Save a ton of time by using Mouse scroll-wheel to Navigate Excel Ribbon

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Today’s quick tip is by far the quickest and most profitable tip of all.

To switch between ribbon tabs or to change to a particular tab, you can use mouse scroll-wheel. Just place mouse pointer on a ribbon tab, and scroll-down or up using your mouse’s scroll-wheel and you can switch between tabs.

Save time by using mouse scroll wheel to switch between ribbon tabs in Excel (and other office apps)

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9 Responses to “Save a ton of time by using Mouse scroll-wheel to Navigate Excel Ribbon”

  1. Tony Rose says:

    Great tip Chandoo! I really need to spend some time customizing the ribbon for my needs. One feature I can't seem to find is the old "Links" option where you can see any broken links or outside links in the spreadsheet. Do you know where it is? Thanks!

  2. Seth says:

    is there some kind of setting to enable this? - it doesn't work for me, but it might be user error 🙂

  3. Finnur says:

    You have to have the ribbon pinned down for this to work. To pin or unpin it, double click the ribbon. It saves me alot of space to have it unpinned.

  4. Pat Harris says:

    How do you "pin down" the ribbon? I can't get this to work either.

  5. sixseven says:

    To get this to work, the mouse cursor needs to be in the ribbon area.

  6. Hui... says:

    Try the Data, Connections Tab in Excel 2007

  7. Mehdi Raza says:

    Excellent Tip. Really saves a lot of time..................

  8. John Buyer says:

    Mouse wheel scroll works first but then it stopped working. I have repaired office 2010 but still no luck.
    - Is it due to some other program installed.
    - Do I need to use only one type of mouse

    How to enable the scroll to tab through the ribbon when the wheel is scrolled. I like the feaute but it broke so easily and there is no help provided how to enable it.

  9. Shah Alam says:

    Really a very nice trick to navigate between the menu bar...

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