What should we call our Podcast?


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Friends and supporters of Chandoo.org,

I am very happy to tell you about another great way to learn Excel & stay awesome

Chandoo.org podcast

That is right. As part our mission to make you awesome in Excel, this year I will be adding a podcast.

Chandoo.org Podcast Coming Soon

A podcast eh? Why?

Let me tell you a story first. One of my goals for 2014 is to increase my stamina. So on Jan 1st of 2014, I opened Nike + app on my iPhone, went to coach feature and selected “Run 10K” as my first goal. It has been 3 years since I ran 10k. So I wanted to get back in the game to improve my fitness and health. The app suggested an 8 week program to help me reach 10k. It sounded difficult, as I had to run more than 250 KM in 8 weeks. But I pushed on. As of today, I am at 177.  I know I missed a few days here and there, but I already ran 10K thrice since starting and I feel good about where I am today.

Dude… what are you talking about? I am here to know about the podcast!

I am coming to that. To give me company during the runs, I choose a bunch of podcasts. This is the first time in my life I paid serious attention to podcasts. It is a fruitful experience. Every time I go for a jog, not only I am getting healthier, but also smarter. I realized how powerful, effective and useful podcasting can be. So I thought, “Why not provide similar experience to our readers?”

And thus born the idea of Chandoo.org Podcast.

How will the podcast help you?

I am still at the drawing board when it comes to our show. But here is what you will gain,

  • Strategies & tactics: You will learn about various spreadsheet design strategies, tactics, tricks and ideas I follow. You will learn how to handle tricky situations (like lots of data, changing requirements, dynamic everything, no vba etc.).
  • Whats new: What is happening the world of spreadsheets, data analysis, visualization, reporting & self-service BI. My views & opinions mixed with latest industry trends.
  • Tips & Tricks: Excel tips, tricks, ideas that are easy to remember and quick to implement.
  • Interviews: Interviews with fellow Excel gurus, bloggers, MVPs and authors. Hopefully we get to feature Microsoft Excel team members, industry leaders and other prominent figures.
  • Case studies & Personal experiences: Explanations on projects, things I am learning and how to manage large-scale spreadsheet development projects.
  • Book & Product Reviews: I read a lot of books on data analysis. I also come across quite a few add-ins, templates, Excel courses. My views and recommendations on the same so that you can make informed decisions.
  • Ask Chandoo: Send me your questions. I will answer them in the podcast.
  • Announcements: Announcements about my upcoming training programs, live classes or products so that you can make the best use of them.

When is it launching?

In the first week of May. I will share more details once we are ready to go. Few more things:

  • It is free and awesome. Just like our articles, tutorials & examples.
  • You can subscribe to it thru iTunes, Zune or other popular pod-casting directories.
  • You can also listen to it from our site.
  • Full episodes, show notes, resources and downloadable templates will be posted on our site.
  • I am hoping to do a show once every 2 weeks. Lets see how this goes.

What should we call it?

If all of this sounds interesting, here is how you can help.

I am still not sure what to call this podcast. I have a few options for the name. Can you suggest one?

The names I am thinking are,

  • Awesome.xls
  • Speaking Cells
  • Become Awesome Analyst Podcast
  • Chandoo.org Podcast

Can you tell me which one should I use? Post your choice in the comments.

PS: If you don’t like any of these names, suggest some.

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185 Responses to “What should we call our Podcast?”

  1. Stewart Lancaster says:

    id go with • Chandoo.org Podcast - you have already built your brand and it would tie the site , your courses and your podcast together

    i would probably have a subtitle like the one on your site so it would come up if people search for excel also

  2. jraju says:

    Hey , This only works for android appliances. Why cannot include java phones for this wonderful thought. cell is a comman word meaning more than excel cells
    I would suggest Speaking Excel Cell, or Speaking Excel(s),
    a new name containing that it is about excel, which is chandoo is too famous,
    Your coining of word Speaking is having dramatic effect as speaking clock.
    Thank you, and if you are thinking of jar files support for java nokia, So many old mobile users would also benefit

    • Chandoo says:

      Hi jraju...

      Thanks for the suggestions. I will be providing MP3 download for all sessions. So you can play them on any audio player or phone. Apart from this you can subscribe to the podcast thru an app (not sure if a java app exists, but give it a try) so that you can get latest episodes as they go live.

  3. TBR says:

    "Can Do Chandoo" is my suggestion.

