Preparing Profit / Loss Pivot Reports [Part 2 of 6]

This is part 2 of 6 on Profit & Loss Reporting using Excel, written by Yogesh

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Preparing Pivot Table P&L using Data sheet
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Preparing Pivot Table P&L using DatasheetIn this post we will learn how to setup the basic pivot table from that data.

First step is to create Pivot Table. Here is a video tutorial on making pivot tables.

My favorite for this type of Pivot it Classic Pivot Table layout. This is standard layout available in Excel 2003. You can change pivot table layout using following steps,

  1. Right click within PivotTable created in Excel 2007
  2. Click on PivotTable Options
  3. Select Display Tab
  4. Click Classic PivotTable layout (enables dragging of fields in the grid)

Here is a screen-cast showing how to switch pivot table layout.

Once you have got classic pivot layout, start adding data fields to it. Once you start dropping data field in pivot table it will start showing as different columns. However we need them in the rows rather than in columns. Check out screen cast on changing data from column labels to row labels

Here is a screen-cast showing how to change column label to row labels.

Data added by you will keep showing “Sum of” in addition to data field name. Like when you add sales field it will show as “Sum of Sales”.

You can change the “sum of x” to “x” by,

  1. Select all the row labels
  2. Press Ctrl+H – This will show Replace Dialogbox
  3. Type “Sum of” in find box without quotes
  4. Click on Replace all

PS: You cannot change “Sum of Sales” to “Sales”, you have to leave one space before, so we are changing it to ” Sales”.

Here is a screen-cast showing how to clear sum of from field labels.

Now we have a report which has major data available for preparing P&L Report. We need to add some calculated fields to it make it complete P&L report. We will do that in next post.

Download the Profit & Loss Pivot Table Excel File

Click here to download the file on todays example. Play with it. [here is a mirror of the file]

What Next?

In the next part of this series, learn how to add calculated fields to complete this P&L report.

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  1. maury sway says:

    I am not getting sound from the videos. I have checked all the settings and spent several hours searching the Internet to no avail.

    Has anyone else had this problem?

  2. anne says:

    Is there anyway to get the Grand Total to be broken out in the same fashion as the items above it?  For instance, if you have in column 1, widget a, widget b, and have their sales by month in column 2, I'd like to see the grand total also be by month, for widget a & b combined.

    I can't get anything other than a single line for the grand total, rather than the same format as the data above.

    Widget A       Month    Sales
                        Jan        100
                        Feb        200
    Widget B 
                        Jan        150
                        Feb        250
    Grand total - here I would also like to have Jan, Feb.
                        Jan        250
                        Feb        450

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