Excel Links of the week – What do you dream about? [Aug 19]

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The other day my wife told me that we dream about a total of 6 years in our life, an average of 2 hours for everyday you sleep. [Source: wikipedia on dreams]. That is almost as much time as you would work in 30 years (30*50*40/24/365, assuming you work 40 hours a week for 50 weeks an year). As much as total working life for some of us. And yet, hardly anyone of us care enough dreams, but care enough about work to dream about it.

May be it is time we took dreams more seriously and saw what we can do about them!

Okay, back to another addition of weekly excel links where I share some of the wonderful excel articles posted on the web in the last week so that you can get great ideas and nifty spreadsheet tips.

Calculating Easter in Excel, apparently calculating the date on which Easter falls this year is much more difficult than celebrating it. [via Jon Peltier]

Open your excel files faster by adding them to “My places” this could save a lot of time if you open several spreadsheets during the course of day. Daily dose of excel provides a simple tutorial on how to add files to “My places” on xp.

Accessing excel from linux programs, this is very useful if your linux code needs to process xls / csv files saved MS Excel and do something with them. Accessing excel from programs is my first big assignment in my first job and that is when my love for excel began. Of course, then the challenge was to use Java to create excel files with sales reports and we used POI HSSF to do a majority of that. [via MSDN Excel blog]

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