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Join Excel School & Become Awesome in Excel



Friends & Readers of Chandoo.org, I am excited to announce that Excel School, my online excel & dashboard training program is now available for your consideration. Please take a minute to read this post.

What is Excel School & Who Should join?

Join Excel School & Become Awesome in Excel

Excel School an online Excel & Dashboards training program. It is designed to make you awesome by teaching formulas, charting, formatting, data analysis & dashboards.

If you use Excel everyday and find my site useful & helpful, then this is a perfect program for you.

I have trained more than 700 students in this program so far and many of them have benefited tremendously. I am hoping you too will benefit from Excel School.

If you want to join Excel School, click here.

What topics are covered in Excel School?

Excel school topics revolve around these 6 themes,

  1. Building better workbooks
  2. Making better charts
  3. Writing awesome formulas
  4. Analyzing data like a pro
  5. Using Excel productively
  6. and Creating world-class dashboards

Please visit Excel school lesson plan page for a detailed lesson plan. Also Download Excel School brochure to see the topics, methodology etc.

Can you tell me more about the Dashboards Module?

With this edition of Excel School, I am adding a new dashboards module. This module teaches you how to design & construct effective dashboards using MS Excel. We will be learning:

  1. Dashboard definition, Process for making dashboards
  2. Making a business dashboard (image)
  3. Making a website dashboard (image)
  4. Making a KPI dashboard (image)
  5. Making a sales dashboard (image)
  6. Dashboard Design tips & tricks
  7. Bonus interviews with these dashboard experts
    1. Robert Mundigl (clearlyandsimply.com)
    2. Daniel Ferry (excelhero.com)
    3. Ian Huitson (our own guest author, Hui)
    4. Hubert Lee (dashboardspy.com)
    5. Jorge Camoes (excelcharts.com)

The lessons 1,2,3 & 6 are already available for viewing. Remaining lessons will be available to you in Excel School in the next 4 weeks.

With each type of dashboard, you will get a complete, unlocked dashboard workbook so that you can implement these techniques at work.

How much is Excel School & How to join?

Excel School comes in 3 flavors.

  • Dashboards Option – $197 per student
    Includes all Excel lessons + Dashboards lessons, you can download HD videos of lessons for viewing later.
  • Download Option – $97 per student
    Includes only Excel lessons, you can download HD videos of lessons for viewing later
  • Online Option – $67 per student
    Includes only Excel lessons, you can watch lessons online.

Please visit Excel School page to review these 3 options & sign-up.


While Excel School is a great value for money training, I do have some attractive discounts, if you are an existing customer of Chandoo.org or planning to enroll your entire team in to Excel School.

  • 25% Team discount if you enroll 3 or more people in one go.
  • 25% Student discount if you are a student. To be eligible, you need to send me an email from your college mail-id.
  • 25% discount for all customers of PM Templates and Financial Modeling School
  • $37 Discount on Dashboards option for people who purchased Excel Dashboard Training kit. That is right, you get full refund by joining Excel School (why? because, I am awesome like that)

I will email instructions to individual customer groups by today. You can alternatively send me an email to find more details.

More Information on Excel School

I have made a whole bunch of pages explaining various things about Excel School so that you can have awesome experience while enrolling. Please check out these links.

Questions & Doubts?

If you have any questions or doubts, feel free to leave a comment or send me an email. I will be glad to help you out.


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