  4. Andi says:

    If you call it 'Awesome.xls' people will think it only contains tips up to Excel 2003... 😉

    When you're up and running make sure you get the pod uploaded onto Stitcher - great app.

  5. Ashoka says:

    Hi Chandoo...
    Chandoo.org is already a brand in itself and the name of the podcast should also be build around the same name I hope.
    Also device some method for windows phone as well.

  6. Duncan says:

    How about chandcast?





  7. DarkD says:

    ChanDooCast - The ChanDoo's and the ChanDon'ts

  8. Pavi says:

    What about ChandooPod?

  9. Kneemoy says:

    The most successful podcast names I've seen have a somewhat unique title and a description combined together. Something like "Pivotcast: Excel tips and tricks from Chandoo"

  10. DarkD says:


  11. Jeff Koenig says:

    dooCast - catch, quick and easy to say, contains a pun and works with the 'brand'

  12. Wafflecopter says:

    Agree on using Chandoo in the name, as well as Excel, at least for searchability. But Awesome.xls is clever too!

  13. Ryan says:


  14. Zuhair Bukhari says:



  15. Peter Merante says:

    MS Excel: You Chandoo It!

  16. Ramesh says:

    excel hero
    excel master
    excel express
    excel on the go
    Moving excel
    excel brain
    Brainy excel
    Excel and You

  17. Leah says:

    Chandoo Can Do Podcast

  18. Cesar Chavez Belmont says:

    I suggest
    - Chandoo your Excel
    - Lord of the cells
    - Chandoo in a cell
    - Excel mastery by Chandoo

  19. Munmun says:

    Podwords or ExcelPod

  20. Janice Hoffman says:

    I think you should call your podcasts "Chandoo Cast" !

  21. eknuppel says:

    Outstanding idea - can't wait.

    Name's got to have something to do with Chandoo - too original not to use. 🙂

  22. Abdulla says:

    Chandoo.org the exceller

  23. Karen Williams says:

    Speaking Cells!

  24. douglas blackley says:

    •Chandoo.org Podcast

    Sets YOU apart and tells everyone who's following you (and your genius) that they've come to the right place!

  25. Dharmik says:

    It should be "Excel Chat with Chandoo"

  26. Hutch says:

    I think it's pretty easy:

    Excel Awesomeness

    or maybe even

    Awesome in Excel

    or perhaps: This Week in Excel?

  27. rspammi says:


  28. Harshavardhan Bhusari says:

    Podcast title -- 'Excellent' (Excel-lent)

  29. Geoff Koch says:

    Why not "Excel Talk feat. Chandoo" or something of the sort? Of the choices given, I enjoyed Awesome.xls the most, but agree with Andi that the name may create confusion for some.

    Either way, I am excited about this!

  30. Karthik says:

    Awesome.xls came to my mind even before i saw the options..

  31. Shiva Shekhar says:

    I liked Chandoo.org Podcast.

  32. Adam Frank says:

    Chandoo Castdoo

  33. kalyan says:


  34. Steve says:

    I agree with the majority. Chandoo.org Podcast.

  35. That is an awesome news Chandoo 🙂 My choices are in the ascending order below.

    1. ChandCast
    2. Awesome.xls
    3. Speaking Cells - this sound unique and thought provoking.

  36. rich soby says:

    try - EXCELerate

  37. Normand says:

    How about: Talking of Excel

  38. Art says:

    Chandoo.org Podcast KISS

  39. Jacqueline says:

    I CAN do Excel / a Chandoo.org Podcast
    Chandoo.org:Speak Excel Podcast
    Chandoo.org:Sounds of Excel Podcast

    I agree with another person on the comment of putting the site and a name/description (short description) When people look for podcasts it would help in selecting one and also people who are doing a search for Excel podcasts might be looking for the word "Excel" or "Chandoo" - this would help get more listeners and possibly broaden an audience for the website, esp. for the unfortunate Excel users who do not know about it 😀

  40. Marcelo Faria says:

    Chandoo Podcast!
    It´s a strong trade name!

  41. Jeanilee Bush says:

    #1 Choice: Speaking Cells
    #2 Choice: Chandoo.org Podcast

  42. Lind says:

    It should tie into the Chandoo brand: ChandooCast or Chandoo podcast. Then a subtitle to explain it's Excel.

