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Excel School Online Training – More Details



Last week I asked you “would you be interested in an online excel training program?” and quite a few of you have responded with “YES”.

So I decided to start excel school. This is a 12 week online training program that will explain various MS Excel concepts to you in an easy to understand format. I am calling it “school” because the program will be fun, exciting and playful – just like school. We will learn from each other as much as we learn from the course itself.

Excel School - Session Topics

When I announced about it, a lot of you asked me various questions, like what topics Excel School will cover, when does it start, how long, how much, what is the method of teaching etc. etc.

Answering all these questions in a post is insane, so I made a small video (20 mins) where you can find answers to almost all of your questions.

Please watch this short video to understand Excel School Program
(secret: you can see me in the video)

Click here if you cannot see this video

Here is the gist of it, if you are in a hurry:

  • The course will cover almost all topics relevant for an intermediate level excel user
  • It is for 15 weeks (12 weeks + 3 bonus weeks)
  • It will start in Feb 3rd week or so.
  • You can download the material (videos, files, examples) from time to time.
  • You can take the lessons whenever you are free (no live classes, just online).
  • Almost each week, there will be some home work.
  • There will be 2 class projects, one after 5th week, and one at the end.
  • There will be 30 day money back guarantee and all the usual goodies
  • The pricing is $100 one time or $40 if you make 3 monthly payments.

If this sounds like something you would enjoy, please tell me your name and E-mail ID and I will send you a free lesson.
Click here if you cannot see the form.

PS: We are still cool if you are not up for this. 🙂


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30 Responses to “Excel School Online Training – More Details”

  1. Lee E. says:


    Thanks for putting together the video that explains your "vision" for Chandoo's Excel School (CES). It answered all of my questions and concerns

    In the video, you mentioned "3 bonus weeks" for (1) forms, (2) macros, and (3) shortcuts/productivity. Will this make the duration of the school 15 weeks vs. 12 weeks?

    And this is not a complaint if it is this way, just trying to better understand the schedule.

    Also, I would like to make a suggestion on the content of the school. For each week, it would be useful if you could provide "real world" examples or a suggested use for the topic at hand.

    For example, the MATCH and LOOKUP functions can be very useful commands - or as one of my mentors once said, they can be "powerful tools used in the right hands!" I would like to know whose hands would be better off using them and when it would make sense to use them.


  2. Amit Kumar says:

    Hi Chandoo,

    I am visiting your side since last two months and read carefully your emails which i have received on daily basis.

    Your information is very helpful for me in my proffesional life.

    Pleases send me more free excel lessons,


  3. Michael says:

    Sign me up ! Wish it started now - I hope I can keep up. The ability to download everything including videos is important for me so that I can do the lessons disconnected.

  4. Ubique72 says:

    I am on dude! I love your blog and its a daily fix for me - also dovetails nicely with my earnest efforts to improve my excel skills in 2010 and beyond!
    Looking forward to seeing you via video and learning and growing thanks to you!

  5. DP says:

    I agree with Lee, "real world" type of examples would facilitate learning greatly.

  6. mbe says:

    Hi. Sounds great, but I can't get to the form to sign up for more information.

    Also, a question about the course... Will you be incorporating keyboard shortcuts into the lessons? I would love to learn more shortcuts.

  7. Chandoo says:

    @Lee: Thanks for your suggestions and questions. Answers below,

    * 3 bonus weeks will be introduced intermittently as and when the lessons are ready. So they should not increase the course duration, but rather I will provide the material and if you have time you can go thru them during the 12 weeks.
    * connecting with "real world" is one the key reasons for this program. I will try to teach by example. You can see that in the free lesson also. And I will try to include realistic examples.

    @Amit: Thank you. Please sign-up for the email updates and I will send you a sample lesson.

    @Michael: Thank you for your encouragement. 🙂

    @Ubique: Thank you... I am looking forward to seeing you in Excel school.

    @DP: Sure, real world it is.

    @MBE: I have added your email Id, you should get a confirmation request shortly. And yes, I will sprinkle some shortcuts wherever possible.

  8. Catherine says:

    Hi Chandoo, I am very excited about this ... so lucky to come across your blog at the right time! Nice to "meet you" on the video... your family as well..

    I even think my work will pay for me to take this course... So if you can have something "Official looking" about excel school for me to show them,,, with "expected outcomes".... If this is not your style, no problems.


  9. Yusuf says:


    You are killing me man. Rs 5500 /- for an excel course is pricey. First lesson was nice


  10. Chandoo says:

    @Catherine: thanks for the sweet words. I am planning to make a PDF or something like that where the course contents, objective and outcome are going to be explained. This could help folks like you to use it for official purposes.

