Prevent users from scrolling away on your dashboards [dirty little trick]


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Dashboards let users get all the information they want in a quick glance. Not if users start using scroll bars and scroll down to cell A64000.

So here is a quick and dirty trick. Assuming your dashboard ends in row 40, select row 41 and go to menu > window > freeze panes. That way you will ensure that the dashboard remains in viewport no matter what.

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8 Responses to “Prevent users from scrolling away on your dashboards [dirty little trick]”

  1. Frederick says:


    Actually, if your dashboard area is already defined properly, the better way might be to simple hide all the rows after row 41 and the same for columns as well.


  2. The.Q says:

    What a simple, useful trick! I've often used Freeze Panes, but only to freeze headings, Etc., on a long (or wide) spreadsheet, but that's a simple but effective way of making sure users only see what you want, and nothing else.

  3. Chandoo says:

    @Frederick: that is a nice idea as well. Hiding rows...

    @The.Q: You are welcome. I use this all the time when I share sheet with someone.

  4. Sumit Dhar says:


    Recently visited your site for the first time. Completely bowled over by the content.

    Have been browsing through your entire archive. Incredibly useful collection of tips. Have already shared the Speedometer Charts and Thermometer Charts with people in my team.

    Once again, superb stuff and thanks for the effort in putting all this together.


  5. Ketan says:

    @Sumit : The basic concept of Chandoo and team is "to-get-her" !
    Welcome to board !
    Cheers !

  6. JP says:

    If you wanted to do this programmatically, check out the Worksheet.ScrollArea property.

  7. OKILI says:

    Really good tip, Worksheet.ScrollArea is also cool 😀

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