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Excel Links – After a long time edition

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Long time readers of Chandoo.org know that we have a regular featured called as “Excel Links“, where I share some interesting Excel articles published around the web. This used to be a weekly feature, then became a monthly thing and later once a few months thing. As I had a hectic weekend, when I got up today, I did not know what to write. So here we go, one more edition of Excel Links. I am hoping to revive this feature and share links, at least once a month.

How to show filter criteria in Status Bar?

Mike shows us how to display the Auto Filter criteria in status bar when a list / table is filtered. Of course, he uses VBA to do this. Check out his code & learn something fun.

Convert Numbers to Words

Quite a few of you email and ask me, “How do I convert a number to words”. Well, here is your answer. Check out Debra’s tip to learn how to use UDFs to convert numbers to words. (And if you want to do the other way round, ie, words to numbers, you can check this out )

Embedding & Geo-coding Maps in Excel

Ever wondered how to use maps and geo-coding in Excel? Well, Tushar did and he provides an elegant solution for this problem.

Excel Rubik Cube Game

I love Rubik’s cube. Whenever I try to solve it, It puts me to sleep almost instantly. But some of you might stay awake and love to work on it. So you are going to love this. Rubik’s Cube in Excel.

Why Pie Charts are Burdensome

Pie charts are burdensome and we all know it. Sometimes, they just add too much chart junk that you would rather solve a Rubik’s cube than understand what the pie chart says. Here is one such poorly constructed pie chart (and a beautiful, simple alternative)

Doing SEO Competition Analysis using Excel

Here is one for webmasters. If you ever want to do some competitor analysis and want to automate it, you can use Excel (and VBA) to help you. A powerful macro to search Google for various keywords and analyze competition.

Do you want to share a link with us?

If you want to share a link with readers of Chandoo.org, leave a comment or drop me an email. I am always looking for new information, tips & ideas when it comes to anything related to Excel. You can email me at chandoo.d @ gmail.com.

I wish you a beautiful week ahead.


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2 Responses to “Excel Links – After a long time edition”

  1. Hui... says:

    A non-Excel Venn Pieagram
    A Venn Pieagram

  2. Ranjit Singh Kumar says:

    This would be an addition to the Flexible lists for Data Validation. For this follow the steps:
    1. Say your list starts from cell A1. Define a name ("valid" for an example) which would refer to "=OFFSET(InputSheet!$A$1,1,0,COUNTA(InputSheet!$E:$E),1).
    2. Say you need a validation of this in cell B1. Go to B1 and click on Data Validation, Allow Lists and input the source as "=valid"

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