Use Enter to Paste Copied Values in Excel [Quick Tip]

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Here is a simple copy pasting tip. Next time when you want to paste a set of copied cells to another area, instead of using CTRL+V, just use ENTER. See this:

Use Enter to Paste Copied Values in Excel [Quick Tip]

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16 Responses to “Use Enter to Paste Copied Values in Excel [Quick Tip]”

  1. Lincoln says:

    That's good, I guess. The thing is that ctrl+V is really easy if you've already used ctrl+C to do the copy. This option is useful if you're the kind of person that finds ctrl+C & ctrl+V difficult, and uses the mouse to copy.

  2. Amit says:

    Dude, I think this thing has been around for as long as Excel has lived. What's new?

    And how does it improve efficiency? I already have Ctrl depressed (remember I did a Ctrl-X/C?), and V lies only next to X/C. How'd pressing Enter instead of Ctrl+V help improve anything at all?

    Oh, and BTW it's a bad habit, since it does not work in OpenOffice - so it gets you addicted to a proprietary software 🙂

  3. Amit says:

    Happy Birthday dude!!!

    May your blog surpass Google in fame 🙂

  4. Chandoo says:

    @Lincoln: I agree that ctrl+v is extremely easy and you shouldn't probably change that habit at all.

    @Amit: thanks for the wishes 😉

    This is not *new*. I just posted about something that I feel can make you fast in doing something. btw, I dont think you will always have ctrl depressed. using enter to paste works well in other ms apps like command console. but again, this is just another harmless tip meant to be useful if needed.

  5. teylyn says:

    What strikes me about pasting with the Enter key is that Excel then drops the item from the clipboard and it can not be pasted again. Using Ctrl-V instead, I can paste repeatedly into different ranges if I want.
    Never figured out the logic behind that.

  6. Chandoo says:

    @Teyln.. you are right.. excel drops the copied stuff from clip board when you press enter.

  7. derek says:

    You might want to drop things from the clipboard. I use Ctrl-V as a habit, and eventually Excel complains that I've overloaded the clipboard, then dumps a completely unwanted clipboard menu in my menu bar, displacing my existing menus down a whole row and taking up space. If I can remember to use Enter, I'll avoid that annoyance.

  8. Maarten Smit says:

    This does function on my windows PC but not on my Mac?

  9. mustafa faizan says:

    i want copy the data in various sheet in one at time for all sheet shows me the same data.

  10. Bng says:

    can this be turned off?

  11. Orision says:

    Seriously, can this annoying "benefitial ability" be turned right the hell off?

  12. Johan says:

    That must be a bug. It's so annoying and useless. Whats Ctr + V for if not exactly for that? Can this be turned off? Also, Excel already dumps the "clipboard" in so many unfitting situation since apparently it's not even using the clipboard to copy paste but relies on the "copied" contents to actually remain in the cell and it will loose this content whenever you move focus to a different cell.

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