Dashboard best practice: Highlight user selection [video]


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Here is a best practice to improve your dashboard usability. If you have an interactive dashboard, highlight user selections thru conditional formatting.

Check out below quick video to understand what this means.

You may watch this video on our YouTube channel too.

Download Example workbook

Please click here to download the example workbook for this video. Play with conditional formatting rules to learn more.

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One Response to “Dashboard best practice: Highlight user selection [video]”

  1. Craig says:

    Hi, Chandoo, I'm a huge fan of your site! I read it regularly and have more pages bookmarked than I'd care to admit to!

    One comment - for myself, I'm often looking up things on the site or reading the latest posts at work, as time permits, or maybe on my phone waiting for an appt, etc. I'm seldom in a situation/timeframe where I can use the videos. At work we can't access YouTube, and really can't stream much of anything at all, and the same is often true of trying to do something with a weak connection. Also, on the few occasions where I've tried to use the videos, I have to constantly stop and write notes, which makes them a much longer, more time-consuming way to learn. And if I want to go back later and look up something for reference, a video is not very helpful - I have to search it in real time.

    I'm sure some of your users love the videos, so I would never suggest you stop using them, but I sure wish there were fewer postings where the video was the only real way to get the information. Maybe the option of having transcripts on the site, as well as the videos?

    Anyway, just my 2¢ worth. I'm still a huge fan of your stuff, and very grateful that you're out there!


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