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Best of Chandoo.org – 2013



This year has been busiest year since inception of Chandoo.org. Wow, that is 10 years in a row of breaking previous records.

We had 101 posts, 7,400+ comments this year. Since our forum went thru a migration, I could not gather exact stats for forum. We have trained more than 2,500 people thru my online classes – Excel School, VBA Classes & Power Pivot classes.

More than 7.5 million people visited our site in last 1 year (up 14%) and consumed a whopping 20 million pages (up 16%). Each of these visitors spent an average of 2 minutes 21 seconds on our site becoming awesome in Excel. There are 1.8 million people who spent at least 15 minutes on our site.

We have added more than 25,000 members to our newsletter / RSS reader community, crossing 80,000 mark. It is a busy year.

Best of Chandoo.org - 2103

Top 10 posts written in 2013

Top 10 formulas for analysts [Visitors: 65,638]
Employee vacation tracker [Visitors: 42,659]
Interactive chart in Excel – How to make it? [Visitors: 42,416]
Angry Formulas game… [Visitors: 36,392]
Learn top 10 Excel features [Visitors: 25,723]
To-do list with priorities – Excel templates [Visitors: 19,947]
Introduction to Power Pivot [Visitors: 21,298]
Best new features in Excel 2013 [Visitors: 21,539]
How to create interactive calendar in Excel? [Visitors: 17,478]
5 Keyboard shortcuts for writing better formulas [Visitors: 18,577]

Honorable mentions

How to create a then vs. now interactive chart? [Visitors: 16,711]
Shaded line charts in Excel [Visitors: 17,397]
INDEX formula usage, tips and tricks [Visitors: 16,280]
Rules for making awesome column charts [Visitors: 11,863]

Top 10 pages in Chandoo.org – 2013

As you can guess, a lot of people visit articles and pages that are not necessarily published in 2013. Here is a lit of most visited pages in our site in 2013.

Chandoo.org home page [Visitors: 559,208]
Excel Dashboards – Information, examples & tutorials [Visitors: 386,066]
Excel Pivot Tables Tutorial [Visitors: 487,794]
Project Management using Excel – Information, examples & tutorials [Visitors: 243,186]
Free Excel Templates for download [Visitors: 266,153]
Advanced Excel Skills [Visitors: 179,702]
VBA & Excel Macro Examples [Visitors: 132,938]
Excel Formulas home page [Visitors: 109,743]
Delete Blank Rows in Excel [Visitors: 198,543]
Excel Formulas Are Not Working [Visitors: 200,254]

Honorable mentions

Excel School online training program [Visitors: 163,952]
Between Formula Excel [Visitors: 181,539]
Chandoo.org forum [Visitors: 83,264]
Excel Sumproduct Formula [Visitors: 158,830]

Key trends this year

This year our main themes were,

Which posts did you enjoy most this year?

I hope you had a busy and fruitful year. Go ahead and tell us which posts, tips & articles you enjoyed most in 2013 using comments. And oh yea, wishing you a happy new year!


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