  342. Vijay Sharma says:


    Since 1996...15 Years


  343. m.y.babu says:

    My excel experiance only 6 months.so guide me.

  344. Heera Chavan says:

    I started using excel in 2003.
    First I was not ready work for MIS dept from accounts because I was not sure about the MIS profile. For me excel is game and i like to play with it.....

  345. Cristian says:

    I am using Excel since March - April 1999. So, almost 12 years now.

  346. Jason says:

    Ever since I first went to university, way back in 1988, so 23 years for me.

  347. Paul Farey says:

    I think it was 1992 for me - that makes me 19 in Excel years (or 133 in dog years!). Prior to that I used Lotus and Supercalc (1985).

  348. Nagendra Kumar says:

    My excel age is 16 years. Prior to this, i was working on Lotus 123 spreadsheets monitoring the purchase and selling od shares.
    I have learnt many excel functions from your site which is very useful to my function of working and i believe that there is no limit for learning.
    Must appreciate the way you explain the functions with examples. Too good !!!!!!!!!

  349. CP Jain says:

    Since May 2005 so my excel age is 6.5 years

  350. Vijesh Paul says:

    Am to Excel for last 2 years. so am just 2 yr old !!

  351. VaraK says:

    5 years

  352. Mike says:

    By using Lotus 1-2-3 prior, I'm a heavier user of Excel 2003 since 2002, means 9 years.

  353. Emma says:

    16 years old!

  354. Wilko says:

    1993, and jumped right into VBA as well (the macro language predecessor that is)

  355. Raman R says:

    I started using Excel in 2001 but did not have much opportunity to work on formula and other ineteresting features. May be that I had a few subordinates who worked well on excel and hence did not evince much interes in learning the features. After my joining excel school, my skillsets have improved substantially and I contiune to learn through this forum and reading books on excel. Thanks a lot Chandoo for improving my skills.


    R. Raman

  356. Rikken Wil says:

    Dear Chandoo,

    First: Thanks for all the Excellent tips and hints.

    I started with early Lotus later on office 97, 2000, 2007, 2010

    So I almost can't remember when I started using Excell.

    Let's say: 18 years.

  357. Sherif Nassef says:

    I am 16 yrs old!

  358. Sai Han says:

    I start using Excel since 1999. So I am 12 years old.

  359. Nachete says:

    Started with EXCEL in 1995, with a MAC - that was the platform my government was using at the time and I was a trainee then. That makes me sweet sixteen.

    Prior to that, my first exposure to spreadsheets was to ABILITY, a package of software that was sold in a bundle with AMSTRAD computers. That must have been 1988 or so. Funny thing, that AMSTRAD is still in my teenage room, next to the porn mags, the high school books and the ROTRING pens, all pretty much useless by now...

  360. amit lunia says:

    used lotus1-2-3 till 1990 and then used or underused excel thereafter , so basically 22 yrs of excel age physically , rebirth since feb 2011 after joining excel school.

    keep up the good work, friend......!

  361. Shivani says:

    The first time I used excel was in 2006 for my MBA. But 100% dedication started not before 2009 when I actually started using it professionally. So I can say I am 2 years old in excel 🙂

  362. TheQ47 says:

    I've been using Excel since 1994, which makes me around 17 years old in Excel terms. Quite an awkward age, if I remember correctly.

  363. Adilson Puro says:

    I've been using Excel since 1995 so I'm 16 years old, hehehe. I'm really proud of that and I want to keep using it for years.

  364. Diane says:

    I'm a baby... not quite a year. I still have a lot to learn so I can stop crawling and work up to a run.

  365. greg says:

    Visicalc in 1984 (64k memory, 2 MB hard drive, 5,000 dollar machine)
    Lotus 123 in 1986 (128k memory, 10 MB hard drive 3,000 dollar machine)
    Excel (hated leaving Lotus due to the keyboard macros which were extremely useful) partially in 1989 then fully into Excel after replacing 123 automated worksheets in 1992.

  366. Karthik says:

    From 2003 (8 yrs)

  367. M.S.Reddy says:

    I am six years old. Even though my job does not require Excel, I learn it and helped my colleagues in preparing the pay bills. Now I am not in that section, still I use Excel so not to forget whatever knowledge acquired in Excel.

  368. Cyril Z. says:

    Well, I've started with Lotus 1-2-3 around 1987 (with DR-DOS - don't you remember this one). Switched to Excel 3 with Windows 3.1 around 1990, so I'm 21 years old.

  369. Angela says:

    I've been using excel for 13 years.

  370. andy littmann says:

    I've used excel since college but really only hardcore for the last 10 yrs. 15 yrs total. (although i do remember using it in Windows 3.1 (so that would have been about 17 or 18 yrs ago when i was just entering high school).

  371. Ed says:

    14 years of EXCEL
    10 years of 1-2-3

  372. Data Detective says:

    serious user for the last 10 years, having grown substantially this last year with help from Chandoo and others. Basic user for 5+ years prior to that. Prior to that, basic Lotus user.

