3 excel keyboard shortcuts that can save a lot of time for you

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  1. F2 – Edit a cell, takes the cursor to the end of the cell
  2. F4 – Repeat last action (for eg. if you have inserted a row, repeats that action again) – doent really work with paste through.
  3. Ctrl+1 – Open “Format cell dialog”

What are your 3 most favorite excel key board shortcuts?


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12 Responses to “3 excel keyboard shortcuts that can save a lot of time for you”

  1. Siby Mathew says:

    The one to move between worksheets
    Ctrl-Pgdn or Ctrl-PgUp

    Select all in a row till the last entry
    ctrl-shift- down arrow key

  2. Rahul Razdan says:

    I had many, but 'use them or lose them' got the better of me 🙂

    The ones I use a lot today are:

    -- F2 (perhaps the most used after Ctrl-C/X/V)
    -- Ctrl+ Arrow (to reach the first break/last entry in a series)
    -- Ctrl+ D (to replicate contents of a cell or any drawn object)

  3. srickant says:

    1) Ctrl+ [ - this is awesome takes you to cells on which your reference cell is dependent. use ctrl+5 to get back
    2) Alt + o, followed by c,w (or alt+o, followed by r,h), column width (row height)
    3) Ctrl + spacebar (shift + spacebar) select column (row)

    hehe, i love shortcuts 😀

  4. srickant says:

    and most important : alt+e, followed by s, t. copy format. hehehe

  5. Kevin Stone says:

    F5 then Special
    this opens a dialog box that allows you to select specific cells, such as just all the formulas, or errors.
    Great when used in confunction with other functions.

  6. Jon Peltier says:

    Ctrl+1 actually opens the format dialog for whatever object is selected (not just Format Cells).

  7. ponyfizz says:

    F4 when you have a cell location selected in a formula
    It toggles the absolute cell reference value ($)

    e.g. A1 becomes $A$1 then $A1 then A$1 etc.
    great for large formulas

  8. Kees says:

    Select an Entire Range of Cells in Excel
    From Kees Podt, Voorburg, Netherlands

    In Excel, if you want to quickly select the entire range of cells you're working on, press CTRL+SHIFT+ ASTERISK (*).

    For example, if you have a list of customers in Excel, this command will select the entire list and the column headings, but not the empty cells around the list—so you get only the cells you need.

    This tip is different from the Select All command, which selects every cell in the worksheet—even the ones that you are not using.

  9. Jesse says:

    For the F4 issue you mentioned with paste, if you paste special and then select all (or any options for that matter) you can use F4 to paste the intended value in any number of cells.

    One of my favorites is CTRL+SHIFT+P which takes you straight to the Font tab in format cells. From her you can simply press e (superscript), b (subscript) or k (strikethrough) or adjust font/font size, color, etc.

  10. Srabani Duttaroy says:

    The CTRL+SHIFT+P can be substituted by using only CTRL+1 nad toggle between required functions using arrow key. Simple na?

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