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220 Excel Tips, Tutorials, Templates & Resources for You [Celebrating 20k RSS Members]



220 Excel Tips, Tutorials, Templates & Resources for You

I have an exciting news & massive post for you.

Chandoo.org reaches 20,156 RSS Subscriber mark on Jan 19, 2011As of Jan 19, 2011, our little blog has registered our 20,000th RSS Subscriber. While this is not a huge achievement or anything, It certainly calls for celebration. I am so happy to see our mission to make people awesome in Excel is reaching out to more people everyday. Thank you.

To celebrate this milestone, I am doing a massive post with 220 Excel tips, tricks, tutorials & templates.

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These 220 tips are broken down in to following areas. Click on the links to access them.

Formulas [52 tips]

IF Formula & 5 Tips

Learn 5 tips on how to use IF formula, CHOOSE Formula in Excel. [link]


Find out how you can sum or count values that meet a criteria. A must have tool for any analyst or manager using Excel. [link]



Lookup formulas are famous for a reason. In this article, you will learn how to use them to find anything, well, almost! [link]

INDEX + MATCH Formulas

While VLOOKUP is awesome, it can-not go left. That is why you must learn how to use INDEX+MATCH combination. [link]

OFFSET Formula

OFFSET formula becomes very important if you ever plan to make an excel dashboard. So go ahead and learn. [link]


I just love SUMPRODUCT formula. And read this to find out why. [link]


SUMIFS & COUNTIFS formulas are like Swiss army knifes. They can do pretty much anything and still look slick. [link]


Find out how you can use ROWS or COLUMNS formulas to generate sequential numbers [link]

Formula for Moving Average

Learn how to calculate moving average using Excel. [link]

Between Formula in Excel

Between Formula in Excel

Learn how to write formulas to test Between condition. [link]

Weighted Average Formula

Calculate weighted average using Excel formulas [link]

Either-or condition in Excel

Learn to write either-or (XOR) conditions using excel formulas [link]

5 Tips on SUBTOTAL Formula

5 Tips on SUBTOTAL Formula

SUBTOTAL is a powerful & low profile formula. In this article we explore the possibilities and show you some cool examples. [link]



If you use Excel to do anything more than counting your chickens, chances are you use VLOOKUP quite often. Read this to learn 6 important VLOOKUP tips. [link]

15 Formulas for Advanced Users

Anyone can write a SUM or IF formula. But how well do you know some of the powerful formulas in Excel. Read this to know 15 very useful formulas in Excel. [link]

10 Formulas & Tips for working with Date & Time in Excel

Dealing with dates is not something only for young people. Analysts and managers work with dates & times all the time. In this article, we explain 10 powerful ways in which you can work with Excel Date & Time values. [link]

Formatting & Conditional Formatting [36 tips]

16 Paste Special Tips & Tricks

16 Paste Special Tips & Tricks

Paste special is one of my favorite features in Excel. In this article, we explore various ways paste special can save us time. [link]

5 Ways to become Awesome using Conditional Formatting

5 Ways to become Awesome using Conditional Formatting

Conditional formatting is your way of asking excel to change a cell’s formatting when a certain condition is met. You can use it do some pretty awesome things. In this classic chandoo.org article, learn 5 ways to use conditional formatting to become awesome. [link]

15 Fun things you can do in Excel in less than 15 seconds

How well do you know Excel? See this list to find out 15 simple but fun things you can do in less than 15 seconds. [link]

Charting [60 tips]

Thermo-meter Chart – Excel Tutorial & Free Template

Prepare a thermo-meter chart to compare actual performance with targets. [link]

Bullet Graph – Excel Tutorial & Free Template

Bullet Graph

Learn how to make bullet graphs using Excel. [link]

Comparison chart – Excel Tutorial & Free Template

Comparison chart

Learn how to make an interactive comparison chart to compare one value with several others. [link]

Pareto Chart – Excel Tutorial & Free Template

Pareto Chart

Pareto analysis is very important in quality control, decision making etc. In this tutorial learn how to create pareto charts using Excel. [link]

