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SUMPRODUCT – Beginner to Advanced [Master Class]



This is second episode of our Monthly Master Class.

In this one, you will learn all about SUMPRODUCT. Know all about basics to advanced usage of this powerful & versatile formula in this 98 minute master class.

Monthly Master Class – Episode 2 – Trailer

Check out a quick trailer of the Master Class episode 2 – SUMPRODUCT.

Topics covered in this Master Class:

  • Introduction to SUMPRODUCT
  • Conditional sums with SUMPRODUCT
  • 2D lookups & variations
  • Text analysis with SUMPRODUCT
  • Sum of top ‘n’ items and variations
  • SUMPRODUCT and dates
  • Resources for you

This Master Class works in Excel 2007 or above.

Purchase this Master Class

If you are ready to get the master class, use one of the below links to purchase. This episode is US $10.


If you have any questions, please post a comment or email me at chandoo.d@gmail.com so that I can help you.

Enjoy the class.


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5 Responses to “SUMPRODUCT – Beginner to Advanced [Master Class]”

  1. Murali says:

    Can I pay in Indian rupees. Everytime I pay in dollars, there are some foreign exchange charges and the service tax on that which is extra for me.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Appu says:

      I do agree with Murali.

      Chandoo, is it possible to provide an alternative to pay in INR instead of US$ say by means of a bank account or so so that we dont need to pay extra charge.

  2. Leon-K says:

    What a great Lesson. I was not going to buy this as, having completed your Excel course a few years ago which included SUMPRODUCT, I thought I knew this subject. I was so wrong. Your demonstrating of a 2D lookup with multiple ordered criteria was fantastic. I can see this saving me so much time when sketching dashboard designs as well as allowing really quick analysis sheets to be constructed and used within minutes.
    Lessons 7-10 were very technical, requiring me have a lie down until my head stopped hurting. The power demonstrated by the formulations was excellent though and, after I've recovered, I will be attempting the tasks you set.
    Your series is fantastic value for money and I can't wait to see what you offer in the coming months - Thank you.

  3. Santosh Chaube says:

    Who could think of using SUMPRODUCT formula in so many ingenious ways, Chandoo has opened up a treasure chest here.

  4. Ufoo says:

    Hello Chandoo, I would suggest you write a book on sumproduct. I have purchased your vlookup book. It is easier for me to download a book. Please write a sumproduct book.

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