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There are 20 Easter Eggs in this Workbook



Welcome to annual Excel Easter Egg hunt at Chandoo.org. This year I have a feast for you. I hid 20 Easter Eggs in this workbook. Download it and go hunting.

What is this Easter Egg hunt?

It all began in 2009 (or may be 2010, it was so long ago okay?). I was working in Copenhagen, Denmark where Easter is a big thing. I wanted to share some of that festivity on my blog, so I posted my first ever Easter Egg hunt on Chandoo.org. Ever since, every year, we have an egg hunt. These are typically spreadsheet puzzles (or Power BI one like last year) that take some wits to solve.

This year’s puzzles

I made a spreadsheet (what else?) with 20 eggs hidden, one each in a tab. Your mission is to find them all. Once you locate them, come back and post your answers (or cryptic clues) in the comments section. Happy hunting.

Rules for the hunt

It is a fun exercise. So the rules are pretty lax.

  • You must find a way to see the word Egg spelled or an image of Egg shown on screen for each worksheet.
  • Usually cell A1 in the sheet contains a clue on what to do.
  • Some eggs require fixing a formula.
  • This workbook has been tested on Excel 365, Windows 10. I am sure it will work in most modern versions of Excel (2010 or above).
  • Questions or doubts? Post a comment.

Want more Easter Egg hunts?

Oh, looks like somebody has a taste for the hen fruits. Why not find the eggs from previous editions? Here you go.

2019, 201820172016201520142013201220112010 & 2009


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29 Responses to “There are 20 Easter Eggs in this Workbook”

  1. Ajay Anand says:

    Hi Chandoo, Great Work!

    I think I could resolve up to 18.
    Sheet no.4 and Sheet no. 18 still remain as puzzle for me.


    Wish you Happy Easter!

    • XLarium says:

      Hi Ajay

      Clue for #4
      UNICHAR() requires a number.

      Clue for #18
      Remove the user defined number format.

      I'm not sure about #17. I can already see "EGG". Or should we remove the $ and the 17?
      Everything else is solved.

      #14 took the longest time for me to figure out.
      #16 was already visible. I had to change nothing.
      #19 was also more or less visible. It just needed some finetuning.

      • Ajay Anand says:

        Thank you for the clues 🙂
        Let me try with that.
        Regarding #17, is it OK to add a new formula or apply custom formatting? I haven't tried any of these, but was thinking of the many options to get rid of 17.

  2. Peter says:

    I miss the sheet 13, so I have only 19. ... only if it were on a sheet of entry.

  3. Nagesh says:

    Add , 4 to the end for #17

  4. Nagesh says:

    Hi Chandoo,

    I have found all the 20 eggs:)

  5. Vikrant Vijay says:

    Hi Chandoo,

    The puzzle is awesome and I really enjoyed and learned some new tricks. Must have taken a long time to make those 20 puzzles. I was able to solve 14 of 20 puzzles. I could not solve sheets 2,4,5,9,14 and 18. Here are the solutions for those 14 sheets:
    Sheet 1 - Type 1 in cell A1. "EGG" will appear in orange color
    Sheet 3 - Zoom out to 30%. "EGG" is visible in Grid format
    Sheet 6 - Egg is written in cell EGG6 (column-EGG and row-6)
    Sheet 7 - Egg is written in cell E9
    Sheet 8 - Unhide the sheet and a text box of "Egg" in brown color is pasted in rangeF11:I16
    Sheet 10 - Zoom out to 30%. "egg" is visible in Grid format
    Sheet 11 - Delete the image of graph within the graph to see the image of egg
    Sheet 12 - Change the radix value to 36 and "EGG" text will appear
    Sheet 13 - This sheet is very hidden. A text box of "Egg" in brown color is pasted in range B4:C6
    Sheet 15 - Unhide the "EGG" column to see letters e g g in row 1-3
    Sheet 16 - The "EGG" is visible in green between range D23:U37
    Sheet 17 - Used "SUBSTITUTE(ADDRESS(17,3569,4),17,"")" formula to get "EGG"
    Sheet 19 - Reduced the gap width of the bars to 0% from 500% in the graph
    Sheet 20 - Sort by ID column in ascending order

  6. juanito says:

    That was great fun - thanks Chandoo!

  7. JasonW says:

    Thanks for the awesome challenge Chandoo! Was a lot of fun!

    I got them all in the end although I completely missed the fact that two of the sheets were hidden until I read these comments!

    Number 14 took me the longest to figure out.

  8. TimH says:

    This was a good workout, still stumped on #5 and #18 though!

    Thanks Chandoo 🙂

  9. Konrad Schäfers says:

    Really fun exercise! Thanks Chandoo!

  10. jomili says:

    Got most, still stumped on 4, 5, 14 and 19, even after Xlarium's clues.

  11. jomili says:

    I misspoke, 18, not 19. I figured out number 4, so now am stumped by 5,14, and 18.

  12. XLarium says:

    #5: Take a look at the selection pane.
    #14: Count the frequency of each cell in the matrix. But there are probably more ways.
    #18: Ax mentioned above: Remove the user defined number format.

  13. jomili says:

    Great tip for 5! That did the trick.

    For 14, I changed from Wingdings to Ariel. Easy to spot then.

    For 18, if I remove the custom formatting on columns B and C, changing it to General, or Number (8 digits or 2 digits) there's no change to the chart. So I'm confused on how "Remove the user defined format" is supposed to work.

    • XLarium says:

      That ist the first step to discover what is hidden. The next step is to change the chart.
      Think about. Why was there a custom number format in the first place? And did you noticed a change in the values?

      • jomili says:

        I appreciate the handholding, but apparently I'm too obtuse for this one. I DO see that changing the formatting allows me to see that B17 and C17 are negative. Changing them to positive creates no fundamental change, and going through every chart type I get no joy. Or, leaving them negative, using the same chart type, but resetting the Axis minor DOES make a difference, but I still see no Egg.

  14. XLarium says:

    You do see negative values in the cells but no negative values on chart axis.
    Reset the bounds for x- AND y-axis to "Auto".

    Et voila!
    A non-broken egg.

    • jomili says:

      I'd like to celebrate your "Voila!" but no joy in Eggville today. Resetting the bounds for both axes to Auto results in a definite change in the chart; I now have a circle shape in the lower left corner. But the whole chart is far from a non-broken egg. I'd attach a picture if I could, but it's basically the original chart with the addition of a value in the lower left corner.

      • XLarium says:

        The circle shaped object is an egg shaped object like the others - but not broken. Hence the clue in the chart title.

        • jomili says:

          I'm not seeing a visual difference between the egg shaped object in the lower left and the egg shaped objects in the upper right quadrant. If this truly IS the egg, it's the most unapparent egg I've found in the workbook.
          But thank you very much for guiding me through this one.

          • jomili says:

            UPDATE: I redownloaded the WB, and in the new one, changing the two axes DOES result in a visually different egg. Don't know where I went wrong on the old one, but now I see. Thanks! Fun puzzle.

  15. Konstantinos says:

    Thank you Chandoo the puzzle is great!
    I'm happy it's the first time that I found all the eggs (with only 1 hint, #18). Happy Easter!

  16. Prithvi Singh says:

    I want to ask you that will you provide certificate after the completion of courses or knowledge.

  17. Shashank Sinha says:

    I cannot find 13th egg. There is no "13" sheet.

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