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Share an excel link and win $14.85 gift card from Amazon

excel links - 58 comments

Share an Excel Link and win an Amazon Gift CardIt is the labor day weekend in USA. That means, majority of our readers are busy barbecuing, enjoying the last few days of summer with their families and vacationing. Even though, I am not in US, I never miss an opportunity to sit-back and relax. So I thought of not posting anything until 8th of Sept.

Then, I realized, what the heck, only US has labor day. For rest of us, this is just another labor day.

So, we have a contest. I am giving away one $14.85 worth gift card to a random commenter.

What you need to do:

  • Share an Excel or visualization related link that can make all of us awesome.

That is all.

Some rules:

  • This contest closes on Sunday, 12th of September.
  • Please mention your name and correct email id in the comments (if you win, I need to contact you).
  • You can post as many comments as you want.
  • But, make sure all the links are awesome.
  • You can also link to a previously posted article on Chandoo.org, because I know I am awesome 🙂
  • Winner will be chosen randomly.

Story behind the $14.85:

I  know you are already burning inside with the question, “$14.85 Chandoo? Don’t you have like, $85.15 more?”

Well, as you know I recommend some excel and vba books at my online store. Some of you kind souls support me by clicking on the links to get one of those books. And whenever, you do, the folks at amazon give me a dollar or two as commission. Turns out that I have made exactly $14.85 as sales commissions in last month. So Amazon sent me this gift card worth exactly.

So, there you go. Now you know how the $14.85 came into existence. So go ahead and share a link. The gift card could be yours.

PS: Incase you are reading this in email or RSS reader, click here to share a link.

PPS: Here is a link on how to read charts [PDF] that I found quite useful.

PPPS: What are you still reading the PPPS for? Go and share, NOW!


Hello Awesome...

My name is Chandoo. Thanks for dropping by. My mission is to make you awesome in Excel & your work. I live in Wellington, New Zealand. When I am not F9ing my formulas, I cycle, cook or play lego with my kids. Know more about me.

I hope you enjoyed this article. Visit Excel for Beginner or Advanced Excel pages to learn more or join my online video class to master Excel.

Thank you and see you around.

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58 Responses to “Share an excel link and win $14.85 gift card from Amazon”

  1. Abhishek says:

    Hi Chandoo,

    Please find below a link that I figured it out while searching for an Excel solution related to statistcs. I found it very useful.



  2. Abhishek says:

    There is one more which I visit very frequently like I vist yours 🙂


  3. Vipul says:

    http://www.gapminder.org/ is the GOD of visualization (motion charts); Its totally free to use and has both online and desktop version; Has huge database of health & economics related data collated from multiple sources and going back very far ago in the past and also extrapolating the future.. Awesomeness personified..

  4. Mike says:

    Hi Chandoo, Your site is great and always look forward to getting notifications on google reader of any news from your site, including your family updates. The gapminder site is great - think it works with google spreadsheets which has got some great visualisation features.
    Another, site that is great and gives good explanations of some great excel spreadsheets with a new one provided eack week is excelhero.com


    Just visited it and seen that they have a new one. Wish they were on google reader as it is a fantastic way of keeping track of blogs. Regards, Mike

  5. Hi Chandoo,

    This animated chart from Excel Hero is awesome!




  6. Rick Rothstein (MVP - Excel) says:

    Debra Dalgleish, who runs the Contextures blog (http://blog.contextures.com/) was kind enough to set up this web page of some submissions I have made to her blog in the past...


    I believe all three post macros would meet your criteria, but I want to point people to the macro in the section titled "Delete Row With Specific Word" as it contains a particularly powerful technique to select and delete rows of data without using a loop.

  7. I am getting the excel food from


    Outstanding excel site in the web !!!

  8. Tim J says:


    If you are talking about charting or Excel Jon Peltier's website needs to be on the list.


  9. Pete says:

    An excellent tips on using excel.

    Thanks again for expanding your knowledge to allow me to learn.

  10. Robert says:


    you know that I truly love Excel, but you' ve been asking for visualization related links as well. So, you probably guessed what I would recommend when it comes to visualization. Of course it is Tableau and Tableau Public:


    I know that you are already working with it. However, to all of your readers who don't yet know Tableau: check it out. Tableau Public is for free...

  11. Donnie says:

    I watch Mikes videos all the time.. He loves excel and so do I

  12. carmen says:

    Here's a link to a helpful Excel cheat sheet: http://www.investintech.com/articles/excelcheatsheet/

  13. dan l says:

    A hot, hot, sizzling tip on using the column formula in the vlookup formula. :


    Check the comments. You'll also notice that Dan L is in the comments advocating the use of named ranges.

  14. Danae says:

    First of I want to tell you I am a big Chilean fan of your blog. It is really helping me to improve my knowledge about Excel, in a very fun and innovative way.

    I am very fond of this link, because it helped me a lot to save time in the construction and presentation of the Balanced Scorecard report that I have to built monthly (this site has another very interesting posts too):


  15. chrisham says:

    I would also say that Jorge has some good tutorials on Data/Chart visualization

  16. Hi Chandoo, You are doing a great job of teaching excel tricks and usefull tips related to excel. Thanks for every singlle post.........

