Top AI features in Excel – a round up


Excel AI Features - a roundup

Gone are the days when Excel is all about manual intelligence. Now a days, we can summon the powers of artificial intelligence with a click of a button and watch the magic on your spreadsheets.

So in this post, let me summarize some of the key AI features of Excel.

Pattern Recognition with Flash Fill

Need to fill-up some data but follow a smart pattern? May be you have a bunch of email addresses and want to extract the domain names or you have a list of expenses and want to extract the amounts? You can use Flashfill.

Summon it with CTRL+E or just type some data and watch Excel fill up the rest.

See this demo, or read this for more.

Flash Fill Excel Demo

Automatic Formulas (Excel)

Want to write a formula but not sure which one would do the work for you? You can just type the data and Excel can figure out the formula logic for you.

Currently available in only Excel online, this feature writes formulas for you. It is called formula by example.

See this demo or read the page for more.

formula by example demo

Automatic Formulas (Power Query)

If you need to create a new column of data derived from existing columns, you can use Power Query’s “Column from Examples” option. This is excellent for creating new data without figuring out the M code or PQ steps.

I use it all the time for:

  • Creating initials from names
  • Extracting parts of the text

See this demo to understand more or read this page to learn more about Power Query.

column from examples in power query

Automatic AI Analysis

Ever feel the urge to say, “I don’t know how to analyze this data, just do it yourself”. Well, you can now yell that at Excel and it will oblige.

Use the “Analyze data” button in Excel 365 (home ribbon) and let Excel do automatic analysis of your data. It can surprise you 🙂

See this demo to understand more.

Analyze Data demo


I am sure if Shakespeare is alive today, he would proclaim that.

All jokes aside, if you are not sure which chart to make or what pivot table to create from your data, you can just use the “Recommend” feature of Excel.

To create a recommended chart:

  1. Select your data
  2. Go to Insert ribbon and click on “Recommended charts” option
  3. Pick one of the recommended choices.

To create a recommended pivot:

  1. Select your data
  2. Go to Insert ribbon and click on “Recommended Pivots” option.
  3. Pick from one of the suggested pivots and insert it.

See this demo or read this article to learn how to pick the right charts yourself.

recommended chart option in Excel


Need to whip up a forecast from your sales data? Not sure how to do it?

You can ask Excel to study your data and create the forecast for you. Just select your data, go to data ribbon and click on the “Forecast sheet” option.


See this demo or learn more about forecasting in Excel.

Forecasting in Excel - demo

AI Features of Excel - Video

I made a video about these AI features with many tips & clear explanation. Watch it below or on my Youtube channel.

What is your favorite AI feature of Excel?

Your turn to go.

Tell me what AI features in Excel you like the most? Did I miss something? Let me know thru comments.


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