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6 Christmas Cards in Excel – Download and Spread Joy



Few days back, I have asked you to make a Christmas card in Excel (or any of your favorite festival’s card).

We got 6 entries for this contest. All the entries showed a lot of creativity to come up with beautiful cards using Excel.

Here are the entries.

Christmas Card in Excel Background – Gregory

Christmas Card in Excel Background - Gregory

[Download Excel File]

Merry Christmas in multiple languages – Modeste

Merry Christmas in multiple languages - Modeste

[Download Excel File]

Christmas Advent Calendar – Modeste

Christmas Advent Calendar - Modeste

[Download Excel File]

Almost Magic – Vipin

Almost Magic - Vipin

[Download Excel File]

Word Art Christmas Card – JP

Word Art Christmas Card - JP

[Download Excel File]

Conditional Formatting on Christmas Tree – Mike

Conditional Formatting on Christmas Tree - Mike

[Make sure you backup your work and personal macros files. One reader reported problems with this download. Download Excel File]

Who gets the prize?

Despite 6 entries, we have only 4 people in the contest. That is because Modeste submitted 2 entries and famous Mike Alexander said “I’m too rich and famous to enter, but I thought I’d take a shot at creating a Christmas card using Excel.”

It doesn’t seem Christmas-like to just give prizes to only 2 out of 4. So I decided to split prize money ($100) equally to all 4 contestants.

So Gregory, Vipin, Modeste & JP will get a $25 Amazon gift card from Chandoo.org.

Congratulations winners.

Another Bonus Christmas Download

Debra at Contextures recently published a fun Christmas Advent Calendar. Download and play with it to learn a few Excel tricks.


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14 Responses to “6 Christmas Cards in Excel – Download and Spread Joy”

  1. Modeste says:

    Hi Chandoo,
    Thank you!
    It is with great pleasure that I accept my nomination and my reward ...
    I wish a happy and merry Christmas to all readers Chandoo.org

    I apologize for the small bugs remaining in the file Advent_Calendar

    - first: Error 13 is Workbook_Open
    Private Sub Workbook_Open()
    Application.EnableEvents = False '<<<<< add this instruction
    ActiveWindow.Zoom = True
    Application.EnableEvents = True ' <<<<< add this instruction
    End Sub

    - second : ############## in "too early !" msgbox
    we must widen the column A of sheet named: FeuilB

    XL, Joy and Peace !!!

  2. Beautiful cards! Congratulations to all 4 winners, and Mike too.

  3. Gregory says:

    Chandoo, the email you sent yesterday evening with the gift card seemed to top off the day in a most excellent manner. You see, earlier Wiley informed me that I'd been chosen as Runner Up in the "Show Us Your Spreadsheets Challenge" where I also received prize money.

    Many thanks are in order, however, my wife is claiming rights to the gift card as she put forth the creative effort in actually making the card. 🙂

    • Jennifer Song says:

      Hi Gregory,

      I was fascinated by your Christmas Card in Excel background. I wonder if you could reveal a bit about how you made it?


  4. JP says:

    Thanks Chandoo, now I can retire in style. Just kidding.

    Seriously, thanks so much, keep up the great work.

  5. @Gregory Can you share the technique used to create that card?

  6. Gregory says:

    @Prakash I used a picture of a Penguin Christmas Card that my wife made as the background to the worksheet. The technique for making the card is beyond my expertise, but a background picture can be done quite easily.

    The problem is one of scale. Excel will repeat the image across the entire worksheet so you want the picture to be the right size before you add it to the background. I opened my picture in Microsoft Picture Manager, clicked Edit Pictures, selected Resize in the right-pane, then selected Percentage of original width x height, and proceeded to change the percentage until the picture was about 800 x 600 pixels. (just a guesstimate)

    To insert the picture as a background on the Page Layout tab, by clicking Background, then selecting your file. The button changes to Delete Background so it's easy to remove the picture.

  7. venkataraman says:

    thanks and regards

  8. rajatha says:

    congratulations.... to all the winners

    Could you please share how mike has come up with his card... was very surprised to see that such a beautiful card is done only by conditional formatting

  9. chicky says:

    congratulations to all the winners, all the 4 presentations are supurb... when chandoo org. said to prepare chrismass greeting card, what is my expectation is no one can doit... but u people done it, its amazing....

  10. [...] the Site Map.We had the most single-day visits ever, 1,518, on December 15th thanks to Chandoo's Christmas Card contest.I released a paid version of my Random Data Generator this past quarter as well.Traffic and [...]

  11. [...] the Site Map.We had the most single-day visits ever, 1,518, on December 15th thanks to Chandoo's Christmas Card contest.I released a paid version of my Random Data Generator this past quarter as well.Traffic and [...]

  12. Petros says:

    Excel Advent Calendar 2014 FREE Template

    The digital version available in Excel has the form of a large rectangle with 24 Mediterranean style windows: one for each day leading-up to Christmas Day. Don't expect any treats to be hiding behind the windows on your monitor!

    The windows should be opened starting with the first one. Our advent calendar 2014 app is esoteric. You have to answer multiple choice questions shown in the Ribbon in order to open each window! After an Excel quiz is answered correctly, a round Xmas icon is shown. Read more...


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