  43. Andy says:

    I think that you should continue your branding by keeping the name "Chandoo" in the name of the podcast. It will help newcomers to your site connect the podcast with the your other library of tutorials and notes.
    Also, although I'm not suggesting this as a title, I think your trademark phrase for the podcast should be, "You'll Be Amazed At What You Can Do, With Chandoo!"

  44. Jaydeep says:

    Didasko.xlsx - greek word “to impart knowledge”

  45. dcwright says:


    Question: 3D printing is getting a lot of high tech focus. Can I do Excel charts and send them to a 3D printer? Sounds like I want a model of the 3D chart - YES. I forsee Excel as a data source that will push to 3D printing. YES - DNA me some day.

  46. spencer says:

    Chandoogle. its like google but for excel.

  47. Steve says:

    Name for Podcast - Excel.ent

  48. Mohit says:

    Great to hear about the new podcast.
    How about EXCELence or XLSence or something to that effect?

  49. Naaman Dolphus says:


  50. spencer says:

    Chandoogle. it's like google, but for excel

  51. Mike Daniels says:

    Chandoo Chats

  52. Mark Mueller says:

    I like Awesome.xls, but I would bring it more up to date with Awesome.XLSX or AwesomeExcel, but ChandooExcel Podcast would be good, too. Keep you name visible for marketing reasons!

  53. Tom D says:

    Chandoo Talkssheets or
    Sheetalk with Chandoo

  54. Barun Sadana says:

    Podcast from Chandoo.org

    (Similar to names associated with Apple family)

  55. Jif says:

    Simply Awesome
    Awesome Audio
    Awesome Excel Audio

    For me, Chandoo is about the "Mission Statement"... It's about what you do, not who you are!
    Since reading Chandoo, all my Excel gets the "It's Good, But is it Awesome" test... inspires me to go the extra mile.

  56. Ann says:

    Hi Chandoo,
    This might be too long winded _ "with Chandoo U Cando awsome.xls"

  57. giovanni says:

    Chandoo.org Podcast

  58. Steve Jones says:

    Excel(s)ense (excellence)

  59. Tricia says:

    I like some of these too.... "Can-do with Chandoo's awesome ExcelCast"

  60. Don Hopkins says:

    Podcast Name Suggestions:

    EXCELent Podcast

    EXCELerate Podcast

    EXCELrant Podcast (you know "fire up" your awesomeness with an accelerant)

  61. Adell Daugherty says:

    Congrats on the Podcast. I will be sure to subscribe. How about Chandoo-CanDo.xls? I also like Awesome.xls.

  62. MaryLou says:

    Chandoo Excel

  63. Jessica says:

    I would include Excel in the title so that people who may not know of Chandoo will come across it easily. Excell Success with Chandoo, maybe? Not very creative but your name is there, Excel topic idea is there.

    I hope that your podcasts start with the very basics for those of us that are starting out.

    Good luck with podcasts AND your running!

  64. Gaurav Kumar says:

    Chandoo.org is itself popular as - Be awesome in excel so you may just simplya go with name -

    ChandooPodcast.org (Priority 1) Or AwesomePodcast.org (Priority 2)

    As clearing the meaning/working difference between chandoo.org & ChandooPodcast.org

  65. Julie says:

    How about 10Kast to incorporate both your 10k success with new podCast offering?

  66. Phyllis Sills says:

    Chandoo Talks
    Chandoo Talks Excel
    Chandoo's Excel

  67. Frederick Cortes-Rivera says:

    Chandoo.org Podcast

  68. Samantha says:

    Podcast suggestions: EXCELlent Podcast, With Chandoo you Can Too

  69. Patrick says:

    How about chantalk (as opposed to chan do!!! (sic)

  70. Bhavik Khatri says:

    Chandoo's Be Awesome Podcast

  71. SRI says:

    I like- XXXls
    or- XL in Excel
    or - Chandoocast
    or - xls in your cells

  72. Prahlad Gorur says:

    I suggest "Chandoo.org.Podcast. This will be useful if you add tips for other Microsoft products in future !!!!!!!!!, long term thinking !

    Otherwise, I suggest " Excel Guru" easy and simple to remember.

  73. CValdonedo says:

    As I sugested in twiter, you should call it "The Excellent Show"

  74. Kee says:

    My suggestions:
    Excel Everyday
    EXCELlent (EXCEL Learning n' Training)

  75. acsharpe says:

    ... The VoiceOfExcel by Chandoo ...

  76. Christine says:

    I like "Excel Guru" as well "Excel @ Excel". "Chandoo's Nirvana" comes to mind as well!