Water Fall Chart – Excel Tutorial & Free Template

Water Fall Chart

Water-fall charts are a good way to visualize how various components contribute to the overall outcome. Like how net profit is arrived etc. Know how to make these charts using Excel. [link]

Panel Charts – Excel Tutorial & Free Template

Panel Charts

What are panel charts and how to make them using Excel? [link]

Gantt Chart – Excel Tutorial & Free Template

Gantt Chart

Gantt charts are an excellent way to plan for a project and track it. Learn how to use Excel’s conditional formatting, cell grid structure etc. to make Gantt charts. [link]

Project Timeline Chart – Excel Tutorial & Free Template

Project Timeline Chart

Timeline charts are a great for showing project progress and macro level picture. In this article, we show you how to make such milestone / timeline charts using Excel. [link]

Burn Down Chart – Excel Tutorial & Free Template

Burn down charts help you in visualizing how far the project has progressed. Learn how to create these charts using Excel. [link]

Dynamic Chart – simple example – Excel Tutorial & Free Template

Dynamic Chart - simple example

Learn how to make simple dynamic chart using Excel data validation feature. [link]

Dynamic Chart with Checkboxes – Excel Tutorial & Free Template

Learn how to make a dynamic chart with checkboxes and interactivity. [link]

More Dynamic Charts – Excel Tutorial & Free Template

Get more examples, templates & tutorials on Dynamic charts using Excel [link]

In-cell Charts – Excel Tutorial & Free Template

Get more examples, templates & tutorials on incell charts using Excel [link]

5 Rules for Better Charts

Make compelling, effective charts by following these 5 simple rules. [link]

5 Chart Formatting Tips

5 Chart formatting tips that cost you nothing and make your charts look cool. [link]

6 Charts you must avoid

6 Charts you must avoid

Come what may, do not make any of these 6 types of charts. They are ugly. Period. [link]

Charting Lessons from Optical Illusions

We come across optical illusions all the time. But do you know they also teach valuable lessons on chart formatting & Selection? [link]

10 Alternatives to Pie Charts

10 Alternatives to Pie Charts

Pie charts are ineffective in all but few scenarios. But how do you show composition of several values? Read this post to find 10 alternatives to pie charts. [link]

14 Budget vs. Actual Charts

Back in 2009, we ran a contest on how to visualize budget vs. actual data. You can see 14 different charting ideas in this article. [link]

Tables & Pivot Tables [15 tips]

10 Tips on using Excel Tables

Excel tables are a new and powerful feature introduced in Excel 2007. Ever since I learned them, I have been much more productive while making dashboards or reports. Read these 10 tips to learn how to use Excel tables better. [link]

5 Pivot Table Tips & Tricks

5 Pivot Table Tips & Tricks

Pivot tables are a great way to analyze data and make reports. In this post, learn 5 powerful pivot table tricks & tips. [link]

Using Excel [47 tips]

5 Double Click Tricks

Learn how to use Double click feature on your mouse to save time and become awesome in Excel. [link]

Using Mouse – 5 Tricks

Using Mouse - 5 Tricks

Learn how to use Mouse to become even more productive in Excel [link]

10 Ways to make your Excel Workbooks Boss-proof

10 Ways to make your Excel Workbooks Boss-proof

While not all bosses are like Dilbert’s boss, we do realize that they like to press things and test. So it is a good idea to make your workbooks boss-proof. Learn 10 tips to do so. [link]

15 Excel Productivity Tips & Tweaks

Do you know that you can customize excel to make yourself more productive? You can turn off annoying features and set default formatting options to save precious time and make better worksheets all the time. Read this post to learn 15 such customizations & productivity tips. [link]

12 Rules for Making Better Spreadsheet Models

It is a good idea to follow a set of principles while designing a complex workbook model or dashboard. In this post you can find 12 rules for making better excel workbooks. [link]

Free Downloads [5 tips]

Formula Cheat-sheet

Using this handy one-pager, you can quickly remember the syntax for the most used formulas. Also find out what to do if there is an error. [link]

95 Excel Tips – FREE E-book

Get this e-book (available only on subscription to my newsletter) to enjoy 95 excel tips & tricks. [link]

Learn how to use Excel 2007 Ribbon

Learn how to use Excel 2007’s ribbon based user interface using this handy guide. [link]