  373. Trou P says:

    started using MS Excel in 1995. However, never using it to it's potential.

  374. Craig says:

    10 years.

  375. Jay says:

    13 years (Excel 97)

  376. John, King of Data says:

    I "used" Excel to make nicely formatted tables as far back as 1996 (even then, I liked it better than Word without even knowing what Excel was REALLY for...). My actual use of Excel to do math and charts started in 1999, so I'll claim an Excel age =INT((TODAY()-DATEVALUE("01-01-1999"))/365), or 12 years.

  377. Ken says:

    25 years at least.

  378. John says:

    'if(birthday_years > Chandoo,old_timer,still_learning) ... Looks like I'm still learning.

  379. Kenneth says:

    Since 2001

  380. Oatmeal says:

    25.47123288 years (since 1985) and I used Multiplan before that!
    I must be very old or started very young!

  381. Jon Dinges says:

    Just 2 years and still heavily dependent on training wheels !!!

  382. zahari says:

    I'm 7 years old.

  383. Effie says:

    Excel adventure started in 2005.

  384. Mangesh Gavhale says:

    I started with excel in 2007, so almost 4 tears old now 🙂

  385. Saravanan says:

    I am using for 2 years

  386. Rim Al Hindi says:

    As I am only 23 year old, about 3 years but more intensively now.

  387. Steve says:

    Excel since 1992

    Lotus 123 1988~1992

    Logistix 1986

    Multiplan 1985/86

  388. jenny says:

    round about 17 years

  389. DEMON says:

    Excel usage?? hmmm 5yrs
    infant stage: 2yrs 2006 to 2008
    Pro stage: 3yrs 2008-2011

  390. Jamie says:

    Since mid '90s so 15. But only as a pro for the last 5 or 6.

  391. Dave says:

    oh 14 years old:( one of my first jobs was converting Lotus123 files into .xls

  392. Malvinder Virdi says:

    Nearly.. 5 ...... it was in my first job... i did know sinces 10 years.. but never used it at extremes as i do now...

  393. Rajeshwari says:

    Using since 1998, my first job. so, 13 years

  394. Ghazanfar J says:

    5 years old, long way to go..

  395. Bipin Banavalikar says:

    last 4 years ....

  396. Elisabeth says:

    I have 19 years with Excel

  397. PhilUK says:

    1996, so that's about 15 years

  398. Suresh says:

    Been using since 2007

  399. Juan says:

    After a litte experience in Visicalc Im start using Lotus 1-2-3 in 1986 and Quatro Pro in 1990, Excel in 1993 = 17 years

  400. Praveen says:

    I am using MS Excel since 2008

  401. deepak gupta says:

    I am using excel since 1999

  402. Vishwanath Kumar .S says:

    Hi Chandoo,

    I learnt excel (In training Institute) in 2000. But started enjoying Excel from 2008. Because, learning and working on same stuff is completely different. So I would say my excel age is 2.5 years.

  403. Ran Barton says:

    I started with Microsoft Multiplan in 1987 or 1988, so 23 or 24 years. Yikes!

  404. Manju R says:

    My excel age is 10 years.

  405. Chris P. says:

    Since 1990 when forced to by my job to move from Lotus 1-2-3.

  406. Yot says:

    I started using Excel in 1997 during my final years in college. I only knew about charting then. Since our college professors no longer accept manual graphs for our lab work results, I was forced to learn doing graphs in Excel. It was only in 1999 when I really started making use of Excel formulas. It was amazing when I first learned how to write a formula (simple arithmetic actually), that I became obsessed with Excel. OR, AND, MOD, IFs and nested IFs were the first functions I learned.
    So, perhaps my Excel age really started in 1999. That's 12 years.

  407. Rajesh says:

    I have started using in 2006, so it is nearly a 4 years now.

  408. godzilla says:

    In a very basic form for around 12 years using it for work 2 years

  409. Manish Sheth says:

    Hi Chandu,

    My Excel age is 14 years

    Thanks & regards,


  410. Arti K says:

    First started learning Excel when I was in high school (1 year), then in earnest after I started college here, so, 11 years total.

  411. Arti K says:

    Oops.. Then I started *using* Excel in earnest in college, and I now use it all the time for work. Still 11 years total. Got ahead of myself there...

  412. Swapnil P says:

    I am using excel since 2002.... excel age - 9yrs

  413. S.Prasad says:


    Just tell me since how many years you are using Excel?
    I feel If some one wants to answer in specific total usage years "#" should have been the answer, however if some one mentions "YYYY" then Chandoo will have to do formula based circus to get the answer for above question...i am sure Chandoo is going to put the survey data in an excel so as to know avg Excel Age of his audience..It is pleasure to work on reports when data is consistent 🙂

  414. tag says:

    I started using Excel in autumn 2006 - so I just celebrated my 4.5 Birthday!

  415. Jack Neefus says:

    I learned Excel in 1985 for my first job at what was then Bell Atlantic. Excel used to be so much simpler and more basic than what it has become today.

