Format faster with paste special & double click [video]

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Making your workbooks, charts, dashboards & presentations beautiful is a time consuming process. It is a mix of art & craft. Naturally, we spend hours polishing that important slideshow or visualization. But do you know about simple features in Excel that can save you a lot of time and help you create gorgeous output?


Formatting faster with paste special & double click

You may watch this video on our YouTube channel too.

More awesome & productive ways to format your reports

Formatting takes a major chunk of your Excel time. So why not pickup few shortcuts & techniques and become awesome? Check out below tips:

Share your formatting routine…

Do you have a process / tip for formatting faster? Please share it in the comments. Celebrate Awesome August by sharing your knowledge. I am waiting to learn from you… go!


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5 Responses to “Format faster with paste special & double click [video]”

  1. Melissa K says:

    I knew about double clicking the format painter to lock it, but had no idea this feature was available for shapes too! Thanks for sharing this tip Chandoo, it will certainly come in handy.

  2. VD says:

    Thanks Chandoo... Locking feature is very handy. Always hoped there was something like that .. Turns out it was always there :).

  3. Neil A says:

    Excellent tip. I have been using these features for ages without the lock... duh me.

  4. Pankaj Singhal says:

    I think that your method of formatting was inefficient. It could have been done much faster with Ctrl C, Ctrl+click 5 times, Alt+EST. For the boxes, once you had formatted the first box, just press Ctrl+C and then press Ctrl+V 5 times.

  5. Sanjeev says:

    Hi Chandoo,

    Awesome Tip, locking format painter is very useful for me.

    Thank you Chandoo!

    Have a nice time.

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