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Do you work on Excel? How much salary you make? [Surveys]



Ever wondered how much your Excel skills are worth?

How much salary do you make - Excel profession survey

Finding out how much Excel Professionals make

Here is 2 step procedure to find out.

  1. Complete the below survey. Tell me how much you make & what you do.
  2. Wait for a week and we will tell you how much Excel professionals are earning all over the world 🙂

PS: You can be anonymous.
PPS: Thanks Montrey for the idea.

Excel Salary Survey

[If you cannot see the survey form, click here to complete it online]

Thank you.


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27 Responses to “Do you work on Excel? How much salary you make? [Surveys]”

  1. Jon says:

    Just FYI, my salary is really low right now because I'm transitioning from an electric engineer to a programmer (emphasis in Excel). Learning how to program and such has lowered my yearly wage significantly but I expect the future to be bright 🙂

    • John says:

      I feel your pain, Jon...I'm transitioning in my life, too.  Used to make much more as a designer/drafter, but I was becoming obsolete.  So now I'm a licensed CPA, but I don't have lots of experience and I'm not paid very well as a result.  It's the POTENTIAL, though....or so "they" say.

  2. Nadeem says:

    When will the results be available for viewing?

  3. SF says:

    It's not so much having Excel skills as what you do with them. Technical skills of any kind are, in most respects, commodities. That is not to say that you can't make a nice living by having them, you can. But the real value add is how you use those skills to create value and solve problems for your clients. Excel, or any other technology, is just a tool. 

    • Chandoo says:

      Spot on. This is what I always tell fresh grads or anyone who ask me for career advice. Do not focus excessively on tools. Instead learn the technique & business.

  4. Oz says:

    Fantastic inquiry. However, I'm having a tough time with this survey. It'd be better to provide more details about my rates and how much work I have--or don't have.

    I generate money in several ways. So, my annual income (either my overall income or Excel-related income) really wouldn't tell you much.

    • DC says:

      Some of us are not consultants/contractors tho, so it would be very hard for those of us with salaried jobs to fill out a survey that goes into more detail about rates and various streams of income.

  5. Oz says:

    By the way, how do I get my hair to fluff up like your hair does in the avatar in your header?

  6. Luis says:

    I am a Chemical Engineer with postgraduate studies in industrial and systems engineerwith no steady job by age (> 50 years) with industry experience (25 years) I advisecompanies and I currently training in applied statistical models using Excel and VBAprogramming. But I have no steady job. If you have shaped your way around I thank youinfinitely.

  7. Viswanathan says:

    Excel skills has always found me a job quickly ! Salary is ok too.

  8. LeonK says:

    Hi All.  I, like John & Jon, am working towards realising my earning potential with Excel.  I am also transitioning from another employment area, after more than 20 years; I am now over 40.  Together with SF’s comment about the importance of how one applies knowledge gained, I began to reflect over the last year or so and what Excel actually means to me.  I was very surprised to learn that it is literally everything!
    Since January 2011, I’ve worked as a data analyst within healthcare, earning 22+k pa for using Excel to process reports.  From knowing basic pivot tables and charting tools and having a need to expand my knowledge fast, I learnt how to present data via 3 books written by Stephen Few; found in an internet search.  In August 2011, whilst trying to replicate Few’s charts, I found Jon Peltier’s site on ‘Excel charting’ where I gained an understanding for bullet and box plot graphs.  However, Peltier’s site led me to Chandoo.org which served as the catalyst. 
    Since finding Chandoo.org, I have undertaken 2 schools (Excel & VBA) and learnt statistics after the PSQT feature.  Chandoo.org has also inspired me to undertake a Business degree, commencing October 2012, with a firm focus of the direction I want to go in and where I want to be in 5 years time.  Clearly a degree is no small undertaking, both financially and in time.
    All that I am doing, have done recently and plan to do, is directly because of Excel and facilitated by the internet and Chandoo.org. I am excited every day I go to work, and each day I discover something new.  Excel is not only responsible for meeting my immediate needs for employment, it is responsible for providing me with total job satisfaction, self-esteem, new challenges and a future for me and my family. 
    Chandoo stated that Excel was his personal Easter egg that he gets to discover every day and I have to agree that it is mine too.  Thank you Chandoo, your team, all contributors to Chandoo.org and last but obviously not least...Microsoft.

  9. SH says:


    it look like evey one having common issue, jump from one field to another field.from technical to office work.

    I now learning excel very hard, facing many reporting, charting and......
    finding Chandoo.org help me a lot. thanks man...

  10. SS says:

    Imagine how this post looks like for someone who is intern, with strong knowledge of excel (basic of VBA) at a company where everyone else does regard the sum function as being a masterpiece of technology and is getting paid 4 times more than the intern's annual salary...

    • LeonK says:

      SS, Your position isn't as bad as you might think.  Actually, it's highly exploitable and somewhere you can capitalise on to the benefit of colleagues, the company and, ultimately, you. 
      What other acumen do you possess?  Could you assist your co-workers on their projects; they would very quickly realise that you have a worthy skill?  You could then develope your talents on a more diverse set of real-world problems, becoming indoctrinated into the company core business and building recognition and respect amongst your peers whilst also gaining support.  With such a focus, you would gain enhanced job satisfaction and, if not offered a permanent position, be better equipped for the marketplace with a strong and detailed reference from the company that gave you such an opportunity.
      Good luck to you.  I'm sure you'll get the money eventually.

  11. David says:

    Where is the result?

  12. [...] text and we need to extract them. Today morning I had such task. As you know, we recently ran a survey asking how much salary you make. We had 1800 responses to it so far. I took the data to Excel to analyze it. And surprise! the [...]

  13. Marcin says:

    I hope you still remember about this idea.
    When are you going to reveal results ?

    Need somebody who will deal with cleaning data ? it might be me


  14. I think purchasing power parity needs to be taken into account when we summarize our findings.. coz for the same job i get a lot more in US (in absolute terms) than what i get in India. But the reality is that I  can do a lot more  with my Indian salary in India than with my US salary in US.. 

  15. [...] Here is an example box plot depicting salaries of all analysts in USA as per our recent Excel Salary Survey. [...]

  16. Colin says:

    I am unemployed at the moment, but hope to get a job very soon! Although I've been using Excel for several years, it's only in the last few months that I've really been concentrating on it (I am 39 now, so I hope I've not left it too late!). 

    I've learnt quite a lot from the 'Excel is Fun' videos on Youtube, but this site is excellent so I'm sure it will come in very useful. I have a copy of the Excel 2010 Bible which gives you a good background in Excel, but it's not really geared towards 'problem solving' like chandoo.org.


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