[Weekend Poll] How do you Sex up your Charts?

This weekend, let us talk … umm… charts. I want to know if you absolutely make sure your charts look good everytime you sent them out to someone. I do this most of the time.

My usual chart sex up routine is,

  • Remove the background
  • Add labels and remove grid lines and legend
  • Highlight necessary data and set some dull color to the rest (if needed)
  • Change fonts, most often change them to Verdana
  • Format axis and axis labels

Of course, I don’t do this every time. Instead I use some user defined charts and save tons of time.

How do you sex up your charts? or you say “not tonight honey” to them.

Learn 2 more charting principles in naughty but totally fun way: Is your chart’s underwear showing? | Are you making blow charts?


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4 Responses to “[Weekend Poll] How do you Sex up your Charts?”

  1. Andreas says:

    You might consider removing the category axis labels


  2. Tony Rose says:

    I can just imagine the SPAM you're getting with this post.

  3. Chandoo says:

    @Andreas: I doubt if that would lead to information loss as there is no way to know what we have plotted here then.

    @Tony: yeah... but askimet does the dirty job

  4. Nando says:

    Are these the only tips you have, these are extremely basic and frankly i was expecting a lot more. The chart is very unclear, not titles are axis headings! Disappointed!

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