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Excel Links of The Week – Malmo Edition

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Last Wednesday I flew from Chennai, India to Malmo, Sweden for some work. This is a beautiful town. I like that so many people are either walking or cycling instead of using cars. When I visited Dublin, Ireland few years back, I wanted to spend sometime in Europe. But I stayed there barely for a week. Now my assignment is fairly longer than that. So, I am hoping to explore Europe further. If you know somethings that I should do / visit / learn about Malmo, please share in comments…

Moving on to this week’s excel links:

Making Your Random Numbers Unique

When you are preparing a spreadsheet model (or game) that involves random numbers, often you may want to geenrate unique random numbers. Andrew’s provides us with a simple VBA solution to do this. While you are there, check out his excel concentration game too.

Simple Charts Always Rule

We, at PHD always recommend simplicity as rule when making charts. If you are still not convinced, this very good example shown on Junk Charts should help you realize the virtues of simplicity.

Bingo Cards – US Style

Play seems to be the focus of excel blogosphere last week. Debra at contextures has created an excel file to generate bingo cards (US style) in excel. Several others followed it up with their own versions of bing number generators. Follow the links, download the book and have some fun! Also, Generate UK / Indian style bingo cards

Prepare Your Data for Charting

Jon shows us how to cook the data. (not cook up). He provides some interesting techniques and tips to massage the data before it is used to make charts.

Have a Suggestion or Tip?

Please share with me through comments or email at chandoo . d @ gmail . com. Have a great week ahead everyone 🙂


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5 Responses to “Excel Links of The Week – Malmo Edition”

  1. Peter says:

    You should go visit Copenhagen which is quite near, just a small train-ride away. There are plenty of things to see in our fair capital. Architecture, both new and old, castles, museums, art, Christiania and plenty of bars and restaurants!
    I don't know Malmö but I think the Turning Torso is a must-see!

  2. alfiler says:

    I spent 4 days in Malmö in 2006. The city is not huge and it is quite relaxing. No matter where you look at you'll see the Turning Torso. on the last day we took a train to the very close Lund, a city worth seeing, very walkable. If you prefer the bustling, take Copenhagen instead.

  3. Fabrice says:

    On a clear day, take a train to Helsingborg (30 minutes) and visit the city center and a little further north, there is a nice little peninsula from which you can see big part of southern Sweden / northern Denmark shores.

  4. Chandoo says:

    @Peter: Sure, I actually visit Copenhagen few days a week on work purpose, but may be one weekend I will go there and roam a bit more. And turning torso is literally visible from any corner of the Malmo.

    @Alfiler: Good suggestion. Few friends here suggested visiting Lund... I guess we will go there one of the weekends.

    @Fabrice: I have a friend in Helsingborg, so I guess the visit is due anyway.

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