  77. Michael Olsen says:

    An Excel-lent pod

  78. Brigitte says:

    I too like Excel Guru....

    Or ExcelCanDoo. I think something relating to the word Excel would be best to identify the type of pod cast it is.

  79. harley says:

    Chandoo.org Podcast

  80. James says:

    How about . . CELLWORDS . . .?

  81. Marlane Burns says:

    Chandoo Unleashed would be a great name for a podcast from you.

  82. Bozena says:

    Name for the Podcast:

    Addict.xls Podcast

  83. CValdonedo says:

    EXCELlent CAST

  84. Ronan says:

    They are all great names,
    how about EXCEL WORLD

  85. Jeyakumar says:


  86. jayaraman says:

    "xcel in xls"
    is my suggestion.

    i wud like to subscribe this podcast.

  87. T. Lowell Dent says:

    ChanCanDoo, ChandooCanDo, ChanCan,

  88. David says:

    Excel Mastery 🙂

  89. Dante Julian says:

    I would go for Chandoo.org Podcast to be generic. When you say Chandoo, it's excel awesomeness always.

  90. Mary C. says:

    Excellerate and Analyze - Let Chandoo.org Show You The Way

  91. Kiev says:

    I suggest to use "Chandoo's Excel Podcast", very easy to recongnize it for people knows Chandoo site, and also attracting for people who familer with Excel but don't know chandoo very much. (although such assumption may be not exist.

  92. Monty says:

    1. Run Learn and Excel
    2. Listen Learn and Excel
    3. Excel while Listening
    4. Excel at Listening
    5. Analyse your Excelent Performance
    6. Excel and Learn to Analyse
    7. Excel-Learnt !!

  93. ari says:

    since "chandoo" hass been a trademark I choose Chandoo.org Podcast

  94. Helen says:

    Speaking Cells

  95. James says:

    Chandoo's EXCELent podcast

  96. Debabrata says:

    Chandoo is worldfamous. Hence, I suggest "Chandoo's Excel All Corners" .

  97. Oxidised says:

    Needs a catchy name that uses the brand

    Chandoo Excels

    Chandoo Excels at Awesome

    Chandoo's Awesome Excels

    Excelling by Chandoo

  98. John says:

    Hi Chandoo , u should name it " AWESOME TALKS "

  99. Anup says:


  100. Mike Brixius says:

    Just Chandoo it!

  101. Shabbir says:

    It is not awesome but it excel all the way. Thank you and best of luck.

  102. Nishad says:

    i suggest "Chandoo's Excels"

  103. satendra kumar says:


    you should namt it "Chandoo.org Podcast" because it's our trade mark.

  104. Manoj Varghese says:

    I think "Maths calls" may be a good one or " Cell in Calls"

  105. Mohammad Masood says:

    Chandoo.org Podcast
    shine in excel Podcast

  106. S Khan says:

    Hi! Suggest "Excel Excel with Chandoo pod" meaning Become Excel-lent in Excel!

  107. Wimpie says:

    Live "Excel"lent ideas

  108. Vivek says:

    ? Chandoo.org Podcast
    You are already a brand so please stick to it

  109. Vivek says:

    ? Chandoo.org Podcast
    Your name is already a brand, Please stick to it

  110. Adam B. says:

    I suggest:
    Absolute Reference
    Rows and Columns
    Active Cell
    Can Do Chandoo
    Chandoo Talks Excel
    XFD1048576 (memorable and catchy, no?)

    Good luck with this new adventure in awesomeness, Chandoo.

  111. Khaled Mohamed Abdel Aziz says:

    Become Awesome Analyst Podcast

  112. Mohandas says:

    Excel eye Opener

  113. Fetene Tefera says:

    what ever you need to say the brand "chandoo" should be there due to so many concerns of such business.

  114. Abhi says:

    How about ExcelPod. Not sure if anyone has this name for any other podcast though.

