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Remember Excel School? It was all I talked about between Jan last week and middle of Feb. Then as if someone has pressed mute button, there was not even a single mention about the school. So I thought, why not give you all an update on Excel School and tell you how the classes are going.

Excel School - Online Excel Training Program

Some stats about the program:

  • A total of 147 students signed up for the program.
  • 3 Students dropped out for various reasons.
  • Out of total 12 weeks, we have finished 8 weeks of lessons now.
  • We have covered extensively on topics like excel formulas, charting, conditional formatting, formatting, tables and pivot tables until now. We also did a class project.
  • In the next 4 weeks we will be talking about data validation, filters, importing data, advanced formulas, macros and do another class project.
  • There were a total of  25 lessons, with roughly 800 minutes of video lessons and several downloadable excel workbooks.
  • A total of 219 comments were posted by students discussing lesson topics, asking questions and doubts.

What is the student feedback?

While it is a little early, I am very happy to tell you that students are really enjoying Excel School and have been liking what is shared so far. Some encouraging comments I have received are,

Helen says, in an email,

I just wanted to give you some feedback on our lessons so far. While I wouldn’t consider Excel school to be a beginner’s 101 course, I wish I had found something with this level of instruction years ago.

I’m having a blast looking at things that I thought I understood well. You have given some new insight into several things that I’ve been able to apply to some workbooks at my job.    Just with one powerful little formula tweaks  I figured you saved me and a colleague 475 minutes per month on a monthly report that we have to prepare. Over a years time that equates to over $3500. That’s only one instance.

This is the best instruction that I’ve ever come across.   You make Excel fun! THANK YOU!  Thank you for being so generous with all of the great information that you share. You truly are awesome!

Mehdi says, in an email,

I am a member of your Excel School and continuously watching your postings. I just want to thank you personally for providing me such a good excel tutorials.

Georgine says, in an email,

I really am learning a lot…I am stubborn and will keep trying till I get the ideas.  And you have so many wonderful tricks I never knew about.  I got started with you in charting and I have learned so much and done some nifty charts.  I am looking forward to learning a lot more from you in the future.  I am amazed how much you know and how well you are able to explain  things. I thought I was pretty proficient in formatting till I watched week 2 and I have discovered that there is much more I do not know than I do.  Can’t wait for the rest of the classes.

Rob says, in an email,

I just wanted to tell you that so far in the Excel School, I am blown away with the quality and amount of information I’m getting out of the course.  I have always been the excel expert where ever I work, and it’s inspiring to see what you’ve been able to do with it.  I didn’t realize there was so much more to learn.

Steve M says, in a blog post,

Been taking an online class in Excel. About 6 weeks into it and wow, I have learned a lot. And I am the best Excel user in my department at work. Class is hosted by Chandoo and he is good, really good. Runs a great blog called Pointy Haired Dilbert. A lot of value in this thing: class was approximately $100 for 15 weeks of awesome-ness. … I am loving it. … The surprising thing I have learned is how to better present information for others. I have always taken pride in making good spreadsheets instinctively, but this has made me much better.

My thoughts on the program so far,

To be frank I was *very* nervous when I closed the signups for the excel school. Having 147 students in the class, each with different and probably very high expectations psyched me a bit. To top it, after running barely one week of the program, I had to move from Denmark to India and that posed different challenges (mainly on bandwidth, internet connectivity, free time fronts). Having 2 small babies at home didn’t help either.

But, the students are generous, eager and fun. They lapped up the lessons with enthusiasm and discussed topics with a sense of humor. They supported me when I told them I had to lie low on comment replies during my transit from DK to IN. They didnt mind when a video link was broken or download went 404. They just gave me time to correct it. Few enthusiastic fellas even emailed me and told how *awesome* the classes are and helped me gain confidence. Thank you.

The promised goodies…

I am hoping to start the next batch of Excel School at End of May 2010. I am actively looking for students now…

So if you are interested in an online excel training program please tell me your name and email address. I will update you once the program is ready for registration. Also, you will be receiving 3 free lessons,

  • Excel conditional formatting lesson – as soon as you sign up below
  • SUMPRODUCT Formula lesson – by End of April
  • Excel Pivot Table Tricks (lesson by Debra Dalgleish and me) – by end of May.

Please use the below form (click here if are not able to see it) to express your interest in Excel School Program:

PS: For Excel School Curriculum & Details pls. visit – http://chandoo.org/wp/excel-school/
PPS: The price of Excel School will remain same at $97

Are you a student? What do you think of Excel School?

If you are an Excel School student, please take a minute and share your opinion of the program thru comments. I would love to know how it is helping you be more awesome in excel. Also, pls. share your suggestions for improvements for future batches.


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6 Responses to “Updates on Excel School [and 3 free lessons]”

  1. sairam says:

    What about pricing for Indian students protecting them from vagaries of exchange rates.
    This course to an Indian students is Rs. 4600/-

  2. Andrew says:

    Thought you would have had some snazzy chart for the stats!!

  3. Venus says:

    I'm glad you're going to do this again.

    One question, will you issue a certificate of any kind that I can provide to my employer?

    Thank you!

  4. Chandoo says:

    @Sairam.. I will be able to offer special pricing for Indian Students this time. It should be about 60% of the regular USD price.

    @Andrew... The stats are all just a bunch of facts. Chart would only confuse such data. But I will probably make some charts after 2nd batch...

    @Venus... Thanks, I am not sure if anybody would value a certificate issued by me. But I can mail merge and generate a bunch of certificates... 🙂

  5. Venus says:

    Thanks Chandoo.
    I would certainly value the certificate.

    I would also like to convince my employer to pay for the class, without a certificate though they may not want to.

  6. Catherine says:

    hI Chandoo,
    I am enjoying Excel School, my work paid for it ... a bonus! I have learnt so much from you on your blog and in "School". Already I am producing results in my work and saving time and enjoying being an "Excel star!"

    I too would appreciate a certificate for my work... however I am running a bit behind in the lessons, due to a brief holiday.. but i plan to catch up!


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