    @Yusuf: I wish I could charge around Rs. 2000 for people from India. But the infrastructure to accept payments (I use paypal) is kind of lopsided for western world payments. I dont know any reliable way to separate Indian customers from rest of the world (and Indian payment gateways are a bit pricey too). Do you have any ideas... ?

  11. Lee E. says:

    @Chandoo: Here's one idea....you can set up multiple payment options with PayPal, one for people from India ($43 USD) and then another for all others ($100 USD). Then when a person pays and they have a verifiable address in India, you can accept the payment. If they do not have a verified address or if it is not in India, you can decline the payment.

  12. Chandoo says:

    @Lee... very good idea. I was just checking about ccavenue (one of the popular online credit card processing gateway in India) and they charge obscenely high prices for setup and transactions (almost 7% tx fees at the lower end).

    I like your idea of 2 paypal setups, and I might experiment with that. I have one little problem though, verification of addresses or Indian residency is tricky process and takes good bit of time. I am running a one man show and hiring some help could increase the cost of program. But I will certainly explore this (I have few friends who run web / e-commerce biz in India) and findout the best possible option to let as many students in as possible.

    In the worse case, our Indian members have to wait for 2nd batch of Excel school (I am planning to run this every 4-5 months).

  13. Lee E. says:

    @Chandoo.....I have set-up web/e-commerce sites where the payment processor was PayPal (and that 7% tx fee at ccavenue is ridiculous!). If the buyer already has a PayPal account (like I do), the seller is notified that the payment is from a verified address and it is displayed. For people without a PayPal account and just using PayPal to process a credit card payment, the buyer must input their address, it must match the credit card address, and this is also displayed for the seller. Of course, the above scenarios describe the selling of goods, but I think you can say that you are doing the same.

  14. Victor says:

    Hi Chandoo.
    I work at BASF and our dept has to go through some Excel training.
    They are choosing locals to provide it, and are charging much more than you.
    Could you make a PPT so I can present to my dept?
    I'm pretty sure some will make it and the company may even sponsor us on this.


  15. Murugaraj says:

    Hi, Chandoo.
    Your blog has been excellent. I'm following this only since recently, but find it very useful. I found the price a little too high, but relieved to see that you will charge a different amount for us from India. Good move. Let us know whether you have solved the problem of identifying the nationality. I'm looking forward to it.


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  18. Sully says:

    Hi Chandoo,

    Looking forward to learning from you in Excel School. Great concept and content!

    I received the first lesson. I can hear you but I cannot see the video. What is the best viewer to utilized for *.mp4? Is it possible for dual format lesson in WMV?

    Thank you.


  19. Chandoo says:

    @Murugaraj: I am very happy you like the blog. Unfortunately for this edition of Excel School, I am going with one price for all. It keeps things simple.

    @Sully: Thanks for your encouragement. I didnt realize that many people cannot play MP4s. My bad. I will make sure we get only WMV downloads henceforth. That said, you can install VLC media player (free) and use it to play MP4 files. You can also watch the complete lesson online here : http://chandoo.org/wp/excel-school/

  20. Jorge S Barcelo says:

    bump into your site by chance and I already like it. I will be on the school, just waiting to see if my work will pay for it. one question, how long does a lesson takes (to prepare a schedule) - please sign me in for the mailings - look forward to a great learning experience.

  21. Karti says:

    I am following your blog for more than a year. What will be price in INR?

  22. Chandoo says:

    @Jorge: Thanks 🙂 The lessons are roughly 20 minutes each (almost always less than that). Every week, I will post around 7 lessons. So you can watch them during a break or all at once during weekends. Take a look at the sample lesson (http://chandoo.org/wp/excel-school/ ) to get an idea.

    @Karti: Thank you Karti for your love and support. The price will be around Rs 4,500. It depends on how much exchange rage your credit card company charges.

  23. Raj says:

    I would definately be a part of the class, let me know when you planning to start

  24. Muneer says:

    Hi Chandu,

    Good to know about you and your XL training. Please provide me the information of the full/complete training cost and the type of materials you will give us.


  25. Ravi says:

    Hi Chandoo...i want to learn how to make KPI (Key performance Idicator) report in excel. Pls suggest me, In my office we have 5-6 departments like Cust. Care, Provisioning of sales, HR, Billings, Fraud checkers, collections etc.) and no body know about KPI, what is their KPIs. so pls it would be great help, i have no problem to pay amount for this idea.

  26. A wonderfully insightful post. This will definitely help boost my employees.

  27. kamal deep says:

    Please provide me the information of the full/complete training cost and the type of materials you will give us.

    Kamal deep

  28. Brij Bhushan says:

    Hello Chandoo,
    Your excel tips are excellent. I have learned so many things from your website and your videos. I want to thanks you for everything. You made best tutorials. Thanks for all this.

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