12 Rules for Better Spreadsheets – Poster

12 Rules for Better Spreadsheets - Poster

Larry’s spreadsheet rules in a simple poster. Very useful if you work on spreadsheet models often [link]

VLOOKUP Cheat-sheet

VLOOKUP Cheat-sheet

Use this cheat-sheet to write better VLOOKUP formulas [link]

Recommended Resources [5 tips]

Excel School

Excel School

Join my Excel school program to learn Excel in a step-by-step fashion and become awesome. We have 23 hours of instruction on Excel & 8 hours of lessons on Dashboards. Click here to learn more. [link]

Excel Project Management Templates

Get a copy of my Excel Project Management templates so that you can save time and become a better project manager. The template pack has 24 templates to take care of various key areas of project management like planning, status reporting, tracking, timesheets etc. [link]

Learn 75 Excel Formulas [e-book]

In this easy to understand e-book, I explain 75 very important Excel formulas in plain English. Get a copy today and learn something new. [link]

Jon Peltier’s Charting Utilities

Jon Peltier's Charting Utilities

I recommend Jon’s charting utilities. You can make some of the custom charts that are not part of Excel charting gallery in minutes using his tools. They can save you lots of time and money. [link]

Excel Everest Training Kit for Learning Excel

I recommend using Sean’s Excel Everest if you are an Excel beginner. This is an interactive excel workbook designed to teach you various features of Excel. You can read my review. [link]

Thank you

Thanks for your support to Chandoo.org. Without you this milestone or anything else that we achieve is meaningless. I wish you even more awesomeness and knowledge in the months and years to come.

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14 Responses to “220 Excel Tips, Tutorials, Templates & Resources for You [Celebrating 20k RSS Members]”

  1. Steve says:

    Congrats on the milestone- your work is such a high quality and presented in such a fun way that I am convinced that this is only the beginning!

  2. dan l says:

    It's a big deal chandoo. Congrats man.

  3. A different Steve says:

    Personally I think you blog is slipping. You have moved away from what people want (look at your 'TOP EXCEL & CHARTING TIPS' list) and have to less interesting topics (look at your 'LATEST EXCEL TIPS' list).

    Don't get me wrong. I love the stuff in your 'TOP EXCEL & CHARTING TIPS'

  4. Finnur says:

    Bookmarked. Thanks.

  5. Mark says:

    Awesome post, congratulations on the milestone.

  6. Devon says:

    Hey, that could have been me! I found you yesterday and signed up!

  7. Chandoo says:

    @All: thank you for your blessings and support.

    @Another Steve: Thanks for your feedback. As I proudly state in my disclaimer, I prefer to write what I want. Once in a while I get brilliant ideas and I share them openly. But most of the time my ideas and techniques are quite simple.

    You are right that I have moved away from full blown tutorials. But I am hoping to revive these in this year.

  8. Deepak Kumar says:

    Congratulation Chandoo,

    ur site inspired me to become awesome in excel, and also celebrating the achievement with all the team members is very nice,


  9. Jayant Joshi says:

    Hi , This is Jayant
    Many Many congratulations ..............

    You are not Chandoo , you are champ ... All the best & good bless you

  10. V S VENKATRAMAN says:

    Congragulations Mr Chandoo

    I am happy to be one of 20K member. You have all the reason to celebrate since you are in the process of teaching others.... May god bless you and your family.


    V S Venkatraman

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  12. Sachin M says:

    Hi Chandoo and team,
    Congratulations on your landmark. This site has now become my go to for anything in excel.

    For people like me who have recently joined via newsletter, we are missing out on the tips that have already been posted in the past. Apart from manually visiting each tip, is there any other way by whcih I can get earlier tips (from the archive?)? Fro example, mailed to me on a daily basis?

  13. [...] Here is something I came across in my browsing for more tutorial ideas. This guy has gone out of his way to make tions of tips for people to become awesome in Excel. Some of the tips are formulas that are already explained in other Spreadsheet Wonders tutorials. But, I think this is a very resourceful site worth mentioning. Here is the link. 220 EXCEL TIPS → [...]

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