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It has been almost 9 months since I crossed the 5k running mark for the first time in my life. Running is one of the most enjoyable things I do. I have been running between 5 and 7 kilometers ever since. I wanted to run 10 kilometers and finally I am confident of doing it. So, on 28th (or 29th depending on the weather) I am going to run 10k. That is little bit more than 2 rounds on the beautiful green lake running track in Seattle. Do you want to join me? I can guarantee you that it would amazing 🙂

OK, On to this week’s excel links:

200+ Excel Tips & Articles: by David McRitchie

David McRitchie, an Excel MVP has been posting excel articles, VBA tips, formula tweaks and tutorials for many years now. This is the type of site you want to bookmark and read at leisure and learn something cool everytime.

Going to that Special Cell in Excel

Select Special is one of the most useful (and yet little known) features of excel. Debra does a great job of listing down some of the uses of select special.

Drawing in Excel – Using co-ordniates to generate huge drawings

If you use excel for engineering purposes like modeling and design, then this huge excel drawing application posted by Douglas at Newton Excel Bach blog might be very useful to you.

Exporting a range of cells as a picture – vba macro

Often when you are working on large presentations (hmm, lets just hope you don’t have to work on large presentations) or reports, you may want to use some VBA to automate the task of converting charts to images so that you can embed them later in your report or slides. This vba script might come handy.

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