Best of Pointy Haired Dilbert – Oct 2008

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October has been another fantastic month since I stared this blog. We had 100k page views, the RSS subscriber count nearly touched 1500. There were 33 posts and 280 comments (WOW). Even our Facebook fan club reached the milestone of 10 members. For a loooong time myself and a friend whom I persuaded to join it were the only members there. So, thanks everyone for your love and support.

You all have been a constant motivation for me to learn & share new things about excel (which is also making me uber productive at work btw. The other day, my boss nearly fainted when I solved something in minutes. So thank you all 🙂 )

Here is a list 10 best posts (full archive for Oct 08):

  1. Simple Todo List App using Excel [01 October]
  2. Download and play Deal or No Deal in Excel [03 October]
  3. Radar Chart Alternatives – Spot Matrix Charts [07 October]
  4. 35 Cool Visualizations on 2008 US Presidential Election [07 October]
  5. Excel Dashboard Visualization Tips – Part 1, Part 2 [09 October]
  6. VBA Macro to get more than 3 Conditional Formats in Excel [14 October]
  7. 15 MS Excel Tips to Make you a Productivity Guru [16 October]
  8. Reader Poll: Should the axis for bar charts always start at zero? [21 October]
  9. Sorting Text in Excel using Formulas [22 October]
  10. 5 Chart Formatting Tips [28 October]


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