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Learn Any Area of Excel using these 80 Links



Last week I asked, What is one area of Excel you want to learn more?

More than 250 of you responded to this question. Many of you shared your areas of interest thru comments, quite a few of you also emailed me personally.

So what next?

You told us what you want to learn, the next step is logical. We share some of the best tutorials & examples with you so that you can learn. In this post, we have presented more than 75 links, to help you learn your area of focus.

I have divided this in to 16 areas. In each area, we have identified (upto) 5 best links for you to learn more. I have also recommended 1 or 2 training programs that make you awesome in that area. Plus, if we found any excellent external resources, we have highlighted them as well.

So go ahead and learn Excel.

Share your links

If you come across any good resource for learning Excel, please share it with us. I am always looking for ways to learn more. So go ahead and drop a comment.

Thanks to Hui

Special thanks to Hui, for compiling the survey results & some of the links.


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23 Responses to “Learn Any Area of Excel using these 80 Links”

  1. Leon says:

    Very many thanks Chandoo. This is superb work. I had been struggling to create something similar with bookmarks for the past 2 weeks. It was slow going and not nearly as useful or definitive as this.

    I am continually amazed by your commitment and generosity. For free, not only do you provide a fantastic facility, you now also give the would-be student a concise study plan for everything they could ever want.

    Just so you know, it was the quality of your free material which gave me the confidence to sign up to your video classes - I immediately learnt several techniques just by watching you use Excel in the first lesson!

    You are truly one in a million.

  2. Sawan says:

    I completely agree with Leon, I just keep coming back for more,

    Thanks a lot

  3. gsvirdi says:

    BEAUTIFUL COMPILATION.... really appreciable job done. Thx so much fro sharing these links with all of us 🙂

  4. md says:

    Fabulous job!!!
    This will going to be One of the most visiting page for me for sure.
    Already have forwarded to all of my friends groups.

    Thanks a lot Chandoo & friends

  5. Manickkam says:

    Really nice work. Simply amazing to see all the things compiled at one place. Kudos to you..

  6. Bishnu says:

    This is really a nice work!
    Please review my video also: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Qii4eN9bwo

  7. Moises says:

    Excellent compilation Chandoo! And Hui!
    Now we have a lot of reading to do!
    Great work!

  8. jeremymjp says:

    This really is pretty fantastic. Hats off

  9. Chandoo says:

    @All.. thank you so much for your love. I am glad you like this.

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  11. Shane says:

    Chandoo you are the man! I passed this out to my coworkers and now they finally know that you are the true Jedi behind my skills! You have a place to stay in California any time you visit!

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  13. Hello Mr. Chandoo!
    My Belated X-mas greetings & Advance Happy New Year – 2012 to You! and all your family members & friends! Thus far, your journey is AWESOME! Wow! you’re really a Special breed for a specific purpose!
    With regards.

  14. Hello Mr. Chandoo!
    My Belated X-mas greetings & Advance Happy New Year – 2012 to You! and all your family members & friends! Thus far, your journey is AWESOME! Wow! you’re really a Special breed for a specific purpose! I wanna give you smart picks for your New year Jackpot!
    With regards.

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    Google Translate: Those who have read to the end, take a gift, a very cool resource to learn excel

  18. Best ever I had seen !

  19. David says:

    Many thanks for Chandoo. I am trying to translate your free examples to Chinese. and shared with my Friends!

  20. Balpreet says:

    Chandoo your wor is simply amazing.Thanks a ton for it!

  21. Dinesh says:

    Great post 🙂 thanks

  22. Faridz Ridzuan says:

    just found this site, still looking for time to explore it.huh.....

  23. Nolberto says:

    Excellent, very thorough, going to my favorites.

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