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Hello folks,

I have a quick announcement. As you may know, I am doing a set of Excel & Dashboards Masterclasses in Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane. We had a fantastic session in Sydney (with 18 delegates). We are sold out in Melbourne & have 2 spots left in Brisbane. But we kept getting requests for more in Melbourne. So we have added an additional session in Melbourne. This is right after Queen’s birthday – on 12th & 13th of June. Please use below links to enroll for the masterclass if you are interested.

What will you learn in this Masterclass

This masterclass is a 2 day program aimed to make you awesome in Advanced Excel & Dashboards. We start the first day with introduction to Excel & formulas and quickly move to data analysis using formulas & pivot tables. We end the day by constructing our first dashboard. On second day, we talk more about charting & dashboard theory and best practices. Then, we learn more about Excel charts, adding interactivity to them etc. We close the second day by modifying our dashboard to make it even more awesome.

Please click here to download the course brochure.

What do people think about our Masterclass?

We asked the delegates of our Sydney masterclass to tell us how they liked it. Here is a short video with their reviews (4 min):

Everyone loved the 2 days and found that they can apply the ideas & techniques to work immediately. If you use Excel more than a few hours every week, I am sure you will say the same. So go ahead and sign-up for the upcoming session.


Thank you so much for taking time to learn from us. If you are interested to learn these techniques but do not live in Melbourne or Brisbane, please consider joining my Excel  + VBA online course. It has the same material & covers more. You can go thru the class at your own pace and learn from the comfort of your home (or office). Click here to learn more about it.

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  1. I think these classes are awesome. Anytime you can learn excel a little bit more you should take advantage of it. It will have a big impact on your career~

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