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This blog has been a source of inspiration, learning and friendships to me. In the last few months I have met several interesting and unique personlaities, thanks to the blog. But knowing Robert has been one of the most enjoyable experiences.

If you are new to this blog, you probably don’t know who he is. Robert is a very exprienced excel user and the author of Executive Dashboards posts on PHD – a 6 post series describing how to create excel based dashboard reports.

He is very passionate about Excel, Data Visualization and Making information simpler and clearer. His dashboard related posts on this blog reflect all these things and showcase some of the best methods to create excel based management dashboards.

The good news is that recently he started a blog – Clearly And Simply that talks about information dashboards, data visualization, topics that he is passionate about.

I wanted to take a moment and recommend the blog to you all since he covers very relevant topics in visualization and information communication areas. For eg. take a look at the take care of customer care article, where he talks about building a performance dashboard for understanding how your customer service is doing. Or look at there is more than one way to heat a map article, where he provides beautiful ways to create heat maps in excel using VBA.

Robert’s blog has a very mature tone and is backed by all his experience. While some of the topics may be too advanced for our readers, it is certainly a blog to follow if your job involves fair bit of information visualization or you are a dashboard enthusiast like me.

I wish Robert all the best with his new blog, and I am hoping to see more quality articles from clearlyandsimply.com

PS: PHD doesnt post blog reviews usually. But Robert is an exceptional person and his blog, I am sure ,will be an exceptional source of inspiration and ideas for you and me.


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Thank you and see you around.

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