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Chandoo.org - 7 Links for youDarren writes one of my favorite blogs – Problogger, it is a blog about blogging. It is super helpful for people like me who write, connect, share and sell online. A week back, Darren asked his readers to participate in a fun experiment by posting 7 links on their blogs. It seemed like an interesting idea, so I am chipping in.

1. My First Post on Excel: While this blog is in existence since 2004, I did not start writing about excel until 2006. My first post on excel is How to remove duplicates. This was not written on chandoo.org, but on my excel blog r1c1.blogspot.com which I later imported here.

2. The post I enjoyed writing most: Now, this is difficult to choose. Because, writing is not what I enjoy most. My enjoyment comes when an article generates a lot of conversation (comments, discussion on other blogs etc.). To that extent, the most enjoyed post is Become a Conditional Formatting Rockstar.

3. Post(s) that had great discussion: I am proud of our community here. Most of the posts generate quite a bit of discussion and sharing of ideas. Here is a list of posts that had lots of insightful comments:

4. A post on someone else’s blog that I wish I’d written: 2 posts come to mind. First one is Debra’s unbelievably comprehensive collection of Pivot Table tips & tricks. Next one is Jon’s detailed overview of number formats in excel. Both of them are very well structured, highly sought after topics that I wish I had written. I refer to them every now and then when I am stuck and need help.

5. A post title that I am most proud of: Hands down it has to be Want to be a conditional formatting rock star? Read this. But I also like Twins, Clones and Duplicates – 6 Excel Shortcuts from an Excited Dad which I wrote from hospital room when I became dad to twins in Sept, 2009.

6. A post I wish more people had read: hmm, it could be the Date with my sheet – 10 tips on using date / time in Excel, which despite having a lot of tips, never really took off.

7. Most read post ever: It has to be the Gantt Charts – Project Management using Excel post. Written on June 16th, last year, the post attracted 150k page views so far, with 63 comments. The post also played a crucial role in 630+ sales of Project Management Templates.

One Question for you:

What is your most favorite post on Chandoo.org and why do you like it? Please share using comments.

PS: If you are not in mood for excel, here is something to get you excited. Some one calls me a bastard and it made me laugh. Find out why.


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5 Responses to “7 Links and One Question for You”

  1. JimH says:

    Hands down, Become a Conditional Formatting Rockstar. I was (and still am) a novice when it comes to excel. I wanted our departments weekly and monthly reports to be more functional, but no one knew how to do what I wanted the report to do. One thing, was to highlight certain info within the reports. Someone mentioned Conditional Formatting but did not know how to do it. I Googled it and out of the hundreds of sites "Become a Conditional Formatting Rockstar" caught my eye. That was the beginning of a great relationship with me and your site. Since then the reports that I have created is the standard for our whole department for all of the regions.

    Thanks to you and your desire to pass your knowledge on without charge has made me an Excel Rockstar. (At least in my little part of the universe) and has, I believe set before you a path of success doing what you enjoy.

    Much success to you


  2. Stružák says:

    As a big fan of charts and graphs I must say my favourite one is http://chandoo.org/wp/2008/09/03/6-charts-to-never-use/. Very simple post with charts as bad as hell itself. 🙂
    Thanks to the practical examples, the post is easily understandable even for a non-english speaker.

  3. Hui... says:

    It might seem a bit self-serving but my favorite post was:
    I was rather happy with how it turned out and was surprised at the feedback it recieved.

    My favorite Forum Post has been http://chandoo.org/forums/topic/uni-assingment-help-matching-prices-for-shopping-items
    It really pushed the use of Offset & Match but when combined with the Trend function was an elegent solution to Sam's assignment. Although I never did hear how he/we went!

  4. VaraK says:

    I like comprehensive list of excel shortcuts. Saves a lot of time.
    Foreseeing, I like Financial modelling series you started recently with Pristine. Thanks heaps.

  5. Gijs says:

    Hi, I just discovered your site, but untill now my "alltime favorite" is the Dynamic Dashboard serie.

    And the interview was hilarious!!!

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