Use Filter By Selected Cell’s Value to save time [Quick Tips]

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We are busy decorating the Christmas tree, making preparations for the holidays. But I have a very quick tip for you.

[Note: all these tips work in Excel 2007 or above]

Whenever you are working with huge lists of data, filtering & sorting is one simple way to analyze the data quickly.

You can quickly filter your data based on current cell’s value by right clicking and then selecting filter > filter by selected cell’s value.

Filter by Selected Cells Value - Excel Tip

Bonus tips on Filters:

  1. You can even filter by selected cell’s color, font or conditional formatting icon.
  2. You can also sort a list by selected cell’s column in either ascending or descending order.
  3. You can instantly turn on / off filters by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+L

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12 Responses to “Use Filter By Selected Cell’s Value to save time [Quick Tips]”

  1. JP says:

    This works in Access too (even 2003), where you can right-click a value in a table and choose "Filter By Selection" to see only records matching that value.

  2. Gregory says:

    That was actually a nice little tip I didn't know existed, especially considering no filters are applied to the data before you generate the shortcut.

  3. Danny Rocks says:

    Very good tip! I did not know this one. It is a good reminder to explore the many options on the right-mouse click short menu.

    I also did not know the Ctrl + Shift + L Keyboard shortcut. Thank you. I am going to share both of these tips with my readers at TheCompanyRocks.com. I am also adding your website to my Blog Roll.

    Happy Holidays!

    Danny Rocks
    The Company Rocks

  4. Martin rick says:

    Yes, but when you CTRL+SHIFT+L it will erase your filter setting if you already have filters on the top row so it not worthwhile.

  5. moatasem says:

    Great tip, but it does not work when Page Break Preview is active

  6. Baleshst says:

    Pivot is also a great tool to do your analysis, its much more powerful than filters

  7. Johnson Mathias says:

    Pivot is a powerful tool for data display,
    But pivot does not allow changes to the source data

    Filter is a supreme tool for editing and altering the pivot ssource its self

    i will most definitely stop using the sequence

    for + +


  8. Johnson Mathias says:

    i will most definitely stop using the sequence ALT D F F and switch to Ctrl + Shift + L

  9. [...] Filter by selected cell’s value & other cool tips [...]

  10. Mohamad says:

    The ‘filter’ option in the right click menu is showing up in Excel 2007 only for table formats. Can we apply filter by selected cell on a simple sheet (not table)?

  11. Mohamad says:

    I posted this again just to be notified for any follow-up comments.

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