  115. Arif Ali says:

    Chandoo.org Podcast

  116. Amit says:

    Excel My Friend
    Excel World
    Excel Master
    Excel Mania

  117. Pritesh says:

    Excelcast by Chandoo.org

  118. venkatesh says:

    Though I would like you to continue with chandoo.org as its a brand already, but would also suggest something which will be an addition

    or better

  119. Nikki says:

    Chandoo's Awesome Podcast 🙂

  120. Karthik P says:


  121. Anjna says:

    Speaking Cells

  122. AMIRAM says:

    Simply Excellent (excel in bold green)

  123. Harigopal says:


  124. Harigopal says:


  125. Milind Vanjari says:

    Excellent excel

  126. Nick Hoare says:

    Excel on the Run

  127. Vinu says:

    xlPowerUP 10k 😀

  128. Dave S says:

    Chandoo gets my vote, simple and to the point

  129. What about XL.AM?

    I always hear about radio stations with letters in their name over in the US (I am in Ireland), so why not?

  130. Amit Garg says:

    My suggestion Chandoo's Xcel-o-pedia.
    I liked "Speaking Cells" also.

  131. Sheena says:


  132. Hasnain says:

    Humble suggestion Chandoo Talks Excel. Good luck with your idea

  133. Lokesh says:

    •Chandoo.org Podcast

    The second option may be •Speaking Cells

  134. Alex says:

    Just :


  135. Abigail says:

    I like Awesome.xls the best, but give it a cool tagline like, "Awesome.xls, with your fabulous host Chandoo!"

  136. kartik says:

    Hi Chandoo, maybe you can name it, excel@podcast

  137. Nanaki says:


  138. Yves says:

    I like "Chatting with Chandoo", has a friendly and informative branding to it.

  139. Lionel says:


  140. Ravindra says:

    How about

  141. Meshark says:

    Dear Chandoo
    I humbly suggest "Chandoo Excel Podcast".
    The name Chandoo is Proprietary, a good brand to say the least.

  142. Frank says:

    How about #N/a lol

  143. Jordan says:

    these might function better as episode names, but what about...

    the vlookup hookup
    references...relatively speaking
    lets talk about bars...and other charts
    mail mergency
    conditionally formatted
    paste as special
    #N/A Error!

  144. Russ says:

    XLING to mean Excelling

  145. Chris says:

    "Word on the Sheet"

  146. Stephen Hom says:


  147. T. Lowell Dent says:




  148. Pascal says:

    The Excelent Podcast

  149. Manoj Gupta says:

    great ...
    call it inform-me

  150. MF says:

    ABCD PodCast - Awesomely Brilliant ChanDoo PodCast

  151. Jay O'Neill says:


  152. Cesarino says:

    Hey chandoo

  153. Stef@n says:

    i suggest
    Regards Stef@n

  154. Aakash says:

    i like

    1) word on the sheet (credits to: Chris)
    2) EXCELing@excel

  155. Steve D says:

    Hi Chandoo!

    I suggest :
    DooXL or DooExcel

  156. Donna says:

    I like
    Doo excel

  157. Alvey says:


  158. Erin says:

    I like Chandoo's ExcelCast.
    Or just ExcelCast.
    Or YouChandooIt: Being Awesome in Excel

  159. Jareen says:

    This is exciting 🙂
    I love catchy names that people can instantly relates to Excel and Chandoo.

    ExcelTalks with Chandoo
    AwesomeExcel by Chandoo

  160. Linda says:

    Is "Excel" one of those brand names you can be legally liable for using? If so, I would suggest one of the names that relates more to Chandoo. I prefer "Can Do With Chandoo."

  161. Amathya says:

    My suggestion would be a wordplay. Something along the lines of "XL-on-the-Go" or "Chandoo's XL On the Go" or Chandoo's ExCell-On-the-Go" or Chandoo's Excell-o-Pod". Tagline "Egging you on to excel @ Excel anywhere, anytime".

  162. nils says:


    I think PodcastChandoo will do the trick

  163. Jeff Weir says:

    Chandoo's Excel Masterclass.

  164. […] week I asked you what should we call our podcast. And I got more than 250 suggestions (150+ thru comments another 100 thru email). While the […]

  165. Mike Moscato says:

    Podcast name:

    Excel in Excel

    Analysis EXCELlence

    EXCELlent Analysis

    Awesomeness in EXCEL

  166. Bob says:

    Chandoo.org speaks

  167. yengee says:



  168. Fred Horgan says:

    Fast name that your "disciples" would associate with you ,,,

    Doo's Pod (probably not appropriate 😉

    X-Cellent Cast


  169. Amy Sampels says:

    I vote for 'ChandooVoice'

  170. Marco says:

    I think "speaking cells " would be great ! Or,to be more general about analytics, it could be something like "7 minutes analytics".

    Good luck with this great project,I look forward to have my first Excel run !!

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