How to highlight overdue items [video]

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We, adults can’t escape three things:

  1. Deadlines
  2. Demanding bosses (replace with customers or nagging spouses or naughty kids)
  3. Taxes

While I can’t help you with demanding bosses or taxes, when it comes to deadlines, I have the right tool for you.

A tracker that highlights all overdue items so that you know where to focus your attention.

Let’s learn how to use awesome powers of Excel to find-out which items are due. You can apply these concepts to nail down over due invoices, pending project tasks or scheduling workforce.


Highlight overdue items using Excel Conditional Formatting – Video

Please watch the below video tutorial to understand how to highlight overdue items with conditional formatting.

You can watch this video on our YouTube channel too.

Interactive highlighter – use form controls + CF for awesome effect

In the downloadable workbook, find this cool interactive highlighter. Examine the formulas & conditional formatting rules to unlock the mystery behind this.


How to deal with deadlines?

Whenever I am doing a project, I use conditional formatting to keep track of the progress. In fact, right now, I have a file (with conditional formatting) to keep track of Awesome August festival.

What about you? How do you deal with deadlines & pending items? Please share your tips and ideas by writing a comment.

More on highlighting & deadlines

If you deal with a lot of deadlines (who doesn’t?), you will find below links very useful.

Formulas & concepts used in the workbook


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7 Responses to “How to highlight overdue items [video]”

  1. Kris says:

    I enjoyed watching this video

    Thanks a bunch

  2. cinnabar says:

    Very nice trick, especially with the dashboard. Thanks !

  3. Lisa says:

    I learned a new use for the formula median! Thank you!
    I always look forward to the emails and tutorials!!

  4. Phil says:

    Many thanks for this and your other excellent tips - Median, yep I like it.

    I suggest using the actual end date in the selection criteria, rather than end-1 in the median formula. That would would be clearer and correctly highlight the last date when using a custom range.

    Thanks again.

  5. Gautam Shastry says:

    Dear Chandoo,

    Really learn t a new thing. Only that we have to yet practice writing formulas.

  6. Ramesh says:

    Dear Chandoo,

    Simply Superb.......
    I have already used these in Conditional formatting.
    But this video gives better understanding to use Conditional formatting.
    This kind of Video tutorials gives better understanding.
    Thanks Chandoo.


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