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Today is the last day of “your week @ PHD“. We have received several very good excel tips, charting tricks from all of you. I have learned some really cool things, I hope you managed to pick up a few.

In case you missed the posts, here is the gist of what you missed. So go ahead and read them.

Excel tips submitted by you – Part 1:

  • A macro to unhide all sheets by Kat
  • KPI Dashboard with VBA and Charts by David
  • Using Excel’s Find to Save time at work by Christy Lee
  • An Array Formula to Solve a Tricky Problem by Rajinikanth

Excel tips submitted by you – Part 2

  • Use array formulas to refine text search by Vishy
  • A bunch of very useful keyboard shortcuts by Barbara
  • Important tip on how to get ready when you want to make a chart by Jon Peltier

Excel tips submitted by you – Part 3

  • Fantastic tutorial on R1C1 style of formula referencing by Vishy
  • Nifty vlookup hack by Thuy
  • Adding web toolbars to excel UI by Ang Kean

Excel tips submitted by you – Part 4

  • Plain English syntax of INDEX – MATCH Combo by Teyln
  • Date formula hack to findout the age / experience of a person by Rajinikanth
  • Turn on “iterative mode of calculations” by default using VBA by Michael

Now, Your turn to teach us something new

We have 24 hours more to go before your week ends. So go ahead and share your tips, the thread is open, Use the comments below to share your tips. We are waiting…

PS: Please do not submit any more tips to the google docs form. Instead use the comments form below.


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3 Responses to “Share Your Excel Tips for Your Week – Open Thread”

  1. mikii says:

    Hey, i guess you know this one, but it was an epiphany to me.
    I wanted to find a way to use sumif() with multiple arguments. and then i found out (in some forum, i don't remember the link, but i am grateful to the authors) that one can use sumproduct() for the purposes of conditional summing.
    Here's how it works - sumproduct can sum arrays, but it accepts logical conditions in these arrays. Let's say we have a table that has year in column A, age in column B, education is in column C and age is in column D. And we need to find out total bill for 27 year olds in 2007 with secondary education. So the formula looks like this:

  2. mattyb says:


    You can also use {sum((A2:A8=2007)*(B2:B8=27)*(C2:C8=”secondary”)*(D2:D8))} just be sure to enter it as an array formula. Anybody know if one of these calculates more quickly than the other.

  3. mikii says:

    Thanks, Mattyb, I didn't know that. But still, I prefer sumproduct, because you don't have to enter it as an array formula. It's easier to me and easier to teach others (in case they don't know about array formulas)

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