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Excel Links – Dilbert is Recession-proof Edition

excel links - 5 comments

I guess the title says it all. I have realized that most of the readers here connected with the phrase “pointy haired dilbert” and the logo. So I axed the excel@work and brought the hairy man back.

In this edition of excel links:

Jumping to next cell during data entry

Debra shares a very interesting trick that can be handy if you spend a lot of time doing data entry in excel. Just define a named range for all the cells that you need to visit. Now select the named range and then when you tab you will automatically move to the next cell in the defined range.

Array formula trick to include all values

Here is a sweet array formula trick. We all know a formula like =SUM((C2:C101="Male")*(D2:D101="Tx")*(E2:E101)) would sum up all the cells in e2:e101 when column C is Male and column D is Tx. But what if you want to match everything in one column but apply conditions on the other columns? Well, the formula =SUM((D2:D101=H3)*(E2:E101)*(IF(G3="All",TRUE,(C2:C101=G3)))) is for you. More on the DDoE blog.

Some neat auto filter tricks

Peltier teaches us some very neat auto filter tricks, including how you can add the |filter the range based on the selected cell’s value” button to your excel ribbon / menus.

String Manipulation UDFs for you

Douglas at Newton Excel Bach realized that he is spending fair bit of time writing lengthy formulas in excel to manipulate text. So he went ahead and made a sweet list of user defined formulas that you can download here.

The functions are, leftw(): Return the first word(s) from a string, rightw(), Midw(), FINDrev(): Find from the right hand end, Leftval(): Extract a value from the left end of a string, Rightval(), Reverse().

A very nifty find / replace hack, for MS Word

Of course we post a lot of tips and trick on using Excel. But an MS Word tip cant hurt you. Here is one I found extremely nifty. Do you know that you can use Find / Replace in MS Word to search patterns?

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Have a great week everyone.


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5 Responses to “Excel Links – Dilbert is Recession-proof Edition”

  1. Danièle says:

    Welcome back "Pointy hair Dilbert" !

  2. AlexJ says:

    Good Choice. I really like the PHD brand

  3. Chandoo says:

    @Daniele, Alex: thank you.. 🙂

  4. Bob Troman says:

    My comment is short, if I were to present a problem could you direct me to a solution somewhere in your blog?

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