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5 Announcements for You [Quick Read]



5 Announcements for you

It is megaphone time at Chandoo.org. I have a few quick announcements about upcoming training programs & other interesting stuff. Just read on 🙂

1. VBA Classes 2nd Batch from September 5th

Some of you know that Chandoo.org runs an online VBA Class. We are about to finish the classes for first batch and now gearing for 2nd batch. The enrollments for this program are open from September 5th, Monday. For more information, download our course brochure. If you want to join this class, sign-up for our news-letter and I will update you with more details in next few weeks.

2. Good news for our Indian Customers – Now Accepting Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Net-banking and more!

I have a very good news for our customers & readers from India. Finally, I got an Indian payment gateway account so that you can pay for Chandoo.org products (PM Templates, Excel School & Upcoming VBA Classes) in Indian rupee using credit cards, debit cards, net banking & more options. To purchase any of our products click below links:

3. New Excel Formula Crash Course – Coming this Wednesday, 17 August

Excel formulas have confused one too many of us. It took me more than an year to understand simple formulas like IF & VLOOKUP and use them effectively. That is why, I created this course. It is easy to follow, simple to digest and yet power-packed with lots of ideas & information. The aim of this course is to make you a master of Excel formulas in 31 days. The course has 6 modules,

  1. Formula Basics
  2. Lookup Formulas
  3. Text Formulas
  4. Date & Time Formulas
  5. Advanced Formulas
  6. Errors, Auditing & More

For more information, please watch this short video:

4. Excel School Prices Going up!

I have created Excel School online training program in Jan 2010. Ever since, we have trained more than 1500 people thru this program. Every week, I get emails from our students telling me how much they have gained from this program and how they are able to impress everyone at their workplace. During the same time, I have been adding new content to this program to make it perfect. And now time has come to hike the course fees to match the value it delivers. Starting Monday, August 29, Excel School prices will be going up. See the below table to understand new prices. And join us now if you want to save money.

Option Old Price New Price
Excel School ONLINE Option $67 $97 Join Now
Excel School DOWNLOAD Option $97 $147 Join Now
Excel School DASHBOARDS Option $197 $247 Join Now

5. Recommended Live Training: Excel Power Analyst Bootcamp in Washington DC, USA on September 19th

My good friend, teacher & fellow Excel blogger, Mike Alexander runs Excel Power Analyst Bootcamps every year. This year, he is doing it on September 19 & 20 in Alexandria, VA (few minutes away from Washington DC). Now, few days back, Mike emailed and asked if I can suggest this program to my readers. I agree with pretty much everything Mike does (except the heart-attack prone bacon recipes he suggests). So here I am recommending his course. I have attended a few webinars Mike did and I can vouch for the amazing knowledge he shares with us. He is a natural teacher and you are going to love the time you spend with him. So if you happen to be near Alexandria (VA) and want to learn Excel, then go for his bootcamp.

Click here to sign-up for Mike’s Excel Power Analyst Bootcamp.

PS: I do not get any money out of this recommendation. However, Mike promised to do a guest lecture in our upcoming VBA Class. But I would have recommended this bootcamp even otherwise 🙂

End of Announcements!

I wish you an awesome week ahead 🙂


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9 Responses to “5 Announcements for You [Quick Read]”

  1. Atul Kumar says:

    Thanks...is there any discount option for indian

  2. Prem Sivakanthan says:

    Having gone through the first round of VBA classes, I can confidently say that it is fantastic. I had zero experience with VBA before hand, and now I have built a number of applications and userforms using the techniques that I have learnt via the classes...it is a sure fire way to become a VBA rockstar. Highly recommended.

  3. praveen says:

    ohh, that's good.

  4. arman says:

    hi Chandoo,

    I would like to ask if you're accepting late enrollment on your VBA class? Please advice, thanks!


  5. Chandoo says:

    @Atul.. I am able to offer 5% discount to Indian payments because I save on exchange rates. Other than this, we do not have any discounts.

    @Prem.. thank you so much for the lovely words.

    @Arman... I am ok to consider 1 week late enrollments. Anything more, it might be difficult to catch up with others.

  6. Chandoo says:


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  7. Chandoo says:


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  8. Chandoo says:

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