Excel links of the week : ‘what can excite you most’ [Aug 4]

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Passion, excitement, inspiration or love – whatever you choose to call it, is the key reason we do remarkable things. Take a minute break here, think about the most significant moments in your life.

What is common in all of those moments?

I am sure your answer will be Passion or excitement, love, inspiration.

I want to talk about the latest Batman movie – The Dark Knight, the movie has a production budget of $185 mn [boxofficemojo], but excited millions of people all over the world. There are 130,000 people rating the movie at 10 on 10 (excellent) out of the 194k people who voted at IMDb. The movie grossed $ 390 Mn in the first 3 weeks. Compare this how many companies, institutions, businesses spend millions of dollars without exciting single individual.

Have you excited anyone today? or got excited?

Some of the awesome excel links from the web:

Creating time value of money tables in excel, if you work involves financial calculations like leasing, cash flow analysis then this article on tvm calcs blog can be helpful.

Filter by color, font or active cell’s value in excel 2007 Ron tweaks Excel 2007’s cell based filtering options using VBA to come up with more ways to filter.

Use charts to validate your data tables, Jorge suggests a simple technique to quickly validate data tables, especially if you have lots of data in them. Just fire up a line chart with the data and see if you can find any anomalies, go back and correct your tables if needed. This is very useful if you constantly import data from other sources and work with it.

More on adding target lines your bar charts, Jon at PTS blog provides more alternatives for adding target lines to bar charts to show target vs. actual performance. This can be useful if you build dash boards and need to show more details.

Do you have any excel tips / links, share them with our readers, drop a comment.

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