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Good news!!! We have upgraded the excel formula help page to a new, more easily accessible and better laid out page. Now the 50 formulas have been categorized in to 6 areas

Also, each formula has its own easy to remember url. For eg. you need help on countif formula, just type http://chandoo.org/excel-formulas/countif.html

This means, more of you can discover the formulas and help through search and sharing the links.

Remember, you can also buy an easy to read excel formula help e-book for just 5$.

Please spread the word about excel formula help page by stumbling it or tweeting about it or adding it to your delicious bookmarks. You will do me and this blog a very great favor by spreading the word.


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  1. Stephen says:

    I inherited an excel worksheet from a co-worker who has left. She has used a ^ in the formula in a way I do not understand. I thought that ^ meant to raise to the power of XXX but here it looks like more a ref point. =D5*($B$71*(1+$B$72)^C4) where row 4 is number of years b4 year 0 c4 year 1 d4 year 2…..year25 row 5 is amount that diminish each year by a small% and b71 and b72 are % if I remove the ^ and cell the result is correct but I get small triangle in top left corner of the cell. Anyone know why the ^ is needed

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