  17. shivakumar says:

    I want to excel in EXCEL. I need information on conditioning formatting w.r.t scheduling dates. The problem is this: We give schedule of so many projcts in various work sheets of a work book. In the next review meeting , I am missing to update. This is causing embarrasment. what I need is 1) The past dates should all change to say todaya's date by pressing a button. How do we do it.
    2) What is the date format to be followed. ( I work in India where the general format is DD.MM.YY. This is what is being followed in the review meetings.) Can I keep workng with the same format ?
    3)How to use formula in changing dates. is it possible ?

    You earliest response will be highly appreciated.

    shivakumar N

  18. Chandoo says:

    @Shivakumar: Check out http://chandoo.org/wp/2009/06/16/gantt-charts-project-management/ and use the template there to simplify your project plan. You can also get a copy of my project management templates if you want to simplify your project management activities - http://chandoo.org/pmt/pmt-index-1.html

  19. Nilesh Desai says:

    The following link helps in creating, Sharing and Publishing your spreadsheets online:


  20. Nilesh Desai says:

    The following linke give you various tamplates to make your job easy:


  21. Nilesh Desai says:

    The following linke give you really some cool, crazy, stuffs in excel:


  22. Nilesh Desai says:

    This link provides an encyclopedia and some cool stuffs you can try in excel:

  23. Nilesh Desai says:

    This link provides all your financial related Spreadsheets:


  24. Nilesh Desai says:

    This link provides all your financial related Spreadsheets:


  25. Nilesh Desai says:

    Advanced Excel Techniques you can learn from this site: (I love this site)

  26. Rohit1409 says:

    This is amazing guys.. download this ASAP Utility for Your Excel Addin.. It will boost your work skills and saves time and the best part is IT IS FREE FOR PERSONAL USE as site suggest 🙂


  27. dan l says:

    Excel Bastards from Datapig Technologies have:

    1. Several screencast tutorials on Excel and Access.
    2. Several bits of niche, but quite useful freeware.
    3. A blog with some frequent tips.

  28. bill says:

    my current all-time favorite can be seen at YouTube by EngineeringFun
    Unbelievable what can be done with a simple x-y plot. I believe I got the link from a previous Chandoo blog.

  29. Ajit says:

    Couple of URLs that have helped me...

    Thanks Chandoo for initiating this contest. It has already proved very helpful with so many links that I have not come across.

  30. Venus says:

    This link helped me to make one of my co-workers very happy!

  31. Venus says:

    I was able to make one of my co-workers very happy using the information on this link to Debra Dalgleish's Contextures - Add new items to a validation list.

  32. Venus says:

    I don't go a day without using ASAP utilities from http://www.asap-utilities.com/

  33. Sebastian says:

    Perhaps a formula can win also:

    =IF("Share an excel link and GET $14.85 gift card from Amazon"="Share an excel link and WIN $14.85 gift card from Amazon";"I'm in heaven!";"Chandoo, you tricked your worthy readers with a fake headline! Shame on you!")

  34. Marko.si says:

    This guy knows his interactive reports =)

    - original site: http://www.istudio.si/storitve/

    - translated site (powered by Google translate; from Slovenian to English): http://translate.google.com/translate?js=n&prev=_t&hl=sl&ie=UTF-8&layout=2&eotf=1&sl=sl&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.istudio.si%2Fstoritve%2F

  35. chrisham says:

    Chandoo, I like the way you think out of the box and post these contest ! Besides the $14, there's great wealth in the info tossed out here! Great job dude!

  36. Patricia says:

    This site is a great starting point - It is a page with links to a number of Key Excel MVP Web Sites, some of which have already been mentioned here.

    Thanks again for all the great information you publish here.

  37. [...] a quick tip today or share a link to win a gift card [expires on 12th Sept, 2010]. Spread some love,It makes you awesome! Tweet [...]

  38. Bijay Jha says:

    I think this site is the best site:-
    a) Free of Cost
    b) Vedio Learning (No need to put more concentration on understanding the sentenses)
    c) Good for the beginer as most of the Basic topics are covered including Macro
    d)It is a kind of social work or charity (which is very help ful for the student who are unable to spent money in learning although he/she have a desire to learn more and more)
    e) It is help for those students even who are not form english background knows only Hindi langaue.

  39. Rohit1409 says:

    Hi All,

    One more for the kitty for all finance lovers, this site has various Excel and VBA based finance files apart from other finance resources. Explore and Enjoy !!!


    Rohit 1409

  40. Rohit1409 says:

    A great site for learning from VBA perspective, covers mainly all MS Office Applications with major focus on our very own favorite EXCEL 🙂


    Rohit 1409

  41. Chandoo says:

    @Thank you everyone for such good responses. The contest is closed now. I will declare a winner by this friday. 🙂 However, please feel free to share links.

  42. Emma says:

    I have made some reasonably large workbooks (a database not an option at my workplace) and have found these two links invaluable in maintaining good efficiency ...



  43. Chandoo says:

    @ALL.. the randomly chosen winner is Donnie (comment #16). Donnie you will receive the gift card soon.

    Thank you everyone for participating. Please keep sharing links 🙂

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