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Share your favorite Excel tip & you could win Beats Headphones [Podcast Anniversary Celebrations]



Yay, bring out the birthday hats, candles, cake & confetti. Chandoo.org podcast is 1 year old.

In this one year, we had 31 sessions, 4 guest appearances, 390,000 downloads & lots of 5 star reviews. Thank you so much for making it a grand success so far.

To celebrate the occasion, I want to reward 3 lucky listeners of our podcast.

How to participate in this contest?

  1. Simple. Figure out what your favorite Excel tip is.
  2. Open your smart phone’s voice recorder app
    1. on iPhone use the Voice Memos app
    2. on Andriod use sVoice or voice recorder widgets
    3. If you cant find these apps, just Google record audio <your phone name>
  3. Record the tip (less than 3 mins duration)
  4. Please say your name at the end of recording.
  5. Send the audio file by email to hello@chandoo.org
  6. Do so before end of day 16 March 2015 (Monday)

Once I collect all the tips, I will feature some of them in next episode of Chandoo.org podcast.

Who will get the gifts?

I have 3 gifts up for grab.

There are 2 steps to picking winners. (1) Shortlist a set of very good tips (2) Pick the winners randomly from this shortlist.

Additional info.

  • Stick to topic or tips that can be explained well on voice mail format
  • Say the tip & your name clearly
  • Mention one tip / technique per audio. You may send multiple tips.
  • Remember to keep your tip <3 mins duration.

That is all for now. Hit the record button & share your tips. I am all ears.

One last thing…

Can I be a little selfish? If you like Chandoo.org podcast, please take a minute and leave a review on our iTunes page. It helps me make more people awesome.

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9 Responses to “Share your favorite Excel tip & you could win Beats Headphones [Podcast Anniversary Celebrations]”

  1. geo says:

    time stamp -> Ctrl + Shift + : (colon)
    date stamp -> Ctrl + :

  2. Michael (Micky) Avidan says:

    If one needs to add (summarize) multiple cells in a WS, it can be done in a very easy way and it will even Sum ranges in multiple Rows/Columns (Horizontally/Vertically).
    All you need is to select ALL(!) the cells in which you need to present the Totals and click the Auto-Sum button [?] (Sigma icon) or, even easier, the keyboard shortcut: ALT+.
    The SUM function will be added to all the selected cells.
    Michael (Micky) Avidan
    “Microsoft® Answers" - Wiki author & Forums Moderator
    “Microsoft®” MVP – Excel (2009-2015)

    • Michael (Micky) Avidan says:

      Due to some limitations of the page/interface - the shortcut should read:
      [ALT+=] [ALT with the Equal key].
      Michael (Micky) Avidan
      “Microsoft® Answers” – Wiki author & Forums Moderator
      “Microsoft®” MVP – Excel (2009-2015)

  3. Hui... says:


    Yep, Save and Save Regularly

  4. Val says:

    Double-click the fill handle (instead of dragging) to fill a column with the selected formula or contents. Much faster when filling a long column!

  5. istiyak says:

    Alt + Down Arrow ............ To Fill Autocomplete

  6. Ptfocore says:

    Ctrl-Backspace - To return to where the cursor is.

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