2009 Calendar Template in Excel – Now with week starting on Monday


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Stružák, one of the commenters on the 2009 Excel Calendar Template post asked me if I can rearrange the cells in the calendar so that the week could start on Monday. Since I didn’t have access to internet for a while, I have asked him to make the necessary changes and mail it to me if he can.

Being an amazing person he is, Stružák edited the excel file and mailed me back a rearranged version of the calendar with week starting on Monday and ending on Sunday.

Feel free to download this version of the 2009 (and beyond) excel calendar template if you prefer Monday as your first day of week.

Once again, thanks to Stružák

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12 Responses to “2009 Calendar Template in Excel – Now with week starting on Monday”

  1. azmat says:

    Hi chandoo....hope ur enjoying lazy afternoon............. i was just checking out the following link on your blog "Complete Archive of all Excel Tips " given under recommended links column. however the articles listed under it do not have supporting images.......plz advise...

  2. Chandoo says:

    @Azmat: The page you are seeing only lists links to all the articles. You need to click through to the article you like to see and the images will be there.

  3. Axel says:

    Hi, the "beginning Monday calendar" cuts the last days of March, August and November of 2009. The "beginning Sunday Calendar" also does it with May and August 2009. In both cases the small pictures are right.

  4. Chandoo says:

    @Axel: Thank you so much for pointing out these errors. I have missed 3 formulas in the 6 row for each month. I have replaced the downloads with new versions. Please download the latest version and it wont have any problems.

    Let me know if this persists.

  5. Dutch says:

    Hi, loved the template, just what I needed. I did add a minor function by appending the year to the month header of each monthly page, i.e. ="January " & Outline!D3 (for Monday start version, probably similar for Sunday start version)

    It correctly updates for the year entered by the user.

    Thanks again :o)

  6. Dutch says:

    Heh, looked at the Sunday start version & it displays the year after the month... must have accidentally lost that function in the Monday start version conversion. Happy New Year :o)

  7. Chandoo says:

    @Dutch: Yeah, the initial version had the year, When Struzak converted it, he made few tweaks.

    Happy new year to you too .. 🙂

  8. craig says:

    Hi chandoo,
    Nice 2009 calander.
    How do you add information to the dates on the calander?
    thanks Craig

  9. craig says:

    Hi chandoo,
    Nice 2009 calander... How do i add information to the dates?

    • Chandoo says:

      You mean like adding holiday information etc. ?
      Each date in the calendar also has 4 (or 5) cells for you to enter some information. But the only problem is when you change the year, that date will be moved to another location. You can automate this through a separate holidays sheet and use lookups to fetch the holiday names for each of the dates. But it is quite a job and I didnt venture in to it (moreover not all holidays happen on the same date every year, for eg. 90% Indian holidays fall on different dates each year)

      btw, the monday week calendar has all cells in a date grouped. You can ungroup them so that adding information per date is easy.

      If you are able to solve this without spending too much time, let me know and I will treat you to a donut 😀

  10. Harish Chotai says:

    Thanks for the excel calendar. Is it possible to get a simple big fonted calendar printable on an A4 size paper without any distracive notes or visuals? BTW, I have already signed up for your newsletter. I do not understand this URL stuff.
    With warm regards and gratefully yours
    50+ year old CHarish.

  11. Chandoo says:

    @Harish: You are welcome.

    Ofcourse you can print the calendar in anywhich way you want. Just open the file and adjust the print area by inserting pagebreaks. I have added notes next to the yearly calendar view just to make it more usable. But removing it is very easy.

    Also the fun thing is the sheet is unlocked, so start deleting few cells and experiment with it. If you see something funny you can always CTRL+Z or download it again from here.

    I hope I have answered your question. Let me know if you are looking for something else.

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