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80% Discount on PUP & PowerPivot Contest – Hurry up!

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Since I am busy with background work on VBA Classes launching next week, today I want to give you two quick updates.

1. 80% Discount on Power Utility Pack Excel Add-in

John Walkenbach, the guy with a baseball cap on many excel book covers, is offering 80% discount on his excellent Power Utility Pack Add-in for Excel, only today (3rd May) between 11AM-1PM US Eastern Time.

To avail this offer, just visit announcement page.

Learn more about the Power Utility Pack.
You can win an XBOX 360 + Kinect by participating in the PowerPivot Contest

2. Enter XBox 360 + Kinect Sweepstakes by answering a quiz on PowerPivot

PowerPivot (review) is a utility developed by Microsoft to help you analyze and report gazillion rows of data. It works right inside Excel 2010 and integrates with SQL Server to fetch, analyze and create reports that would knock the socks off your boss.

Yesterday, I got this email from Emilie, an employee at MS:

Hello, my name is Emilie and I represent Microsoft PowerPivot

I was wondering if you’d be interested in providing your expert assistance with a contest we’re running – a Facebook quiz called the “PowerPivot Nerdtastic Quiz” where the winner will walk away with an Xbox 360 with Kinect.

… , if you wrote a blog about the quiz I’d be doing back flips of gratitude (please don’t hold me to that). The quiz/contest started last week and runs through May 12.

Now, I have never seen a Microsoft employee do back flips (although I saw their CEO do a lot of clapping and passionate chanting). So I am eager to see Emilie do a few of those, may be record a video and send it our way.

On a serious note, you should try the PowerPivot Nerdtastic Quiz. It is fun and you could win the Xbox 360+ Kinect.

Remember, the contest ends on May 12th. So go ahead and try it.

PS: I just love both PUP and PowerPivot and think they are excellent products. I do not make anything out of these recommendations other than some goodwill and may be a PowerPivot t-shirt.

PPS: If you have used either PUP or PowerPivot, share your opinion and experience with us thru comments. It will help others who are looking for such info.


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5 Responses to “80% Discount on PUP & PowerPivot Contest – Hurry up!”

  1. Brent says:

    I have used PUP (multiple versions) for many years and have 6 or 7 of John's books in my library.

  2. Cameron says:

    I use PUP quite a bit. It's just a wealth of fantastic little script utilities that make life easy. (lock all sheets in a workbook? 2 clicks and type in a password. build an external links summary page? 2-3 clicks.)

    Microsoft's answered to this with EXtools. EXtools is nice, and I use that as well now, but it doesn't replace PUP.

  3. [...] more here: 80% Discount &#959n PUP & PowerPivot Contest – R&#965&#1109h up! | Chandoo.org … (function(){var [...]

  4. Jayant says:

    May be the usefull tool ... 🙂

  5. Hui... says:

    For those interested John Walkenbach is having another 24 Hr sale of his PUP Excel addin soon.

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