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Best of Chandoo.org – 2015



2015 has been the busiest year since starting Chandoo.org.

Wow, that is 12 years of breaking previous records. Thank you.

In 2015, we published 124 posts (down 3% YoY), received 6,300+ comments (up 5%). Our forum too had busy year with 1000s of new members and 5,000+ new threads. Chandoo.org podcast continued to shine, we had 24 episodes this year and reached the 50 episode milestone. Our podcast episodes has been downloaded more than 900,000 so far since launch (in March 2014) with 600,000+ downloads this year alone!!!

Fun fact: People have spent 6.8 million minutes in 2015 listening to Chandoo.org podcast. (assuming only 50% of downloads materialized to listens)

We have trained more than 1,800 people thru my online classes – Excel School, VBA Classes & 50 ways to analyze data program.

8.5 million people visited our site in 2015 (up 8%) and consumed a whopping 21 million web pages. Each visitor spent an average of 2:01 minutes on our site becoming awesome in Excel. There are 1.95 million who spent an average of 15 minutes or more on our site.

We have added another 20,000 more users to newsletter / RSS follower community. At the end of 2015, Chandoo.org has more than 120,000 registered members (excluding forum members) and 3,500 active students (and 7,000+ alumni out in trenches making awesome reports, workbooks and impressing their bosses).


Top 10 posts written in 2015

2015 Calendar & Daily Planner Templates [views: 49,296]
Introduction to Slicers [views: 19,797]
KPI Charts & Dashboards – Competition Results [views: 16,412]
How to Analyze business data? [views: 16,996]
Cost benefit analysis in Excel [views: 15,607]
Insert a blank column in pivot tables [views: 13,419]
Find & highlight all blank cells in Excel – tip [views: 12,481]
Excel formatting shortcuts [views: 11,255]
Visualizing story of change over time [views: 10,347]
VLOOKUP last value in a list [views: 10,561]

Top 10 Pages in Chandoo.org – 2015

As I have been running this site for more than a decade now, we have so much of accumulated content that gets a lot of visitors. Here are the top 10 pages that attracted insane amounts of traffic in 2015.

Excel basics for all [views: 496,163]
Excel dashboards – resources & tutorials [views: 409,224]
Advanced Excel skills for you [views: 382,776]
Project management using Excel [views: 310,890]
Between formula in Excel [views: 277,383]
What to do when Excel formulas don’t work [views: 234,086]
Excel SUMPRODUCT formula [views: 212,815]
Combine text values in Excel – tip [views: 178,237]
Excel School online training program [views: 161,890]
Excel VBA examples [views: 104,737]

Honorable mentions

Multi condition VLOOKUP [views: 157,569]
Project Managemnt Templates for Excel [views: 140,285]
Must have Excel keyboard shortcuts [views: 132,650]
Project status dashboard in Excel [views: 104,076]

Top 5 podcast episodes in 2015

Subscribe to Chandoo.org podcast - become awesome in ExcelIn 2014, I have started Chandoo.org podcast. It is very well received by our community. Thank you so much. Here are the top 5 sessions of Chandoo.org podcast since inception.

CP014: How to create awesome dashboards – 10 step process [listens: 50,846]
CP029: Impress your boss with Excel charts [listens: 40,078]
CP011: 5 Excel magic tricks [listens: 36,447]
CP032: Rules for making legendary column charts [listens: 31,942]
CP036: Trend analysis using Excel [listens: 27,377]

Key trends this year

This year our focus was on,

What do you enjoy most in Chandoo.org this year?

I hope you had a fantastic year learning and unlocking awesome powers of Excel in 2015. Please share your favorite posts, podcasts, videos and content (from Chandoo.org or elsewhere) in the comments section.

And before I forget, Happy New Year to you & your family. 


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