    A couple of years ago, I started looking at Chandoo, MrExcel, Excelisfun, and similar sources, and was absolutely astounded y what people are getting out of the package today. It is not only the increased functionality in the program, but the creativity people are using to get things that would normally be unthinkable.

  416. Oral says:

    I have been using Excel from 1998 but never at the level that i have been exposed to on Chandoo.org

  417. Sridhar says:


  418. Dalmiro Lagos says:

    I've been using Excel since 2008, so I'm 4 =)!

  419. Prem says:

    My first spreadsheet was Symphony in 1986. I switch to Excel in 1993 and cannot live without it. So Excel will stay with me for a lifetime

  420. Philippe says:

    My very first contact with Excel was when I was hired by Apple - as a student - to demonstrate the new Macintosh II and SE on a Belgian university campus, in November 1987 (if I remember well...). So my Excel age is between 23 and 24 years. Before Excel I was using Visicalc on a Tandy (Radio Shack) TRS-80 Model I. This probably makes me a dinosaur...

  421. Bothwell says:

    3 mos. What that really means is that I look at it in exasperation more than I use it.

  422. Gaurav Dubey says:

    I have been using excel from last 2 yrs...

  423. Girish says:

    I am using from 2008, so my Excel age is 4 years

  424. Beto says:

    For me 15 years!

  425. Ste_elliott says:

    I've been abused by excel since 1995, but I was using supercalc before then. now getting into google docs

  426. Tom Newman says:

    First remember starting to use it heavily in 1996 in Grad School - 15 years.

  427. [...] Last week, Our of curiosity and fun I asked you “how long have you been using Excel?“. [...]

  428. Ganesh Khedkar says:

    Since 2007
    Excel age - 4 years....!!!!

  429. Ravi says:

    I am using excel since last 4 years onwards. Am a regular visitor of your blog.

    I learned a lot from here. Thank you chandoo.org.

    - Ravi

  430. vinay says:

    using excel since 1995
    started with feeding my inventory of jewellery items 1st time in my city hyderabad.

  431. Branden says:

    Since 1994. Guess that makes me 17 years old.

  432. Noel says:

    First came across Excel in version 2.0 when I was working at the Vickers Shipyard in Barrow-in-Furness. One of our personnel had been visiting Electic Boat in the States and had brought back a hooky copy to show every one. It run under MSDOS and had to come with an early run time version of windows to provide the GUI that previously was provided by the Mac OS under version 1. That would have been approx 1989 although I disctinctly remember being told that it was a beta version we were shown (could be wrong as it's along time ago)

    Came across it again in 1992 when I was asked to produce a report comparing Excel version 4 versus my then company current spreadsheet 123 v3. Result was that it was getting very good but our company PCs would need to be upgraded to cope with the extra load imposed by the graphics. Generallly 123 v3 calculated faster and because it was familar to our employees it was the better product at that time. I also commented that the Excel implementation of multisheet spreads via workbooks was a good idea in principle but the mechanism used was horrifically bad in that it treated each sheet as a seperate file and the entire file path was shown in the formulae meaning you hit the 256 character limit VERY VERY fast.

    I finally started using Excel full time with version 5.0 sometime after it's release in 1993. That was the first time that Excel handled multisheet spreads correctly but to be honest I still miss the version 4 binder sheet. PCs commonly available in the UK had finally cuaght up with those available in the US and the disadvantages of teh Excel GUI were greatly reduced. When version 4 of 123 finally did come out in June of that year it was seen as a tragic parody of Excel's UI and it sank without trace shortly after.

    So to sum up - full time user for close on 18 years but aware of excel for 22 years.

    BTW, I've been using spreadsheets since I was 14/15 when I used to have a program called MicroOffice for the ZX81 which included a little spreadsheet program. And that was released in around 1981/2 ish just a few years after Visicalc was released. Which means I've been using spreasheets in one form or another for close to 30 years.

  433. JoeC says:

    Since 1996. 15 years.

  434. gaurav says:

    well using since 1997 , but for very very simple things . for financial modelling just today ! i have just seen the tutorial that is there this wonderful site . thanks .

  435. Haji Amanullah says:

    I started using worksheet from Lotus then migrated to Excel when it is started.

  436. Haji Amanullah says:

    I am using Excel since 1990


  438. Jeanie says:

    I have used Excel since at least 1992, so it would be 19 years. I have been using spreadsheets since 1985, which was 26 years ago. I started with Lotus 1-2-3 in college. I was a member of the Quattro Pro Technical Support Help Desk from 1993 to 1994. We supported both the DOS and Windows version.

  439. Jonathan says:

    About a month old and extremley baffled haha

  440. Rich Hoeg says:

    Hard to believe, but the answer for me is 24 years. We installed Microsoft Excel at work because of its runtime windows version. We really preferred the visual environment, and wanted to get off Lotus 1-2-3 and the backslash command. Thus, I was using Excel before we even had Windows 3.1

  441. Greg says:

    First used Excel in early 90's. Did not like it then as I was using FrameworkIV. Used Calc123 prior to that

  442. sherifzn says:

    I'm using Excel since 1993. almost 19 years!

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